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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 2/Question#15 (reveal difficulty score)
A child with septicemia has an antibiotic ...
28.8 ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—seagull(1926),
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m'i sllit cndcoinev sith si ieartiblr blowe .yrnsemod gCneha my .ndim

submitted by โˆ—wired-in(81),
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naMtenienac edso orufalm si Css( ร— lC ร— ta)u รท F

heewr sCs is a-tteetysdas aegrtt lspama fo ,drug lC si ercnelc,aa uat is eogdas eanlvirt a;m&p F si abiavoytilba.lii

ietNehr desgao ritlenva onr iaitlvabyioabil is nive,g so ggnirino ohtes ≈m liggnpgu in hte bsmuner ce(frlau to tocnrve nsuti ot //d)ga:ykgm

=2(1 muL/g ร— 1 10g0/m0 )gu ร— .090( L/hk/rg ร— 0010 m/1L L ร— 24 hr/1 yad)
= 9.522 /dgykgma/

hch..w.i tins' yna of the newars cosehci i.lsetd hyTe stum haev dnoured .090 /Lhgk/r to 0.1 h//kr,Lg adn onigd so vesgi xalctye 828. ygak//mdg ohcc(ei )C

lispectedwumbologist  'thsaT so nnifurtgaii I tdsare ta sthi qtsoeuni rof 20 tunmise ikitgnnh I did isohetngm orgnw +85  
hyoid  ^^^^^ +13  
seagull  l.ym.ol hatm rneve owedkr rhite.e I alos tjus hceos teh etssclo erbnm.u a,los wrsec hsti unoqseit tauorh rfo dgnio a.tth +10  
praderwilli  igB dam +10  
ht3  shti is wyh you rvnee saewt 7 einsumt no a uoe..tin..sq eecausb fo shit ielk hsti +9  
yotsubato  yhW het CFKU ddi ehty not juts eivg us a ecalcenra fo 10. fi 'hyerte goign ot fnukic round it a..y.aysnw +21  
bigjimbo  OEJSK +1  
cr  in ru tmah,s ywh ddi u utp dy1ah/24 adn nto ?4/21adyh if het geivn Cl aws 0L.h0./gkr9/ I kwon ti juts is a ahmt eqnuis,ot btu idยด rpaatpeiec fi osmeone duocl xlipnae .it +1  
d_holles  LOMA mgesa EMNB lsyap +3  
hyperfukus  gimac ha!tm!!!! woh TF r ew ssppeudo to konw nhew tyeh nordu adn wenh eyht ndt'o lkei twf im os spdeis meseono epslae letl me pets 'stin eikl tws..itih.h cush eiescpr dlmcaei enwasrs and a orlcclauta fxn oyu uwlod masseu tyeh nteadw na aulcat sw!arne +1  
jean_young2019  MGO, 'Ive otg the 92.25 a//mg,ygkd hihcw snti' yna fo eth nrewsa isochec So I ocesh hte D 51,.8 cbuesea 18.5 is ebuodl of .95..2....I tgthhuo I sutm eavh amek a sikemat rudnig hte aauoliccntl ...... +7  
atbangura  Thye opeprslyu idd ttah os fi oyu mdae a maetsik iwht oruy nsovcieonr lkie I id,d ouy tghim edn pu wthi .52 whchi asw eon fo the aernws ieh.occs MSH +6  
titanesxvi  I did ,wlle btu I tghothu atth ym smekati asw nmhoseitg ot od tihw the roinnescvo and ned pu chgsonoi 52. eebuasc it si iarlsim to 2259. +4  
makinallkindzofgainz  heT ctfa atth we ayp hetes lpopee 06 sloadrl a ppo ofr pyloor aedmtfrot nad twtrein sexma lebsggo ym dnm,i and tey eher I ,ma tauob to yub romF 42 +23  
qball  eM faetr nlgiupgg in eht tihrg smnureb adn ton nniogrdu wndo : 2rkGe-jniXlr.0aopo0scgTipm2tgsAi//sK/8/ycDd.cA:9yan.mn0ioc/t/3/q0ie//5hnoS4t +1  
frustratedllama  toN nylo do uoy efle eikl eu'ory ndoig hst nrogw ubt nthe ahtt geilnfe sytsa for tehor tssinoeq.u uscsk so daab +1  
fexx  .ee.r'h ekat 5mg0 fo ..nvseyav I jtsu oreuddn ti up fmor .03. wd ly'uol be nife' l(atotly dnoig tshi itwh ym psttaien )8)- +1  
cbreland  I wsa so olcse to gckniip .52 eseabuc I oguthht I did a envinrcoso erro.r 5 uimtens eartl adn itsll dt'din flee ocloetfrmba pngckii ๐Ÿ˜ก8.82 +  
yesa  g2lm1u/ = g21Lm/; g2/1Lm x Lhr1.//kg x ahrdy42/ = 2.8.8 oN eden ot plitmlue oeranrmust dna soetrdonnmia by 00s01 +  
chaosawaits  tWha ryeall rdsngi ym aegrs is atht 5/3 wnsaer ishocec ear ellcyso aletrde ot nugis 090. esidnta of 10. (A si /,5.12209 D si 2952*2,. nad B is /D.01) oS ,ilclybsaa r'ewe sdpeuspo to okwn to rundo 0.09 up to 1.0 tbu oals to ton runod 21 wnod ot .10 ka?Oy +  
impostersyndromel1000  os u'eroy inegtll em htta I did all ym ahmt ,orcerlytc got 5.292 then huttgoh I swa off yb a icmdlae ponti adn cehso .25 cb 59.2 t'snaw an poonit adn I aws lalycatu rterocc in my tmah but ngorw cb HETY INTDD PUT HET THIRG SRE?WAN yhW is NEMB os trsha? I hpoe aelr mexa snit htsi .abd +1  

submitted by โˆ—hungrybox(1275),
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nigckuF MBNE ttes erwrtsi olma

M:e tW..i".a t'isn hte wnarse 95?2. owH eocm I d'not ese it e"ehr.

B:EMN O"h eyh,a ew rdeduno it".

:eM oT" 0?3 I o'dnt ese thta hre,e irehe"...t

:BNEM "oN, to "82.8

tyrionwill  neWh I got .259 nad found otnhign atlxeyc htadc,em I sudgese tath het nntnaceeiam eosd tmhig eb a bti rome eud to the l.tbaiavibliiyoa oS itsh iinciottab aprbbylo saw otn an ..VI fulrma,o utb na rola neo, wtih a roylhgu 09% .BA +2  
eradionova  elWl hnet it uldco aehv eenb leuqlay yellki taht it ahd a %50 AB nad teh nswrea lwudo be 5.81 a.ytlxec I toasml ocserdiedn nkiipgc taht tub in eht dne ktsuc with het one taht wsa tolcess ot my naesrw lol +2  

submitted by โˆ—paperbackwriter(161),
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can ew all garee hsti wsa rfa oto mcuh htam nda tiun o,csvinreon YHW THE UINT OSON?SRIE!!VNC EW ALL YRALELC PASSDE CEHM 011

submitted by โˆ—anechakfspb(77),
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nI eth eostquin yeht osal ont'd yas htewreh eth batiitnioc si daiisedtnmer IV ro alyro.l roF na IV so,de F = %.100 roF na roal od,es F is yayplltci %t&10;0l (AF 1209 p. 233.) saeBd no s,ith VI nteieanamcn seod dluwo eb 225.9 /kmg/y.gad e,rvweHo ti si bislepos atth het tiocatniib is ngibe gneiv yrallo nda F si ersloc ot 9%0 t(jsu na )elx.apem fI sith is r,tue het amenteicnna oeds wlduo be 5./00992.2 = 8.82. ihTs si ibuvysloo edabs on snsmpout,ais utb oyleupfhl netraho awy ot leanpxi ywh teh esnwar is ton actxyle 52..92

veryhungrycaterpillar  lrOa octatiibnsi for ms?aieptcei oeNn of eht pteS 1 ioetquns rirtesw aer dmiealc ocots,rd so shti aautycll keams e.ssne +1  

submitted by โˆ—hyperfukus(111),
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so dhouls we sjut psik hee?ts ucz etes'rh rbpo 01 moer i voudecl gtteno trwei wsatgni my ifel on htis oen

faus305  'Dton iksp ti btu algf ,ti gvie flyuesro 1 itnemu nad 03 ssdnceo or slse ot ierufg ti otu dna fi yuo dot'n ehtn move on dna oemc cabk if yuo vhea suose .iQntitem ilke steeh rae ahtw I kiel to clal e"itm s"rtw.esa I got it rwogn saueecb I dleestec .52 mnausgis I adem a sonoceirvn rorre hnew I ivadrer ta .925 sa ym .nweasr I inhtk het senlso ot rlaen ehre si ttah 28 is lorecs ot 52 nhat .25 adn BMNE rea ielv lopepe atht nwok m'I nto nango amek a sncrionveo .rrroe fI oyu do hmta in a tuoisnqe and you aer USRE uyo ddi ti e,irwt ceselt het asewrn olessct ot eth sanwre royu hatm ogt .uoy +  

submitted by โˆ—isaacyo94(13),
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ernoAht iedwr nhtig thwi shti qtsoeuin is that if oyu lltmupei het actual arewns 95)2(. yb ,2 ti svieg you yeaxclt ..851 I idd ahtt dan oamlst csoeh D eabeucs of .it

submitted by docred123(9),
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yHe can nsemeoo pseeal axlpein ihts! I ma nto suer ohw to do the ham,t I eepk ietnggt trdepip .pu

mousie  iauEotnq si etneManacin dose = anoo(rnittncce at atsyed )setta * nl aaf(eCeirc ) you nrocvet lal the ntsui ot ahwt it daewnt tmhe in (ggd/ka/)my lu'loy get 259.2 elik -ewdrini said vboea I nd'itd htink to rnoud 900. ot 0.1 of ueoscr so I dsguese 5.2 siaumsgn I mtus ahev neod a encovornis worng and asw off by a thten .... OOB dab Q +4  
hyperfukus  MOG ME O!T!!!!O +  

submitted by โˆ—diabetes(31),
unscramble the site ⋅ become a member ($149 $129/month)

/2Lg1m=/mMl1g2 21109.0.0=8 k80r1.gmh/ g/9.222=45 gad/ygk/m te h aertesn nweasnr si 8.82

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