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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 4/Question#10 (reveal difficulty score)
A study was conducted to investigate the mean ...
99% ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–

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submitted by โˆ—yotsubato(1207)
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Wsa it jtsu me, or idd ga"e at etnos in ase"ry paarpe TRIGH beaov hte mbreun fo tiens,tpa rrehat tahn hte n.mea Whhic dfncseuo em rof a oodg 3 nsmie.tu

fulminant_life  Definitely was the same for me. I was so confused for like 5 mins +21
d_holles  dude i almost didn't get the question bc of this ... i thought the age of onset was the actual age of onset (36) +9
mellowpenguins  Are you serious. NBME strikes again with shitty formatting. +10
yex  OMG!! Now I just realized that. Super confused and also thought onset of age was 36. :-/ +8
monkey  what is 36 supposed to be? +1
thomasburton  Think the number of people in that group +5
paulkarr  Yup...was looking at it for a good 3 min before just doing the "fuck's gotta be 99" +6
arcanumm  Age of Onset is the Title of the table, which I didn't figure out until after exam was over. What terrible formatting. +4
veryhungrycaterpillar  This is straight up tatti. I was like what muscular dystrophy is showing up with an almost biphasic age of onset between adolescence and 30s? Fucked it up. +
handsome  how did you get the 99 what is your solution ? hehe +

submitted by โˆ—mcl(669)
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hsTi reuifg si a helulfp efrrsreeh rof eht /7/956998. elru

submitted by โˆ—fulminant_life(109)
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yhW si it 99% nad ton 59%? It adkes fro nesto of edeasis at elss htan 9 ysare of ega. mI' layrlec nsismig hgesnoitm eehr

cbrodo  @fulminant_life because the mean age is 3.8 with a standard deviation of 1.8. An age of onset of 9 years is nearly 3 standard deviations above the mean. Therefore, since we know +/- 2 SD covers 95% of the bell curve, it must be higher than that. The only option higher than 95% is 99%. +10
charcot_bouchard  Yes 9.2 was the upper limit for 99% CI. I picked 95 first because i thought 2.5% would be out of this range. But changed ans because it should be less than 2.5% because 9.2 is so close to 9. Also they are asking CLOSEST to which of the following? +5
aakb  I see what you are saying but you have to remember to add the things on the right side to include all the values under 9. So even if you go with the 2 standard deviations for 95%, youd have to add 2.5% that's on the left. which would be 97.5 and you know you would still add more on the left to get to 9 years of age so it would have to be closer to 99% than to 95%. hope that helps +

submitted by โˆ—jacobg456(1)
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iThs sqntieuo wsa ssdmee up fro em nad I ocltund neve sdrtnendua hwat it swa ngsyia oll.

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