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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 2/Question#35 (reveal difficulty score)
A 45-year-old man with Li-Fraumeni syndrome ...
Decreased binding of RNA polymerase ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—bubbles(79),
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submitted by โˆ—seagull(1923),
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Ddi eoynna eend ot erad thta alst etnsceen lkei 05 esitm ceaeubs eht truoah esufser ot seu reebtt rmma.gar utsJ fiu.snatrgrt

link981  truoAh a:altneori W"hta is ?g"raammr +6  
qfever  dDi aneoyn adre ekil 50 isetm nad tslli teg it n?rowg L,OL( )em +22  
drbravojose  caAullty vrene eanrtdsdnu hwat teh rouath gsnayi ta yna emi.t LLO +3  
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nootnootpenguinn  Oh ym osgno-des anhkt uyo! I wsa os amd ta heoevwr oetwr thsi tyhsit o!isnqeut Got( it grnow llo) +  

submitted by โˆ—hello(428),
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ehT rgarmma fo hte acatul Q swa n.cisuofgn

oT akem tebtre sn,ese it losduh ysa i"chhW fo the giowlonfl is hte msto ekllyi erstlu on eth trsptanrioicn fo egnse atht tiihbin lecl ivisodin dna htat tnaicon the suscesnno nsueqceee T.TAA.."

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hTe enteri stemQ- altsk buota who ranuiiFm-eL si deu to a toaunimt in pt35 e,eng daegnil to a ackl fo urotm eipsrospsun ctviit.ay

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whk123  Bset pa.naoixtenl +  
fhegedus  nad nddlusye irvgeneyht kemsa sesne :D hkanT yuo rfo a agetr tlepoin!axan ): +  

submitted by โˆ—fenestrated(32),
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orF shit oen I nhitk wath oyu had ot onkw si hatt orTracniispnt g&NDt)(ARN--A; si rrmfeoedp yb ARN yp.eaI stlroem saw ton NDA aoplsyeemr asbceue htis eon tesliecapr -NN&t-AD;(A)gD

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makinallkindzofgainz  hits is who I got it rhtig +  

submitted by โˆ—yotsubato(1204),
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53p si tmutaed nad tcan bidn het TATA oxb, os thwa spnheap to crnprnsotiati of itoyhriibn erptn?osi

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titanesxvi  Thsi si on tisfr ,aid and syas atht teh otropemr ingoer si rwhee leymRsroeApNa dbsni +1  
nootnootpenguinn  Hnuaka ON-TAAT bo...x nhtak ouy for sith anpinxletoa! +  

submitted by โˆ—d_holles(219),
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This si a odog crepitu of an exmnrietep hsowing si:th


Oennocge ouemlv 6,2 pegas 121โ€“92222 )070(2

submitted by dantescuttlefish(7),
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nwinkelmann  Ao,ls eth itsonequ liyclsaecfpi (ohhutg in a yrve rywdo, neovtodluc a)yw asekd awth eht etffce of teh titunoma on tiirnorcanpts NAD lpo si nto dsue in tsniotic,aprnr it is edus in ilatc.erpnio ARN olp is sude in tcr.aopninrsit nI rtsem fo cnreeiasd ro eedesdacr ,nbinidg ignirgna si lielop/vaispotyr caedghr adn nepolir is opnl,/nltnoaurrea so ereht era ferwe iHb-dnnog t,isse nad hsut edeesadrc dgnniib fo hte RAN lop. +1  
medn00b  uolCd ihts lecnoduotv sinoteuq also ..a.t icsne eth ngee to emak 35p is emsesd up edu ot het nerodygh sdonb, RNA epoeysarlm will tno eb bela to dbin to meka the NRAm ... So erteh wlil eb accr?en esacuBe P53 is a omutr sesop.u..prsr lemme nowk nsakht gysu +  

submitted by โˆ—jessikasanz(9),
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lto of rwod vomit to sak athw" sinbd ot eth AATT o"bx

submitted by pipter(10),
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soDe anonye aveh nay icfipsec eadi no het saenihcmm fo hte 5p3 tiotamun isunetqo grgdierna eht TAAT xob hte( noe hiwt het iesgnl imona adic nvecisoorn adn eth eeitffrdn dghrnoey gbd)oi?nn

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joha961  oFrm a ndoarm apper I d,nfou lbyrโ€œAuag โ€™35sp osmt raotmtnip coniftnu si to act as a cannpitsortir rtcfoa ttha tdirycle tsueagrel apepshr ravlese rdhunde fo het cleโ€™sl RAN esyleoamrp II ANRP( crr-bseIIi)ndta e.sgโ€ne oS mnlyoral it sscrienea ARN lop ndg;nbii a unomitat wdoul deeascre .it +1  
estsosa  ehT TATA xob is tapr fo eht mertpoor rngoie teis rweeh NRA rlmapsyeeo II adn rothe srtrpnanociti stfacro indb to D.NA A tdeecf owlud eterhefor rdaesece nniidbg fo NAR so.lraeempy +7  
mnemonia  sloA uoy anc sneaor ti uot I( gto hits orgnw uceeabs yuo ahev to eb layrel tlscuomui)e icsen ew ownk hatt ossl fo 53p = c.eranc rceCna = atwn rome lecl vnosdiii = onโ€™dt tanw ybnrhtiioi egen = sles nasoinirtptcr fo siad gen.e +1  

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