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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 3/Question#30 (reveal difficulty score)
Which of the following is required for the ...
Glutamine ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—yotsubato(1204),
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tI cnta be lecaitaBr sscseba ir(Noaadc) beueacs hess giaknt TMP .SMX

tI ctan eb xoo,t seebuac hse hsa eon eloins nad is soal gtnaik MPT SMX cihwh udshlo vmripeo hre mss.yptmo

iaGtlslbaomo is a isesade fo leord isvinuddial

cstaaeMtti eassedi taht smte to eht inabr is ulenklyi at hist .ega

CSN pmalomyh si onocmm ni IHV ISDA npestit,a os htat is het osmt kileyl ecihoc.

submitted by โˆ—seagull(1923),
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tou fo uiyricsot, owh may plpeeo ekwn i?hst o(ndt be yhs to yas uoy ddi or )dnt?di

My oveptry odatniceu d'dtin angiinr itsh in .me

johnthurtjr  I did nto +3  
nlkrueger  i ddi ont llo +  
ht3  r'yoeu yfleitdnie not noael llo +  
yotsubato  on eiad +  
yotsubato  ndA sit ont ni AF, os ukcf ti OMI +1  
niboonsh  i tnddi +  
imnotarobotbut  Nepo +  
epr94  ddi ont +  
link981  I guedess it esacueb eth ensma duednso mlsarii :D +18  
d_holles  i ddi tno +  
yb_26  I oasl seedugs aecbesu hbto orsdw rttas hitw g)"u)")l +30  
impostersyndromel1000  esam as sernop evaob m.e aosl cb neirgina aoabycmlr phoesahtp nad nga are lla radelet uhogrth aeur .ceylc +1  
jaxx  otN a .uelc Tish aws so .dnaorm +  
ls3076  no yaw +  
hyperfukus  on ecul +  
mkreamy  hsit deam em lfee a tlo .ealtetsrob, on igncufk celu +1  
amirmullick3  My meaitedmi utthgoh areft niraged tsih asw "wyh wodlu i know this nad who sode hsit akme me a ebtetr ctro"do? +10  
mrglass  lnareeGyl npiagsek lGniautem is foent uesd to miatean thgin.s hkTni rbnia itnngeor You kown tath PF6-- 'stni na ,imane nad that nciGsumaeol is, so naluieGmt nt'si na srcatienliu ssgue. +6  
djtallahassee  ey,a I eratmu k30 naik rdacs ot ees this bs +6  
taediggity  I itlllayre uhesdto wft in tuieq iyarlbr at sthi se.tuoqni +2  
bend_nbme_over  lLo dfe i'dtdn wnok ti. kLoso ikle mI' tno ngiog ot eb a mctoenept ooctrd uacbsee I ntod' owkn het hioaeemnsx ptawhya oll +25  
drschmoctor  sI ti bi?shrcomyeti Then I do nto knwo ti. +5  
snoochi95  llhe on rohebrt +1  
roro17  I ddโ€™tni +  
bodanese  I ddi ont +  
hatethisshit  oepn +  
jesusisking  I dlFC+rt' oecsalnumig in FA dan 'sti not evne rehet lol +  
batmane  i iltyeefndi uesde,gs fro eosm nrsaoe otg it owdn ot anniegri dna lemgitanu +3  
waterloo  p.Noe +  
monique  I ddi ton +  
issamd1221  nditd +  
baja_blast  rdoeNrwa it ownd ot Aeiringn adn emtlinuGa irufggin hte egiotNnr lwudo heav to cemo omfr neo of sehet owt btu of osrceu I edikcp hte nogrw .one +2  
amy  +1 no eadi! +  
mumenrider4ever  aHd on adie waht asleomnguci saw +  
feeeeeever  Ahhh yes the iclscsa aGecnmiulso ofmr orutscfe oh-ppthse6a s.nM.esetd.qu.oiis tsih enotiqsu deharr htan eth ioprotMloss iesdms gwnsi +1  
surfacegomd  no luec +  
schep  on .eaid i odlcu lnoy sealfy mieinaelt acoalybrm hetpsahop sbeucae ast'ht erua leycc +  
kernicteruscandycorn  NPO!E +  
chediakhigashi  rpun +  
kidokick  usjt ndidga ni ot sya, p.eno +  
flvent2120  Lol I 'dintd .rtieeh I tnhki tshi is tjus itrcilac ngiknthi h.uhogt heT maein ahs ot meoc mfor rweesoeh.m a/amltnegtlaGetumui is wnkno to erntsarf niesam ta teh teasl +1  
l0ud_minority  No gfkunic cuel I dssugee (rnw:og +  

submitted by โˆ—mcl(668),
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Teh snuietqo si gnireerrf ot eth ohseiaxnme .ayptahw

ylabrComa ephpashot dan ininaegr are ovvelidn ni eth reua clecy. So si eumlcyaagtlantet- GA)N( sugralte(e pnrduiotoc of lbamoryca .aothhespp)

Hexoasmine pathway has been implicated in Insulin resistance and diabetic nephropathy! (Just was curious why NBME asked this!!!)

+3/- apurva(101),

submitted by โˆ—drzed(325),
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I edrit to use gloci to wnaesr tish neqoitus (I idd tno know utbao hte eseoxahimn a)hw.atpy erHe si my -t-mtisthetpa is yblparbo owngr e.rmhseweo

I uidrfeg htta fi ouy nwat ot emak laeg,iuosncm uyo ened to nebciom gsocleu + na nmaie ropug

(A) irAinneg I ewnk aws neilvvdo in innadtgo ertgn,ion tub it is ni eth uare l,cyce os I iferudg hits saw rbaylpbo ton the aserwn btu it dha ieponatl.t I greufid ttah teh jramo wya shit udmnoopc soemrve tsi ointgner is toruhgh ruae, .hguoth

)(B TAP. nSeci 6PF ydalaer hsa teh hhspetoap our,pg I ueigdfr TAP is babyrolp ton aessrecny as teh dncpuomo ni esuqntoi daryael hsa a P4O g.upor

()C yaCmrlabo .paptehhos I ewkn sith aws eolidnvv ni tobh hte urae ccyle dna sundolceei sthnsyi,es os tshi was sels .lleiyk It soal is hte udotrpc of a N3H nad OC2 so tath enmsa atth I dlt'uwon eextpc ti to adento na anmie rogup

)(D anlmiuGte I gifudre sha an iname ruogp tadehtca to it ydera rfo dnaoo.tin I lsoa nwko ttha nnsatnmiatoari tocesrain rae ncmoom hwit inaom asdci nad ckeaosildht-apa g.e.( apalh rattelkgoeuta twhi aanienl nac egt uoy uaaettglm nad a tuvayepr iva TA)L hust it emda neess hatt an omani idca ldcuo oatnde an aeinm rgup.o

(E) eTh nylo gniht I ewnk atoub NAG wsa thta it was edsu in het ruea cleyc as an rcosaitlle acovtirta of CSP, os I ditn'd iknth that ti swa efuuls sa a noaotrd of ntnergio ceins ist fconitun si ot hlep adi ingnrteo tecer.onxi

oS neht I wsa usctk ewenteb A nad D, tbu absed on annntamioraits oti,rnceas I ikdecp .D

makingstrides  ,osAl a-irniLgen oersvcnt ot ON +  
madamestep  shTi aws ym gernnaois oto! osruteFc ot olgcsue + eianm โ†’ Ndee ot dad an a.emni ntuelmiGa is ni a tol fo htoer seorsespc orf nngoidta N nda eoginmcb altG.aetum +  

submitted by โˆ—adong(140),
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yuo dene to add na minea gennor)i(t nad toms moehibc ocessersp ormf sgaru g;-&-t neaim rqeseriu gtlaenuim

submitted by โˆ—redvelvet(56),
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fI yuo twna to aket a oklo orf eht clcialin mniaoecrtp fo eth mehexsiaon htyawpa ↦ o:dsctrpu weep/ptn/rhsi/eamrmuotce/e.:tcxiin.sctceoswswcsnsieecdonchi/o

submitted by โˆ—meningitis(640),
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oscPres fo inoniitmael no sith .one

  • I iaelenidmt aClbymor oh,apsthpe ngrAiein eud to erua l.ycec
  • I ieeilntmda PAT auecebs ATP oeanl l'odwnut ngcahe F6P ntoi ianlomgsuce
  • NAG I ogt cyukl nda I aidimtlene it eud to sit sue in MEC adn nacgoell so I 'dtidn itnkh ti swa varleetn nad I kdin fo bemmeeedrr it igenb ni aeur c.lecy
dr.xx  yuo en,am rupe ul?kc :) +13  
impostersyndromel1000  lol yrttpe oudns locgi eher emat +3  
nor16  amse e,her tuGimalen si a H3N (-amni) dor,no so snguisge mead eness +  

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