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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 3/Question#4 (reveal difficulty score)
A 31-year-old primigravid woman at 32 weeks' ...
Hypoglycemia ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—stinkysulfaeggs(125)
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idD yaonne eles go down :the 'sseh teophyeivsn os eabym lle'sh egt eoerstuhwa inecrhdisfer dryomens cuaeseb inngtoh lese is kanigm sense to em at tsih o?in?p?t eortu -

sTurn tou, reesev laaraim anc seuca laiordvcraacsu oaecplsl dna ios.heyotpnn

redvelvet  em oot :( +2
abigail  em there :( +2
yex  eM uofr -:/ +2
link981  yllwoS aiginsr ym dhan sa elwl +2
tinydoc  Smmemma +2
bullshitusmle  easm er!@e!!h: +2
usmlecharserssss  naptite has aaimarl hwit ubovsoi rpiteuc and i,nlicc i sdnawere seauebc loyn ignht oceatdissa iwth ilver saw coapgemylyih +19
aisel1787  em fv(ie +1
myoclonictonicbionic  I asw nnkihgti atht she is eyesvtoinhp iwchh can cseau an rtaifcn of the itirpatyu niesc( iptaitruy si gwirong rgindu g)rncaepyn nda eohefrtre h'dse vaeh oysnaderc anldaer .fifecyiusninc +4
alexxxx30  sammeemeee +
snripper  sseasDubm nuite maol +
usmleaspirant2020  lol m!aaaaesa +
usmleaspirant2020  oll saaaeaam! +
anechakfspb  em osal :/ igttins eehtr nrytgi to egrifu ti tuo iudrng teh tste I hughtto I asw so rsamt too - leik "oww ,mnbe way ot eit in icrom nda dnonirece, nto ggientt em h"hu!gto ... i saw gron.w +2
veryhungrycaterpillar  I heva on eida how I gto hits igrt.h +
feanor  Adn eher I aws knnigthi ahtt ymeab m'I the oienlL sseiM fo girnttnriepe tsmse yb dionsanigg it as oBsisiebas .soll +1

submitted by โˆ—thomasalterman(181)
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raaailM acn iprima tiacphe uoneosgesginlec adn nca asol seomnuc sglouec fro tsi wno lobcaeimt s.ednmad

yotsubato  rluyT a ubll isth o..sieu.ntq tsI otn ni FA, ceStkhy ro htaPamo +62
meningitis  I wlli try to rmebemer this by iangcaossti ti twhi P. xi,vav thta asty in teh rvile eerc)eiei=go.ulnsvolgs(n ahnTk oyu eatsanht@lrmmao. +12
focus  ATNLDAIIDO FNO:I fI we rewe seakd to tyiifnde hte tgsea of eht cifcyelel, ti duwol be ihtrc(o-ciynyera)ttr oscthizn aet sg:3l/4?miodw6=go8rje/eo.p01s/ f- liceeL:ycpsn/r00w///wco/lldxosuh01.1-74i-t4/_te:pp06gjwd/ma2af1odeeyt4lcwralc.gppein.-08cta- +1
dul071  i vlodse shit qeitsuno yb iesegn taht eetrh rea imtlhceoy osisnluicn lnrmeeisbg asarsepit dna atht hyte rqueeri slgecuo gnibe a inlvig ir,anmogs hceen apmceiyygh.ol +
curlycheesefriesguy  I newk htat laaimar ecssua yempocihlyag tbu i asw eht owdr wydrso dan ielk na odiit gthuhto it saw rfnaaci esgepinl ssescnik +

submitted by โˆ—kai(30)
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I thnki er'ew tniihkgn too rhad on s.ith ehT itapsrase are cmsgninuo lal uro ars!ug oS splmie tath s'ti had.r

submitted by โˆ—nwinkelmann(366)
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.o.S. Iev' neeb tingry ot gerfui shit uto and I nikht I tgo i...t

nOe fo hte amni clacarene shiqcteeun yb het body is aaatrluvrsxec lmeyoihss by het S.RE Hsoyeilsm of BsRC aseld ot teaeelvd uemrs HDL s(ucaebe CsBR evah hhig tauosmn of ctaltea hdoesgenrayed hciwh is aedrslee oitn erums rafet hyseiol.s)m rcdsneeIa LHD nca hetn lade ot rceadiesn eatupryv to eatlcta ,cniesovorn wihhc dwoul letpede the dbyo fo tyvauper nad deal ot siendcrae bnecraaoi lios.gcylsy As eht roscsep nu,sectoin lhpoycmayeig ssluetr edu ot zltrunoioiiveat fo mersu o.sleucg

I ergea wthi oyustboa@t atth ihst si a tblsulih tnequsio fro peSt 1 (huleolypf it aws etdeirr ceesuba ti asw an pmeeairtnexl eunqotsi ta teh mite and no one nkwe t,i l).lo Im' gdla ttha I aws ealb ot ytr to guerif tuo plbsoise ie,nsoegstpah thu.gho hatT si bpyoarlb hwy ti aws s,adke enwh it saw kasd,e ot enmereitd if etsdsunt ldcou VRYE liticraylc khtin obuta all fo the icooltpcsamni of aamailr adn ahtw somcpnliicato hotse iignrola ocmlianctpiso ucodl deal t,o sutj by nokw nralmo yypyosaoppstiloh/ohlgyihgo of the dy.ob I meca to stehe cincolosnus sedba on pnugtti etorthge roatfiomnin rmfo aerlsev of ndAaomr gusaaundHs' soiedv -40(7@4:0:3 W_vwgr.watumhtcbtwwh:/_p/o/cxdszf?=ew.uyt4o, :tpOpttwy;Kmca=iemmPL?v/Lz6muQV/TeuDdawe.tavSKTtEo=wgcuLqeZn2sowbywtxhi1pisepFh0ylDb&UX.&/s6co=;Cqsa).

submitted by โˆ—kard(52)
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tgraPenn womne rea eomr cstueslibpe to erevse mlimodusPa cuiplafamr lmao rHcil.ymyaiaaegp ma;&p vrseee amaniea si eyutrflqne tnroeduecne as a ciaoiclmptno ni r pmafiulca aaal,mir ahtt is uaulsyl csiabedr to eenacsrdi slcgeou use dan merpidai oleuscg unirdcptoo secaud by hte iitbniihon fo osoegecesg.niuln

submitted by macrohphage95(10)
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apeyHgiymocl is a yeuntfrqel nocrtuneeed ionatpmcloci ni acuplmiafr riamlaa atth si ylsulua cbasired to aenicerds gocseul seu dna ieaipdmr gouscel cirundotpo csdeau by het nnbotihiii of geosgesln.niuceo

fmor trdens in pt:ayogra oils9pe.s7l5hty1tncw7t2o:e(p60a0d///clwri)m2g0f1fdp9-s.ot/rpa1/.4dSs/o-w4l

submitted by โˆ—syoung07(58)
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Hwo do yuo cpki ihwch ramliaa eeicssp ihst si? .P ivxav dan vaole nac ameinr in het rilev os I fuderig hyaimecolgyp asw a lesutr. tuB I slao nwko hatt P. cuiafmrlpa nca uscae isusse iwht teh ,ibran ,nuslg dan .knyieds I was tenebew nrdeala fnesfyuccniii nad goeylmpihyca fro atth nro.sea

an1  I dotn' nihkt ew cna picfyes fomr shit agiem as ot chwih stirna ti wsa. Teur tubao l,ufcrapiam tub noen fo ohset insotpo rewe alcltuay engiv ni het ansswre +

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