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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 2/Question#15 (reveal difficulty score)
A child with septicemia has an antibiotic ...
28.8 ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—wired-in(81)
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iceanMnetan sdeo lmforua is (ssC ร— lC ร— t)ua รท F

erehw ssC si ttyatees-das ttrgae salapm nco.c of dg,ur Cl is lea,ecrnac tua is odegsa nteravil pm;a& F si iyba.taibvlilioa

ehrNite edagos nelatirv rno aitbyivolbalaii is eg,vni so igonginr ohtse ;pa&m pnggugil ni eth bumersn reculf(a to rocevtn tisun ot g:a)/mdy/gk

2= 1( gu/mL ร— 1 0/gm010 u)g ร— (0.90 rhg//Lk ร— 0001 1mL/ L ร— 24 rh/1 da)y
= .2259 /mkgdyag/

h.wh.ic. t'nsi nay fo teh ersanw scihcoe litsed. Tyhe tmsu ahve ndorued .900 /hLkg/r ot 10. //h,rgkL adn gdino so egisv lxatcey 828. /m/dykagg eihco(c C)

lispectedwumbologist  t'Thas os uiniaintrfg I etrads ta tish tsneqiuo for 02 iesnutm ihtignkn I idd theiomngs wgron +85
hyoid  ^^^^^ +13
seagull  ..loyml mtha venre wrdkoe ir.ehte I losa sjtu shoce hte steclos mnreub. s,aol wesrc hsti teqiousn oahrut rof iognd tth.a +10
praderwilli  igB mad +10
ht3  hsti si ywh yuo nrvee wsaet 7 tusneim no a sq..i.tun.oe usebcea of iths liek itsh +9
yotsubato  yhW eth UCFK did tyeh ont stju vgei su a ncerlecaa fo .01 if eehytr' gongi to ncuifk onudr ti +21
bigjimbo  OESJK +1
cr  in ru at,hsm hyw ddi u ptu d2/ayh14 dna ton ha1/2y?d4 if het ginev lC was 0./L09g./rhk I kown ti tsju is a tmha qn,ietsou utb idยด trceieaapp if eemosno duclo pniealx it. +1
d_holles  AOML geasm ENMB apyls +3
hyperfukus  cigma ha!!!t!m! how TF r ew soudpeps ot nokw ewhn tehy ndoru nad nehw yeht 'notd leik twf mi so sepisd onoemse epelsa eltl em spet 'tsin ikle such seecipr dcmaeli aeswsrn nda a ulcoatclar xfn oyu oulwd masseu heyt anewtd na tulaac ae!rnws +1
jean_young2019  OM,G 'Iev gto teh 295.2 g/mk,g/dya hchwi stni' ayn fo het nesawr iehccos di.tlse oS I cesoh het D ,518. ubesace .581 is ldoueb of 59..2.....I otughth I sumt evha kame a mitseka ginrud eth lclianatouc ...... +7
atbangura  eyTh propesuly did htat os if oyu made a tkeiasm hwti uory snnierocvo kile I ddi, uyo mgiht ned up thiw .25 ihhwc asw eon of het ewnasr e.schoic HSM +6
titanesxvi  I did wlle, tub I ghtthou atht ym meksait swa nistheogm ot do hitw hte eincnsvoro dna nde pu csgnihoo .25 sbueeac it is risilma ot 2.259 +4
makinallkindzofgainz  Teh caft tath we pya eehts lpeeop 60 dsollra a pop ofr loopyr tetafmrdo and nirewtt seamx ebggols my n,dmi dan tey rehe I m,a ubato ot yub Fmor 42 +23
qball  eM ferat ugplnigg ni hte rghti murbnse dan ton drniugon nwod : n2ihGjgoikd8p/m3Aa/ycyp5i/g./os.ncSiTs0/nrK02m/Alce.sD9-an/ioc00to/e/qt:trX4 +1
frustratedllama  Not oynl do ouy eelf ielk ruyeo' niogd hst wrong tbu then htat figlene stays orf tohre .uoqnstsie ukscs so aadb +1
fexx'h etka 0g5m fo v.vnsay.e I jtus uordden it pu from 30.. dw uy'llo be eifn' l(otylta oigdn hsit wiht ym sitpeatn ))8- +1
cbreland  I was so coles to cniipkg .52 seecabu I thtugoh I did a nvcosrione o.rerr 5 siumten eltra adn sllti 'didtn lfee oetlfoacbrm icgpnik ๐Ÿ˜ก.828 +
yesa  2ml1ug/ = ;m/g12L m/2Lg1 x L/.1g/hkr x y4r2/dah = .882. oN dene to ltuelipm trrnamesou dna ieannotsrodm yb s0100 +
chaosawaits  tWah lyrale ginrsd ym rages si thta 3/5 resawn occiseh rae sylcelo eatdrle to guins 9.00 tesdani fo .10 A( si 2.1/2905, D is 2952.2,* and B si .)0/D1 oS a,lbcyisla 'ewre pusdpseo ot onkw to dnuro 9.00 pu ot .01 tbu lsao ot not nurod 12 nowd ot 1.0 ka?Oy +
impostersyndromel1000  so u'orye teilgnl me atth I idd all my hmat ,clocyrert tog 9.522 hetn uotgthh I wsa fof yb a ldimaec opnti nad oehcs .52 bc .592 na'tsw an niopot dna I wsa uytacall rcortce in ym tmah tub rngwo cb HYET NIDDT PTU HET TGHRI AESRNW? hWy si NMBE os ?rsath I phoe lear xmea tnsi isth +1

submitted by โˆ—hungrybox(1276)
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Fnkcugi EBMN etts wersitr maol

eM: .iW.a.t" 'itns hte arwsen ?295. wHo ecom I 'todn ese ti e.h"re

E:MBN "Oh ,ehya we duroden "it.

eM: T"o 03? I todn' ese that ,eerh"

N:BME "N,o to "8.82

tyrionwill  nhWe I otg 29.5 nad unfdo nntohig tyexacl dacemth, I gedssue ttah the mienanencat eods hgitm be a itb rmoe due to het iabbiyiaaovltl.i oS tihs ionibatitc yrblapbo saw ont an I.V. ,muraofl tub an arol e,on ihwt a lguhoyr 90% .AB +2
eradionova  eWll etnh it dclou vaeh bnee elyaluq ylleki atth it dha a 0%5 AB dan het warnes oudlw eb 1.85 lex.tcya I sotalm odnerisdce igcpnki htta but ni het den usktc twhi the eon ttha was seoctls to ym rnwase llo +2

submitted by โˆ—paperbackwriter(161)
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cna we lla ereag ihst was rfa too cmhu hmat dan tiun enconrvso,i WHY ETH TINU EVSSOIO!!R?CNN WE LAL YELCLRA PSEADS EMHC 110

submitted by โˆ—anechakfspb(77)
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nI teh tsoniuqe eyth olas tno'd sya etehrhw eht citoinatib is eersdatimidn VI or llora.y roF na VI dos,e F = 01.0% For na lroa es,od F is icylatylp 0&%tl1;0 (AF 0192 .p )3.32 sdaeB on his,t IV ineaemntacn soed wloud eb .2295 a/kgm/.gdy weH,evro ti si sibeslpo ttha het bittnoicia is nibeg engiv rylalo dan F si eroscl ot %09 jsu(t na )epxlm.ea fI hsti is ,uter eht neecnmainat soed oudlw be 5.0902/2.9 = .882. Tshi is uvlisbyoo dbesa no nm,ptsuiossa but pllyuohfe naotehr yaw to lenipxa ywh teh rnawse is otn cyltaxe 9.5.22

veryhungrycaterpillar  Oral oisntaiibct for apmieit?esc noNe fo hte tSep 1 soeuitqn sertwri aer dalmice tdoorsc, so hits tylulaca eskam e.nses +1

submitted by โˆ—hyperfukus(111)
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so ushdol we tjus pksi ?etshe zuc str'ehe pbor 01 mero i elcdouv nettog tweri iagtnsw ym ifel on tihs oen

faus305  nDto' kpsi ti tbu fgla ,ti vgei uyoslfer 1 teumin dna 03 ncedsso ro elss ot fuireg it tou and fi oyu dno't thne move on dan ocem kcab fi oyu heav iene moQust.tsi liek heste rea hwta I elik ot call t"mie ".wsteasr I otg ti wgrno sueabec I tlsdeece .52 ismsagnu I aedm a isvronnceo rrroe nwhe I deiravr ta 9.52 as ym ar.ensw I nitkh het sonles ot arlne eerh is hatt 82 si clreso ot 25 than 52. adn EBNM are ielv pploee thta knwo m'I ton ngnoa meak a vreisncnoo reror. If uyo do mtah in a onuiqest adn ouy rae SUER oyu did ti iw,ter ecsetl eth wasrne csestlo ot eth awresn yrou tahm otg .ouy +

submitted by โˆ—isaacyo94(13)
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nehoAtr wdrei tgnih iwth htsi nuoqitse is htat fi oyu ulltpemi teh aucatl enswar 59.(2) by 2, it egisv uoy yectaxl ..851 I idd atht adn asmlot sohec D caueebs fo i.t

submitted by docred123(9)
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Hey nac enosmeo esaelp xalinpe !tish I am not sreu how to do teh ,ahtm I epke gntgeit rppeitd u.p

mousie  uoaEintq si iMncnentaae soed = entoioctnnac(r at yasdte )sttae * i faee) crCal(n uoy tcveorn lla eht unist ot hwat ti weatnd ehmt ni gmd(/a/ygk) ol'yul teg .9225 kile wrin-eid dsai oebva I n'ditd nkhit to druon .009 ot 1.0 fo euorcs os I gseduse .25 suamngis I sumt ahev edno a renonsivoc rwong and swa off by a tethn .... OOB bad Q +4
hyperfukus  OGM ME !T!!!O!O +

submitted by โˆ—diabetes(31)
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m22/g1=/g1MmlL 12 .0.01890= 1k80/mgh/ r.g=.249252 m/dg/gaky h et eerants nreanws si 28.8

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