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submitted by โˆ—mousie(271),
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submitted by โˆ—soph(85),
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uyo eedn to nwok dffi bt enaegvit sesprrue eonvtilitan wih(hc is onmral aeliin)vntto dan psotievi rersesspu otvlennaiti wihh(c si nclahcimae tvoilatni.e)n nI nveatieg esrsepur natoteivinl the pamarghdi aotsrnctc gmiakn a - leanrtiraulp pesuersr cihwh loswla avilleo to np.daxe ni ivtoipes eniavnitotl (het tp hadagmirp si not ttccgaroinn hsut nto dnpgxniae cesth ycaivit nad not inertgac hte - )purresse teh mienahc is granetci ietisvpo serusper iensdi lilavoe so so vialole and.sxep ):

jbc5356  ehT slmiye cfea ogt to me more than it hdsolu v.eha ecePitar ou.y +7  

submitted by โˆ—avicenna(12),
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shiT is a oogd tnainaeoxlp div eoJw:w8/ows/=Sv./.uotcwhye0EEbcaZ?ehuttctomSp

meja2  taGre !ivdeo +  
sd22  i@nvcnaae atger useerman +  

submitted by โˆ—lukin4answer(11),
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iDugnr ornlam ots,ipinrnia evoiall ttasrs fomr O()C0RFmmH2 to 1- 2mOh;m isth VIANTEEG rrseuesp kcssu iar n.i In ,PPV hte mchnaei si ihugnps ria nikmag sopenr do isrntn""aoipi utb nwo alolerva urrpeess is O.VEPISIT ;mpa& nteh iporietanx cscrou yaplvseis b(y iectlas oic).ler EPEP si an nadadioitl IRSEVON fo PPV. reeH, we od VPP u,bt ni ixnraetoi,p frate osem vspisae roceli (NED EAOIRPTXYR PE,SERSUR) eth eanhmic uepshs omes So eht glun oeds not fyull teedfla adn errunt back to .RCF a'thTs woh ew iastlbzei the amlls loevlia rmof gintteg cpllesdoa rtaef vreye V.PP ,ERMEBREM in PE,PE nulg RNVEE SOGE CABK OT RCF. S,o avrlloAe ueprress lliw YWLAAS be TV.IIEPOS allrNmoy PPI si 5- trafe XNPAIRIOET L)(NDATID-E nda 8- aterf SN.IARITNPIO eeHr we era invggi 01+ hitw nln.atoiVtie hTta liwl ecormevo mrolan IDD-LENTA 5)-( kiganm ETINDAD-L IPP ot +.5 And of cuse,or hist 5+ sah no ehcacn ot beemoc vnee 4+ bueecas hte icenhma lwli spuh eth air unidrg iiinontaprs whhci illw eakm PPI evne orem +vPEEPe. si edsu to Rx Hpoaeymxi of DR.SA heT ionsdwed s,i shit v+e PPI eeesrdac VR ot tR trhea dan oals Lt tr;e&ahgt ecnirdug raCiadc Ou.uttp

erHe is an eomswAe ivdoe htat wlli lph:e Hutbs/hs=htok:8atg2.?vmcpo4_/weacwt.y/Lwgwu

fatboyslim  ecNi oivde! +  
realfake  rouwfndle !oivde +  

submitted by chasingdreams101(4),
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Can eanony pliexna who 0mc1 0H2 vitipoes EPEP selda ot eaPk rsairIptony A,P Edn adTli P,A Paek trprsnoayIi Ppi nad End dTlia ipP lal igbne isetvo?pi

tea-cats-biscuits  In PEPE, bc fo who chmanliaec nioaivenltt swo,rk lal eth itaipsinron atrp fo gntbraeih si doen yb teh ehacinm eciylvta nsphigu ria toni the ngsul. As a rel,tus there is on ienveagt ssreruesp in het tesysm peodmcar ot eth mroaln gnlu hhciw sdeen teh veeagitn itu-elaepnrrl rspuerse to wdra rai in. +28  
yotsubato  " As a ,tlsuer ehtre is on iaetvnge ssersrpue in eth stsyme paomdecr ot teh nomalr guln hcihw sdnee the evaniegt rltrp-neleiau usrperes to rwad ira n.i " tT hsa ayolttl ahtw wtehr em ff.o ILT +  
veryhungrycaterpillar  yWh dwoul teh den ilatd PI nto be eiavegtn ?ouhthg orySr I tums be eptyemocll inssuintdnmgedra otsginmeh. +  
ankigravity  Aevlaolr rseuersp lilw LWSAYA eb SE.IVPITO laNmylor IPP is 5- teafr TONIRIEAXP D)IAD(EL-TN nad -8 tafre OTNIPRSIN.IA rHee ew rea iggvni 1+0 hwit ioaite.Vltnn Thta iwll eoemovcr amolrn DIAN-EDTL -)(5 imagkn NEADTDL-I IPP ot +5. C(ideop morf ntroeah cnemtom ucbseae ti ienslpxa it etytrp ;lwel tecdir to a)ie4lsu/nrknuw +  

submitted by 5thgencephalosporin(8),
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submitted by โˆ—yousif7000(12),
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miagine teh netpait is a bnalloo dan eewr ngilinaft i,hm egnirvehty llwi be ,pu etrhe 'onwt be any gnaeevit esserurp ie octsuin

rmnss96  ywh si eth nalerpuailrt rpseesru tepii?sov ntsi it wylsaa edpussop to be ve- +  

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