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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 3/Question#4 (reveal difficulty score)
A 31-year-old primigravid woman at 32 weeks' ...
Hypoglycemia ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—sajaqua1(607),
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alCtiric ponsti ofr isth oenqti:us 5 eyra old by,o ipspdnoersusuemm escuabe of cehayhrome,tp 2 day sitrhyo fo ev,efr gu,hoc hsoersnst fo etbha,r lbieefr 10.81( F), ssioinpertra im/,n64 hiwt iasnsyoc nda aidezglrene lvirseacu .ahsr vnEsetxei roauldn ottfirila.nin

Of the oinpsot idlset nylo eslsame and VVZ igve a hsar. A asrh rofm mlsseae uluysla tasstr lrorsltya and endssecd ua,caldyl dna is aftl and yerhst.eotmua yB aco,rtnst ZVV hkco()xepnci tnrseesp whti igrelzenead rsha that qluckyi rtinsnotsai fmor lracmau to paaplur neht ot svi.elrauc

submitted by โˆ—stinkysulfaeggs(124),
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idD onaeny slee og odwn the: sshe' yseevhnipto so eyabm 'ellsh etg staurhwoee srnceierdfih rdsnyoem aebsceu nnihgto esel si amikgn seesn ot em ta tihs ???ptino ouetr -

rsunT u,to eerevs raaaiml anc ecuas uriaarsvclcdao solclape and syeihopnno.t

redvelvet  me oot (: +2  
abigail  me etrhe :( +2  
yex  eM ourf /:- +2  
link981  Slloyw ngirisa ym nahd sa elwl +2  
tinydoc  Smemmma +2  
bullshitusmle  asem !ee!:!@hr +2  
usmlecharserssss  tapenit ash laaaimr iwht ousobiv repuict dna ,niccli i senawder ebceaus lyon inthg csteaaiods wiht eivrl swa lohgiyymceap +19  
aisel1787  em f(vie +1  
myoclonictonicbionic  I saw tignhnki taht hes si tsovpnyeihe wichh can ecaus na rtfncia of hte ttiriapyu ien(sc airuiptyt si wioggrn udrgin ycn)nepgar nad eroetrfeh dshe' ahve asncdreyo ndrlaae ynscf.iiiuncef +4  
alexxxx30  eeemseemma +  
snripper  sesDausmb tuien laom +  
usmleaspirant2020  oll aeaaam!sa +  
usmleaspirant2020  llo measaaa!a +  
anechakfspb  me sloa :/ tigints erhte ignytr ot urefgi it tou ruindg hte stet I tothugh I was os atsrm oot - elik w"wo emb,n awy to eit in mrcoi adn niceo,erdn nto gtgniet me uoh"!tgh ... i aws wg.rno +2  
veryhungrycaterpillar  I hvea no ieda owh I got hsti hrt.ig +  
feanor  nAd here I wsa inkhgnit that eyamb I'm het Lleoin eMiss fo etnientirprg smtse by iosigdnnag ti sa bsBoeiaiss lls.o +1  

submitted by โˆ—thomasalterman(181),
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rMaiala nca mpirai patcieh ilnceseusgeongo nda cna lsoa ceumnso slgcuoe rfo sit wno oleiamcbt enmads.d

yotsubato  luTyr a lblu sith usno.etqi.. sIt not ni FA, yhkSect ro mPhaoat +62  
meningitis  I wlil try ot emmeberr tihs yb agtincossia it whti P. xvi,av taht syat in eht vrile sl)ie(g.runlvcesngeoeoi= kTanh ouy smmnaa.t@lroehta +12  
focus  NODIDAATLI O:NIF If ew ewre daeks ot entiydif eth geast fo het eycelcfl,i it udlow be hn-tocecrt)yirayr(ti zoshncti eat g:sta0s=b8.esb/6.tnjwp/l.mhlo0ammlgf2rpei/lds/0183:wpocser.oidec?i4g/ L-c ciye e:fld0rg./wwitn-x0pl4-c1pr6lu4af0w_7ael-/0sphdpct/0c/.et4ae2i8n1/pmwegot/.sajdol:y-/c1o +1  
dul071  i ldoesv thsi neosuqit yb neisge thta ether rea tlomcyhie nnisoisulc gnsimbrlee ertsipsaa and thta hety ieurerq oclesug eginb a nliivg rmiongs,a neche elhc.migpoayy +  
curlycheesefriesguy  I wnek htta raaailm susace plyyaihomegc utb i swa teh word osdwyr nda lkie na dotii gothuth it swa ancfari episegln seknicss +  

submitted by โˆ—kai(30),
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I hknit e'erw kinhitgn too dahr on hits. heT rptaiessa rea unmincgso all uor asgur! oS mseipl taht is't rd.ah

submitted by โˆ—nwinkelmann(366),
unscramble the site ⋅ become a member ($149 $129/month)

.o.S. ve'I enbe ingytr to ifrgeu tsih out and I nihkt I tog t...i

One fo het nima aecnecarl uitseecnqh yb eth dyob is slcartauevrxa yleomishs yb eht .ESR eHslymois fo CRsB selad ot evleeadt usrem DHL escab(eu BCsR aevh high anustmo fo tcaalet dhnoeysdgaere chhiw is elaseerd ntio seurm rfeat l.yiomehs)s deaneIsrc LDH can nteh alde ot edcnersia tearuyvp to aaclett ovsenc,noir cihwh wuold pdetlee teh oybd of typvaure dan edal to draecisne ecarioanb ilslcyso.yg sA eth spcores scneiot,nu ociyphaelygm uersslt due to trtulvioaizoeni of sermu g.coslue

I egear thiw @ouyotbats ahtt thsi is a itlsuhlb seqnitou for etpS 1 lyfhope(lu ti wsa tdereri ecbsaue it wsa an lrpnexeteaim snuioteq ta hte mtei dna on oen knwe ti, l.l)o Im' dalg ttah I wsa beal to yrt to frguie tou ebsiolps eeisgaths,onp .hhtoug tahT is rbyopalb hyw it swa ak,esd ewnh it wsa daesk, ot ierdetnem fi desusttn coudl VEYR actilrylci tkinh uobta all fo het mctcoaplosini of aimaarl nad hwat pilaooncmitcs tesho iliaogrn clonitpmacosi cuodl laed ot, juts yb nkow loamrn yooliophhpoygsytlosh/ygapi of hte o.bdy I meca ot eeths cnssiuocnol dbase no tinpgtu etrhtgeo oantimfionr frmo aeresvl of aAmdnor Hgusdna'sua ivdose 7403:@(40-: .or/dbw4=ao?m_hgswupzwtvwyhc/f_:Wttxwcu/et., /msPtFc?tgTsLQVstea2bcypy;euolLsXoZwpEhKz6/tw.vete6tq=bSqmaw&inevL;Ud=w/:TKDiimOhxypuwDo&pa=uC.ca0m1.)

submitted by โˆ—kard(52),
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nPtaenrg mweon aer mero pelusiesbtc to ersvee saummPolid ricpaulfam ap.yaemi gyHolacmlair m;p&a everse anaemai is retqeluynf dnectneoreu sa a lmontciacpio ni l fciuapmra ilaar,am thta si ulsylau eaisbrcd to srdcainee slcuego sue dna preimaid sel guoc otpdrcnoiu ucsade by the hioibinint fo sgu.secegnioeonl

submitted by macrohphage95(10),
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gmlpecaHyioy si a efnterulqy nenedroeuct pociimaocnlt ni fmluiacapr iamalar hatt is syullua aeicsdrb ot nciesared scugloe ues nda imdpreia ugcelos droctnpuio udeacs yb hte nitiniibho of olcgeonne.igsues

ofmr dsertn in ypori:agsaolt/pcc.4p7-r7/2edtltpslS:.y0f/(w9wns)2hm6wgo/41ip-e.fa1do/s9t15rl0ao/t0d

submitted by โˆ—syoung07(58),
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woH od ouy ipck hihcw aarlami eispcse stih i?s .P xviav dna avloe anc inream ni hte vleri os I frdgeiu cahilypemgoy wsa a eu.sltr Btu I lsao wnok htat P. frauplmica can ueacs issues whit hte anb,ri gnusl, dan sye.dkni I wsa eenwebt adnlrea iieifucnsycfn nda lyecapomighy rof taht nrsoae.

an1  I t'ond hnikt we nca seicfyp frmo siht emgai as ot iwhhc sintra ti .aws Treu auotb acmui,fparl tbu onne fo oseth iopston erew ltycaalu ingev ni teh raenssw +  

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