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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 4/Question#45 (reveal difficulty score)
A 32-year-old man has a diastolic blood ...
Precapillary resistance ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—uslme123(86),
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submitted by โˆ—ferrero(47),
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A vrye asiriml qeiuntos I aehv eens ni naQsbk iwll ska hyw a pttniea hwit irthg rhtae aifurel seod ton oevdple damee adn eht ernaws is cdsinreae chalmtiyp nari.gade I ogt this sotieuqn rgwno linorlgyia abuseec I ewerdsan aognl htis ienl of oingrnsae tbu I ktinh in stih caes ti lla sah ot do tiwh ERWEH the erxat sreerups is gicnom In ihts ueitqons eht pt hsa dsicoailt syeeintnprho os uyo can hnkit uatob hte perresus sa iocngm "r"awdfor os ttnniisogccr pcrriyaalelp csphtersni can vrentep na inaersec ni reerssup in the ylpicrlaa b.ed eworHev fro rthgi htear fliraue shit trxae ludfi si nmgico ormf hte SPPIOOET cdtiinroe krdbca(asw fmor hte ithgr t)erha dna sciictonrgtn pyecrlialrap sisprehtnc can od onntigh o(n peoispot sdei of lprlicyaa )bde - hte loyn ayw ot neepvrt deame is to seanriec clitapymh iardg.nae

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sympathetikey  My iaonsegnr swa mhcu remo piclimisst ebma(y oto mpil)es utb in my idn,m cisyltso BP is idremtdnee by cdraiCa uOtput nad otdaislic PB is teddmeenir by oiea.lersrt ehrTr,eefo awht comse rebefo the lpaiarlyc nda ategursel etanrscs?ei teio.lsAerr sh'aTt hwy I idas atht rpp-ilrlaaecy asnresc.eti +41  
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link981  So ni iegnrnardetk agnagule teh niestuqo si eenssailtyl skngia owh hihg urpessre in eht ailtraer msyets si TON rtstmientad to hte nevosu syesmt i(hwhc si rhwee AMEDE .esdo)lvep tBu uoy ownk tyeh heva to dda lla stih onfi to ryt ocseunf a sbcai ercpiipln adn kmae oyu enoscd segsu yulr.eosf Gt(o ti wrngo by teh ay)w cbueesa of hawt eoerrrf@ siad of bQnak uositne.sq +9  
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asteroides  I nkthi eyht aym be tilgnak btaou eht nyceomgi mspyroanecot ihanmcms:e 4/5rjr/Bo3hfec/..sgo/5fwcr.bwnpt4b/.i:mvo1wboi=o.nsllitoikypgeu4neg/tKn/Nh?taer cndI"es itelrara ro uensov usrprese also ednicus omienygc cirnttsncoio fo aitlesoerr nad pelypairclar sisrc,tnpeh hwich earssi atlioerarr esianstcre yberth(e iimimizngn eth caseinre in calpirlay rsu)peres nda reecdsu hte osarucrvcmail areucfs eaar laielvbaa fro diufl exhgeor.nFac p,elaxme ecsaube usaarvlc mhotos celusm ni alirtear nad etraalorri lsalw rsctnctoa hnwe sedepxo to eeleatdv aarnrlstvacui resuses,rp htsi gecnyoim nesresop ensaesicr lparrlceaypi ntaisersce and rocptset lieacirplsa frmo a mtcnotinaoc resi ni hreit scravnltaraiu r"essr.eup +7  

I think they are referring to maintenance of GFR and blood pressure relationships. Ergo the mentioning of the renal function. The precapillary resistance is "glomerular" precapillary resistance, so if that increases then GFR remains the same => prevents leakage of proteins and albumin => less edema.

+1/- peqmd(74),

this is the concept of blood flow autuoregulation at the tissue level in response to increasesd arterial pressure via arteiolar remodeling via smooth muscle hyperplasia ....

+/- msw(4),

submitted by staph_aureusxx(9),
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submitted by โˆ—notadoctor(175),
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I've eenb negrishca orf ym sucero for stih utb a'tcn mese ot fdni t.i ,owvrHee the ayw I hgttuoh about it was atht eemad napseph iav eht cpasalli.ier If terhe is esnadcrie seacnsiter via het aiyrlrpeplac phisnesrct sa humc olbod 'lwudnto be aleb to tge tino hte iers.pllaica Teh lbood ldwuo etidans tge dueshtn via sseasnomtoa to eht inesv. Tish ealictr rfom goymhvp.yilsccoo eslixpna it a itellt :brtete CV oyPs:ioyhgl siesuT eadEm nad reenGal plPnirscie fo ilacparynrlsaT dFliu nxaEgceh

submitted by chagas14(1),
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yMabe hte nsiuetqo si deglain wthi hte opcntce fo mnoigecy rataelriro inicsvtnsrotocoa hhwic is a thneora aainmedet- mmc.ainshe eTh pre yplalcari rsitechpn ctcrtona in rpeensos to a asrie in BP. I ogt eth Q rwgno becusea I ipecdk mahtciply lfw.o eyhT olve ot og rfo eht awht" esl"e lenmeet of nay iptoc. I nnaoct ifnd nya oaerns yhw hte pltmacyhi npoiot ldcou eb wngor /:

ois=wavogscw/hB5sKt.n/nc5/l.hs?mrtncobNe:.owl/i4ikpt.prb3/4Ch kec teh giuref 14. hTe nrgMai fo aftyeS giaAnst Eaemd Fmorntoai โ€“ mdEae Sateyf aosctrF

submitted by โˆ—adong(141),
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In iitddaon to hatw hsa aldeayr been idsa I htnik an oatnptrmi nitpo ni eth utisqneo was gerauorylt jetasntmuds hchiw spnoti omre wdaotrs olrrrtaeai uganoeitrl.

submitted by ninja3232(11),
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"neWh reailtra srseupre lsla,f gymceoni tneo si dreedcu ni altoirse,er eiargdcesn eihrt eiretnssac ot owlf dna iaamnitginn apylcrlai ue.essrrp heesT rtonvssoaeib usgstge tath clprayail ressrpeu yam eb eergdtlua vore het eams regna of urseresp aegncsh reov hwich wlfo is tgrdlaauetuoe ni a nigev .agorn dIeden, mrof het :nletao"ir


submitted by โˆ—hello(428),
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why is pamsla notocci rrseusep nrg?ow

rainlad  I hinkt st'i sbeecau we olduw etcexp to ese smoe eomr ipilnioaanutbruer/mruai if hte samlap citcnoo eerupsrs adh rcnidaees ot anoetecpsm +1  

submitted by โˆ—ferrero(47),
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A evry slriima nuesiqot I ahve nese in saQnbk ilwl ska wyh a anttepi twih itghr ahetr erflaiu odes otn lepdveo eedma adn eht rnwesa si necdasire hmaytpcli rgen.adai I gto siht squtieon ognrw iaiognllry ebaeusc I eraedwns ngloa hsit nlei fo singanreo utb I khtni in hist asec ti lla has ot do with HEWRE the atrxe reuersps si cnmoig for.m nI shti etisunoq teh tp ash aoildstci oynrtnephies os you nac nhitk abtou teh eeprrsus as mncgoi od"rra"fw os cogintnitcsr yalealrpipcr sncisrthpe nac neepvtr an eianrsce in epsuerrs in eht prcyiaall bed. vwoeerH rof rhtig hetra auelfri thsi terxa idflu is omignc mfro eht EOOSTIPP inrditoec (badwacrks rfom hte rgiht tea)rh adn tncirtncgsoi leraacirylpp esnschtpir can od ihngotn (on esioptop idse fo ypalicarl b)de - hte nloy ayw ot verepnt emdae is ot eeairncs mlhycpati dieganr.a

submitted by โˆ—usmleuser007(461),
unscramble the site ⋅ become a member ($149 $129/month)

Arocti tlscaiDio Prer essu

  • hHgi TRP = hihg DP
  • hgHi RH = hghi DP
  • hgHi SV = ihgh DP

cAoirt Sstcoyli esersuPr

  • ghHi tnroaiyitCltc = ihgh PS
  • Hihg VS = ighh SP
  • Lwo ialncpoCem = ghih SP

submitted by โˆ—spow(49),
unscramble the site ⋅ become a member ($149 $129/month)

I laso thkin tath the ntipo begni adem here si tbuao mane laetarri ursseepr )P,MA( hhwci si tahw oaeurrutoytlga mssesyt cayuatll hnecga baesd .on suaBece eh hsa eseadirnc PMA edu( to naidecrse ),PDB the cepriliasal wlil tcitroncs to iatnainm ctsatnon rpsesfe/wolur truohhg eth lyaparicl bed.

submitted by โˆ—divya(74),
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i d'nto nthki uyo ndee ot itnkh all ahtt mhc.u olok ta lal eth iptsono adn nihtk of wtha phnpaes ehnw yteh cerni a.Ase, ,B ,C D nda F lla anc ueacs attliesiirtn niergnscia pryilaarlpce ecssraient fydetneiil dets'n.o

drzed  Iadenscer pltiaychm flwo uwdlo tno acseu tistrlatieni .mdeae +1  
123ojm  tub ti dtsno'e asy cseie"rna i",n ti ujst ssay tlreagyo"ru nsetdsmajtu ".ni +1  

submitted by โˆ—usmleuser007(461),
unscramble the site ⋅ become a member ($149 $129/month)
.1 cAiotr litisoaDc sPrueers 1. gHih TRP = high DP .2 High RH = hhgi PD .3 Hhig SV = ghih DP . 2 tciroA scytloiS rsesePur 1. gHhi yilaCitrcntot = hghi SP 2. hiHg VS = hihg PS 3. oLw emaolcCnpi = hghi PS
yex  /tgp2cl/ochiuoslh0tosoyvm.1M/arociincMy/:tcipr ishT hpsel owmshe,o eth isrft prat tuoab rcaipllya eepsrrs.u +  
usmlelol  t'shta the epx p:rt:a h eT rgveaae rlpicaaly hrsodtcitay ursrepes is ededmnreti by tairarle dan unoesv esrsusper A(P nda P)V, and yb eht aroit fo ptpleporlatyriosc--a aseseitncrs (VR.)A/R An areisnce in heerit terairla or evsnou esserurp lliw acrseine ciarpllay rp;essrue ewe,rohv a einvg nhgcae ni AP si noly tbaou fo-tienfh as ievefctfe in ignhacng PC sa teh aesm obslutea aenhcg ni V.P eeBcuas evsuon enetrsscai is yelrltivea low, gnshaec in PV era raylied entrttisdam kbac to eht raplic,lya and lcveerns,yo esbceua atairrel senecratsi is yveetllria ghih, chagsen in AP ear pyrool mdttstirnae sndoatmwer ot the aayir.llcp +1  

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