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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 4/Question#33 (reveal difficulty score)
A 38-year-old single woman with a history of ...
Displacement 🔍 / 📺 / 🌳

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submitted by sympathetikey(1591),
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submitted by kernicterusthefrog(138),
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jaxx  eenlMhiw,a I otghhtu rgtenvieyh aws rgnwo os I etnw wtih hnareto etraMu fensede ih.cnemasm +17  
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kernicteruscandycorn  I ptupors uyor stirosane, wfelol rekntericsu +2  
madamestep  I iekl ot nhkti of oltmniuibaS as anRieg eeoGrg ta hte ned fo Mnea liGsr nrgivthi at edfil hceky.o +1  

Yeah, and the First Aid example of Suppression is:

  • "Teenager’s aggressive urges toward his parents’ high expectations are channeled into excelling in sports."

which is essentially this exact situation

This question is WACK yo

+8/- makinallkindzofgainz(308),

submitted by joha961(45),
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Lkei oersht vhae ,asdi I ikhtn mtuoaslibni uldow ehva enbe terte,b tbu mneeadcslpti fmro tfris iad yass taht ti i,s rd“ceternioi fo eoomsnti ro leipumss ot a rtlaneu esoprn ro obejct” so hs’se ikingck rhe mfaliy yb gkikcni eht

djeffs1  Nto if 'erouy xsseti and ikhtn sti riappnartepio ofr moewn to teaapiprtic ni gnx..kic.oibk +2  
chaosawaits  Teh sximse ni esom nisusotqe si cthci +  
kani  yuor awrsen mdea em guahl os hum.c +  

submitted by paperbackwriter(160),
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I tgo os argny at shti niso.quet At ltesa tish daly hda a cgipnuhn bag

submitted by borborygnoramus(5),
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As btes as I ulodc t,ell ti wsa sdalnmeitpce bsuceea eth oethr ihocsce eerw nylfteieid gwno,r ton c/b isdpetnmcael asw a oogd .ochcie lteF eikl ehetr erwe solt of sthi etyp of oeintsuq no tish amex.

diffuseaxonalinjury  I deedn up oigohsnc ipcaesmenltd bc nuasiimlobt 'astnw erhte + in eth ngieignnb fo eht ino,eusqt ti asdi s'esh" ganyr at rhe yfmlia ofr ton nihpelg "ehr os my thought swa eh'ss gnpicdalsi hre eragn utbao hre si'dlhc nlleiss on rhe ymfail (a tlraneu dr3 ry)apt. cwak eosuitqn reg.elsards +13  

submitted by nbrowne1(1),
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I itknh tihs tequonis wsa snakig botua teh gnrea thta hes rseexepss owrtad reh flaiym fro tno nlphgei out emor, hwich si lreyal dlcpeaenmtis fo rhe estrss leedart ot rgcian ofr an lil hcidl. eTh cbkiogxink is a ednsoc igpocn mmtncihesaibuinomSla.()

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