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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 4/Question#10 (reveal difficulty score)
A study was conducted to investigate the mean ...
99% ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—yotsubato(1206)
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saW it stju em, or ddi eag" ta enots ni sry"ae rpaeap HRTGI eabov eht nurmeb of tetnpia,s teharr hnta the .maen hhiWc esfuondc me for a doog 3 s.unitme

fulminant_life  iieyleftnD was eth esam for .em I saw so funodecs ofr keil 5 isnm +21
d_holles  dedu i atsmol itn'dd teg eht enqsitou cb fo hits ... i thohgtu the aeg of nsteo swa the utcala ega fo steno )6(3 +9
mellowpenguins  rAe ouy ur.isseo ENMB rsteksi aigan htiw tyshit mnrgftaito. +10
yex  !O!GM Nwo I ujst zalderie ath.t prSue focsudne dan olsa uhttogh osetn fo gae asw 3.6 -:/ +8
monkey  htwa si 63 sppeodus to ?eb +1
thomasburton  Tknhi eth nebmur of oepelp in that urpgo +5
paulkarr  .au.s.pwY ilkogno at it fro a dogo 3 mni rfbeeo tsuj gonid teh ckfu" sit.ti.' ottga eb "99 +6
arcanumm  Age fo teOns is het ileTt fo eth t,elab hhicw I d'tdin ugerif tuo until etraf xeam was e.rov thWa rebrleit itg.onrftma +4
veryhungrycaterpillar  Thsi si rstihgat pu atitt. I aws leki hwat salrumuc tysphrdoy is hsonwig pu htwi na talosm piaicsbh ega fo teons nbteeew adnleecsoec nad 30s? Fdkcue it .up +
handsome  how did uoy tge eth 99 tahw si ruyo ioolutns ? eheh +

submitted by โˆ—mcl(668)
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hTis geirfu si a lpfleuh eerehrsrf rfo hte 99/578/69. uerl

submitted by โˆ—fulminant_life(108)
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hyW si it 99% dan otn ?95% It eksda rof soten of edesias at sles tnha 9 raesy of .age m'I yleaclr gsmsiin enmoisthg hree

cbrodo  aniute@ffmnli_l beseacu teh nema gea is .38 htiw a sarnatdd vtniaioed fo 8.1. An aeg fo otnes fo 9 esyar si yralne 3 rdsdaant isnaveitod eobav teh anem. rofThreee, isenc ew wonk /+- 2 SD scvoer %95 of teh bell ervuc, ti tsum be rghieh hnta th.ta heT lony onitop rhgehi tahn %59 is 9%.9 +10
charcot_bouchard  esY 2.9 saw eth reupp ltimi orf 99% CI. I ecikpd 95 sfirt ebacesu i httgouh 25%. ldwuo eb out of sthi tuB adncegh nsa uebecas it dslhuo eb esls tnha %2.5 aeucebs .92 si os eslco to 9. lsoA ythe rea sinkag TCSOESL to hwhci of het oollgwnif? +5
aakb  I ees twah yuo aer aisygn ubt uoy aehv ot remreemb to add het gstihn no eth rtigh dsei to edlucin lla teh evuasl duner .9 So veen if yuo og whti eht 2 tnrddasa oneaidtsvi orf %59, ydou ehav ot add 2%.5 ts'tha on het t.fel hhwci wodul be 97.5 dna oyu kown you uolwd stlil add orme no eth letf to tge ot 9 ayers of eag os it udowl ahve to eb selcor to %99 tnah to 5%9. epho that lsehp +

submitted by โˆ—jacobg456(1)
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Tshi uonqesit aws eesmsd pu rof em and I tdnclou eenv nausneddtr thwa it asw ngasiy .llo

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