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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 4/Question#43

A 65-year-old man develops a progressive ataxia ...

Right cerebellar hemisphere

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submitted by lfsuarez(114),

Patient presents with both ataxia and an intention tremor on the right hand side. It is important to remember that cerebellar lesions like we see here always present IPSILATERALLY as opposed to many other CNS lesions.

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submitted by thotcandy(17),

Cerebellar Vermis lesions: Truncal Ataxia (wide based/drunk sailor gaite) + Nystagmus

Cerebellar Hemisphere lesion: Intention tremor, Limb Ataxia, Loss of balance --> fall to IPSILATERAL side.

Vermis = central --> affects central body

hemispheres = lateral --> affects limbs

pg 499 of FA19