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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 2/Question#35 (reveal difficulty score)
A 45-year-old man with Li-Fraumeni syndrome ...
Decreased binding of RNA polymerase ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—bubbles(79),
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sJut sa al,cfitiaocirn ipcarylal ytrothaicsd usrrpsee dlwou cseadree easuecb fo tseiycsm nsotaconrcoivsti in orneepss ot icaort yuirptesutrsem/c yiosn?epthno

submitted by โˆ—seagull(1912),
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idD ynnoae deen ot rdae atht tasl eteennsc kile 50 teims aeucbes hte uortah susfree ot sue ettrbe rgammar. utJs fun.rgstrati

link981  orhutA n:ioeaatrl htW"a is g?amrmar" +6  
qfever  dDi nyoean erad elki 50 mseit and ltsli etg it orngw? ,O(LL em) +22  
drbravojose  aculyAlt enerv rdusendatn what teh urotah aygsin ta yna eimt. LOL +3  
alimd  uShc a tyshit toqs.einu Do we llayer veha csuh qstiusoen on hte aelr ema?x In ym nnoiopi hyte tsju howtr nkuj eqoistun to soteh ssenaesstm +1  
nootnootpenguinn  hO ym sgne-dsoo ahknt o!uy I aws so dam ta weevohr wteor this hyttis neousq!it oG(t ti ogrnw )lol +  

submitted by โˆ—hello(426),
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The amamrrg of teh cltaua Q aws .funogicns

oT maek bteter nses,e ti hsolud sya hc"hWi of het ifolgnlow si het sotm lkylei ltsrue no het anopctrrsniit fo gnsee ttah iibhitn elcl diivoins nda ttah nacniot eht scsnseonu sqeeenuce AATT..."

,So eth Q si kiasgn oatbu eht 3p5t egen dan clfeicpsiyal abtou eht t5p3 eegn ormetpro grieno.

etorrPmo sorgnie veha a ATTA xob yisbolo,uv( neanmgi chri in -AT bsae i.ra)ps -AT eabs iiapgnr ash 2 dheygorn odbsn, hhcwi askme hmet sareie to vecela &;t--g llsoaw rof DNA trnoaiipnrtcs to curoc rome siylea. ANR oPl does itrnoicprtans of NDA tnoi AN.R

hTe enreti smQt-e ktsal ubota ohw niF-uamLrei si edu ot a atmiotnu ni 5t3p ,nege idaegnl ot a ckal of tuomr eospursinps at.yviict

o,S if het omrtepor oerign TATA xbo of eth 5p3t eneg is emu,dtat thne eth p3t5 eneg lwil ton gte srnecrdabit -;t-&g itsh si ywh ehetr lliw eb dersadeec RAN loP RAN lPo liwl aveh a udceerd ilibayt ot ibnd tp53 g&-t;- ssel mutro puesrsors eeng scotrtnrpniai ;t--g& sesl umotr e.snripsusop

jcmed  ttha ldowu eb yvrloe eyas of htem ogthhu yee olrl +  
whk123  tBes .paenxaoitnl +  
fhegedus  dna nlddyesu ngvtihreye asmke seens :D Tnkha uyo fro a rgaet !pinoatleanx ): +  

submitted by โˆ—fenestrated(32),
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rFo tshi noe I think atwh oyu ahd ot kwon is ttah pannTcsrritio A(A&;R-D-)tNgN si freerdmpo yb ARN epslerIma ot.y swa otn DAN eysomlarep escbaeu ihts one reetpscali )&DD--;NAg(ANt

fenestrated  ebwtnee edcasenri or dsrdeceea nibignd I pkeicd sderadece bseaeuc ti swa a ntumiaot ichwh eafftedc hte rygnodhe dsnob hihcw si hwo tdesiecunol idnb to ehac hreot +1  
makinallkindzofgainz  tihs is hwo I ogt it tgihr +  

submitted by โˆ—yotsubato(1195),
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p53 si eudtmta dna tacn bind teh ATAT x,ob so ahwt aephpsn ot irnptsonatcir fo inirtoibhy tno?ierps

sI lisbacaly awth itsh enotqisu si yintrg ot .s..ak

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link981  Yuo dias ti, hyet rae gintr""y ot aks. olShdu ues beettr ra.rgamm +3  
titanesxvi  shiT si on ifstr ,adi and asys ahtt hte etmporor genrio is hwree omaNeryeRpAls dsnbi +1  
nootnootpenguinn  Hkauan T-AOTNA b..ox. kthna uoy rof tihs lxipe!onnata +  

submitted by โˆ—d_holles(218),
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ihTs is a odog uceript fo na iemtpxener iwnshgo his:t


nceonOge mlevuo ,26 egaps 21229122โ€“ 0)07(2

submitted by dantescuttlefish(7),
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hyW si hits tno rdeineasc nbgndii fo DNA pase?rymloe

siTh mointtua ohlusd ucsae luecarll iidovins ie DAN niaieoprlct dna asecu rdaeeiscn nbngidi ot ogiinr elicoinprat esueqcesn ie AATT yb DAN p.olrmyeesa

brise  tI's ilgnkat utaob tsmunoait no het rrtincapinsot of neges tath tinihbi hte lcel vidoinsi. sloA RNA aryemslpeo disnb ot eth protrome ngrio.e +  
nwinkelmann  solA, hte qeiotusn iiyacpllcfes ut(ghho in a yrve wdryo, tclvonodeu )ayw dkeas atwh het ftfece of teh ttuionma on onratitcrsnpi .was ADN opl is nto usde ni rnor,ticpiants it si deus in etripilca.on RNA opl si ueds ni on.itctraisrpn In mrtes fo aeerdicns or asrcedeed ,bigndni giianrgn si oory/ispteallvip rcegdha and rneoipl si ael,anrn/lutopnro os heter rea frwee ngbnd-oiH tse,si dan sthu esdarcede ibnndig of the NRA l.po +1  
medn00b  Cudlo isth teocdlvnou ueqstino slao n..t...eht. ecsin teh enge to kame 35p si sdeems pu edu ot teh hrydoegn d,nobs RNA elpasyroem illw nto be lbae to dnbi to make eth NmRA ... So trehe llwi eb ?rnceac ecBaues P35 si a omtru ..sps.sproreu mmele nkwo taksnh ygus +  

submitted by โˆ—jessikasanz(9),
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otl fo dwro tvomi ot sak ah"tw idnsb ot het ATAT "xob

submitted by pipter(10),
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seDo noeyna ahve any isepifcc iead no the himenmsac fo teh 3p5 aoumintt neoiqstu genrrgdia the TATA xob h(et one tiwh eht signel amoni cadi escnirovon nad eht eefrtdnfi yhrndgoe ngb)dio?n

I eohsc eht dearsedec nigidbn fo ANR epmlyreaso no hte TTAA eesuncqe fo ensge that ibtinih elcl dsnioivi asbed solyel no eht ctaf that 35p si a murto persusrpos (aka edatmtu 5st3;sp&eg-l hnnibiitio fo gidil&ne-iimpsttolvu; ndivio.iss)

joha961  mFro a dranmo repap I dnf,uo Abulโ€œargy 5p3โ€™s otsm otrnitmap ciunfotn is to cat as a airrtcoipnnst ofatcr taht dlceriyt glsrteuea spraphe evleras uheddnr of teh llecโ€™s NAR lmpeoraeys II NAR(P netri-arsIdcbI) โ€.engse oS nloamyrl ti arnceiess NRA opl i;gnbdni a ioutmatn duwol seeaedrc .it +1  
estsosa  ehT TAAT xob si patr of eht ometrorp irneog eist rhewe RAN sampreeoly II adn roteh ritoantcnpisr socftar bind ot NDA. A etedcf wodlu rtfreehoe dscareee idnngib of ANR oysealm.epr +7  
mnemonia  sloA uoy nca onarse it out (I tog hsit gronw eesuacb yuo avhe ot be yalerl oslue)ctimu iscen ew wnok ttha osls fo p53 = ac.nrce acnCre = natw roem lelc dsiionvi = โ€™ndot watn ntoirhiiby eeng = esls tpraistronnic fo adsi eeng. +1  

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