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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 3/Question#22 (reveal difficulty score)
A study is conducted to assess the prevalence ...
Chi-square test ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—didelphus(69),
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A PAD nilsslytaee ecertsa a w-ihlfogh hater ieruafl tisunoita ni teh nSeci a rnftocia fo het VL tpuuto si nedruert otiwhtu agecrnhi eht do,by ni edorr ot tnamanii a omlarn OC to eht bdoy het flet lrivneect utms mpup a ehghir .lumveo This dlowu laso secau ghireh nhat namrol anyrolmpu llcypriaa .wlfo

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cSeni DAsP rae idantinaem by G2,PE ttah dluow tutirbneco ot a olw raiehlppre vaucslra secsareni.t

submitted by โˆ—usmleuser007(460),
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Juts eembr:mer

1) estTt- (tea fro tow) = oolsk at teh neam vsluae fo 2 supogr

)2 VOANA asysa(iln of en)vcarai ~ lkei t-estt tbu = lskoo at nema uavsel of 3 or omer osrpug

3) C-hiqeusra = losko ta eth %)( ro ripootorpns eeebwtn 2 or mreo p.usogr

,so tjsu kloo rfo who nmya sruogp bngie arseedsdd dna htwa avsleu thye are isung (% or s)enam

submitted by โˆ—mcl(667),
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eeptsiD a ucirmen vleau ol(bdo ssur)erep igbne a,umsrdee iteapsnt dwlou be edeitsadng reeiht tneevyhiepsr ro n.itvmsnreeoo oT my dgsrnua,ndtnie hte stbe stte rof gopcmrina aglieatocrc riabelasv rsocsa srougp si a chi usrqea tse.t

nI ttn,socra a tt-ets is usde ot acomerp eneewbt teh nsmae fo wto ourspg sd(umraee aelvarib msut eb teti)vta.naiqu

submitted by โˆ—d_holles(218),
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I wsa venre agutth ahtw tetst- sv rCdahusq-ei sa.w niogG off fo het AF etlba td'ind p.hel shiT odiev elwob ieeaxndpl eth cceoptn relayl ewl.l


orF hte Q ferre ot c'@sm1 tnmmceo.

submitted by โˆ—usmleuser007(460),
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submitted by โˆ—usmleuser007(460),
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)1 snsliAay of cvaenrai si a deuorercp deus ofr arcpmiogn aeplms asenm to ees if erhet si isntifefuc envcdeie to iefnr thta teh naems of teh gocnsprrnieod tpulnpoiao disosntrtbiiu salo er.ifdf

2) eWhre -ttest eoracmp yonl owt ostsirtnbudii, aalsyisn fo icraenav is bela ot paecrom โ€ข athW eosd eth yoewan- tpra m?aen It si one dpeeetnnd beilvaar wya(als niu)ooutscn dan xylceat noe nenedindpet earvblai lyaswa( cla.o)iteacrg A ignesl ipnndtneeed albaiver acn vhae yamn vl.eels

drdoom  iav euu0sl@7se0mr /a.easao.tsrletdv-awsnw/nertaetstdaaw/hstrhp/id-:nw +  

submitted by medstudied(0),
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hWy is teh teccrro esarnw iseqhaurc- ?stte I gte htta itsโ€™ esud ofr cgitocleraa ebalasvri tub eโ€™rwe ncoaigmrp enprlavcee te.cgnreaesp Is ttha dsecredino cirltaaoe?cg

liverdietrying  eYorโ€™u gokioln at wto cgalactroie e,bailvrsa Casinaauc .vs AA adn TNH ssveur snoetmnrio.ev So eoโ€™yur illst ingsu Ch2i to l.ynzaae +8  

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