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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 3/Question#30 (reveal difficulty score)
Which of the following is required for the ...
Glutamine ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—yotsubato(1195),
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It catn eb taleBirca csseasb Noaciar(d) acseueb hsse nkitag PMT .XSM

tI ntac be ,toox cueeabs esh has eon noslie adn si laso gaknti TMP XSM icwhh hsoudl pveomir ehr styomsp.m

tiloGlaoambs si a ieedsas of oerld naiivulddsi

iseMaatctt sieaesd atht emst ot the irabn si ynklieul at thsi gae.

CSN phlymaom is conmom in IHV ISAD tisent,pa so atht si eth smto lilyek eoh.icc

submitted by โˆ—seagull(1912),
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tou fo uor,yiscit how yma lepope wken h?ist ntd(o eb shy to ysa yuo idd ro )dtid?n

yM oretpyv cneidoaut ndtid' riinnag hsti ni .em

johnthurtjr  I ddi ont +3  
nlkrueger  i idd ton lol +  
ht3  'eryou ldiniefyet otn noael oll +  
yotsubato  no adei +  
yotsubato  Adn ist tno in FA, so fcuk ti IOM +1  
niboonsh  i dintd +  
imnotarobotbut  oeNp +  
epr94  did not +  
link981  I esudsge it buacese the naems donsdue rimslai D: +18  
d_holles  i idd ton +  
yb_26  I laos geudsse sbucaee bhto srowd rstat tihw )")"l)gu +30  
impostersyndromel1000  asem as rnospe veoba .em also bc neiragni racymbalo thhaosepp nad agn ear lal dteaerl utohrhg uare .lccye +1  
jaxx  tNo a .ecul hsTi saw os roa.mnd +  
ls3076  no ayw +  
hyperfukus  no ceul +  
mkreamy  itsh deam em efel a tol loatsrete ,.b no ikgnufc cule +1  
amirmullick3  My emiietmda guothth etrfa irdenag tsih aws wh"y luowd i knwo tsih nda owh sode sthi kaem em a beettr ot?cdo"r +10  
mrglass  Gnelyelar pegianks eGulaitnm si fento esud ot anaeitm sgihnt. nikTh brian nrieognt btm.msaeloi uYo kwon hatt -FP-6 nit's an na,eim nda thta cnGiuoesmla s,i os antmlGieu tsin' an iusltarinec .eussg +6  
djtallahassee  ,aye I atremu k03 nkia scrda to see tsih sb +6  
taediggity  I iellyratl sheotdu fwt ni etuqi ryblira ta tsih .qoutnies +2  
bend_nbme_over  olL fed ddt'in onwk .ti oLosk klie mI' tno gogin to be a encemptto oortcd ebeacsu I tnod' wkon eth iaeeoxhmsn atyphaw llo +25  
drschmoctor  Is it eiyoctbirh?sm enhT I do ton nwko i.t +5  
snoochi95  hlle no otbehrr +1  
roro17  I dtidโ€™n +  
bodanese  I idd ton +  
hatethisshit  noep +  
jesusisking  I tr+ldC'F emagsoilcun in FA dan is't ont enev ereht oll +  
batmane  i yeielfdnit esesgd,u for mose rosean tog it dnow ot rnneiaig adn umnligtea +3  
waterloo  peo.N +  
monique  I idd not +  
issamd1221  dtnid +  
baja_blast  aordeNrw ti ondw ot iriAgenn and leuGtnmia rfginugi eht Ngrtoein luwdo aevh ot cmeo fmro neo of ethse tow tbu of csoure I cdkipe het rgwno .neo csliaC.s +2  
amy  +1 on i!dea +  
mumenrider4ever  dHa no eaid wath mgnieaoclus was +  
feeeeeever  hAhh esy teh casscli mGlisecouna orfm stofcure tsph-aepoh6 .suM.qnssiideo.e.t sthi squotnei redrah hnta hte stpsolioMor iedssm nsgiw +1  
surfacegomd  no lcue +  
schep  on ad.ei i ulcod yoln elfays eaeltinim mlcraaoyb stahppeho aeeuscb ahtst' erau lyecc +  
kernicteruscandycorn  POEN! +  
chediakhigashi  runp +  
kidokick  jtus nadgdi in ot a,ys onep. +  
flvent2120  lLo I dd'tin ret.ieh I hkitn ihts si stju rtiacilc nnihiktg .ughhto ehT mnaei has to ecmo rmfo sw.eorhmee lGmmatutanai/geulet is wnnok to nrstrefa eainms ta teh lesta +1  
l0ud_minority  No gfinukc cule I seuesdg (grn:wo +  

submitted by โˆ—mcl(667),
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Teh uonqiset is refginerr to het nosiexhema yaap.thw

Cmlbaryoa sopeapthh and inraegin are vveidlon in the uera ecycl. So is tlye-lmtaueangcat )G(NA utee(gsrla noduopritc fo ymbcolraa ehpsph.tao)

Hexoasmine pathway has been implicated in Insulin resistance and diabetic nephropathy! (Just was curious why NBME asked this!!!)

+3/- apurva(100),

submitted by โˆ—drzed(321),
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I eidrt to eus gcoil to awnser tsih sotuenqi (I did ont wonk atubo teh hemxsionae .yaha)wpt eerH si ym httptieatsm-- si aoybrplb orngw s.erwhoeem

I gfueird that if yuo tnwa ot kmae gienc,uolasm yuo ndee to oicbmen seculgo + na eamni rgpuo

)(A eringiAn I ewnk wsa levovnid ni ndnitaog rnntiego, ubt ti si in eth euar c,lyec so I fegurid ihst aws bblryapo otn teh wrsean tub ti dha iettlpa.on I durgife atht eth aomrj awy tsih mopnduco svmeroe tis ntergoin is htugrho e,aru .tuhohg

()B T.PA nicSe F6P rleydaa has teh thpeohpas r,upgo I gdrfuie PAT si yalobrpb ton rnsyeasec sa the upcndomo ni tsouiqne eayldar ahs a 4OP r.oupg

)(C Combaaryl e.tsahhopp I nwke tsih asw vlenvodi in thob hte ruae eclcy nad edliucesno i,tnsshyes so hits wsa elss lk.eyil tI salo si het todpurc of a 3HN nda O2C so hatt nemsa atht I oluwdnt' ecpext it to dtaneo na enami uogrp

(D) muienGtla I drgefiu ash an iamne ugopr aahecttd to ti areyd fro n.itadnoo I laso wnko ahtt sanmaintrntaoi iceaornst era nmomoc thiw oiman dasci nad sepdoac-itakhla g..(e lapha oaeattutkergl ihwt ienlnaa can etg oyu gmeataltu nad a pvetrayu avi T)AL uhts it dame esnes hatt na amion ciad doclu natedo an namei ro.pug

E() eTh nylo ghnit I newk oabtu NAG was that it swa ueds ni teh auer lccye as na itlcorlsae cratiatvo fo S,CP os I dd'nti hnikt ttah ti was flsuue sa a nooatdr of enitgrno iecsn ist cinuotfn is ot eplh dai nrigetno xntcre.ieo

So hten I swa cskut eentebw A dna ,D ubt aedbs on mraaisnoittann actsionr,e I dckpei D.

makingstrides  As,ol i-irLnegna osvcnter to NO +  
madamestep  Tish aws my orgisnaen oto! steForcu to goecslu + eiman โ†’ dNee ot dda na ae.imn aitlGmeun is ni a lto fo eorth erspossec rof tndognai N dan eiognmbc autleG.tam +  

submitted by โˆ—adong(139),
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ouy dene ot add na amnei et(noinr)g and tmso bomheci oscepessr romf ugars ;&g-t- amien rsrueiqe aniuteglm

submitted by โˆ—redvelvet(56),
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fI yuo nawt ot tkae a oolk rfo teh iclilacn oinercaptm fo eth emoheaxnis waapyth ;& :duocpsrt wr:inwtpcnise.itosmc/cscsenoeh/nt/citohseuaesoeecwrdm/./cexip

submitted by โˆ—meningitis(635),
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reoPcss fo iimaoltnien on hsit ne.o

  • I ianetidmel yoClabrm t,ehpphaos ingrAnei eud ot arue
  • I nedtamilie ATP scbueae PAT oaeln ud'tnolw egcanh 6FP toin ocasgilmune
  • GAN I tgo kycul dan I deiitanmle it due ot sti eus in CEM nda eolncagl os I ndti'd ihtkn ti asw envarelt adn I dink fo rmmedeeebr ti inbge in arue lecc.y
dr.xx  uyo ne,am ruep kuc?l :) +13  
impostersyndromel1000  oll tpeyrt dosun oiglc rehe eamt +3  
nor16  mase h,ree aGnuiteml si a H3N nm-a()i n,rood os snsgigue mead eenss +  

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