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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 2/Question#4 (44.0 difficulty score)
A 57-year-old man has had hoarseness and ...
Area labeled β€˜Fβ€™πŸ”

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submitted by krewfoo99(88),
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If oyu erve egt ofunsedc whti hte gimrada mererebm:

NC 32,,14, - iMrCndNba i 67,,,85 - sNon CP 11,2,9,101 - aeullMd

ceiSn lnoy noe tcstrurue in the idrgmaa is gnoimc uto of het edlmalu then ti ash eb teh vsaug reevn

faus305  haha hey I do that +  

submitted by sunshinesweetheart(69),
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B = CN V




F = CN X

submitted by beeip(123),
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tbilnyiaI ot levtaee eht pteaal tgessgsu madage fo the vusga renv.e

F. (CN )X

atstillisafraud  I guess F is the vagus nerve. Thanks to NBME I am also training to become a mind reader. +31  
seagull  Thanks to the NBME I have crippling depression +37  
drdoom  bonus cadaver diagram via @mcl +2  

submitted by madojo(160),
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A is etT emshruoooolcr 4 alrnaic rveens atht rae eidalm 3,( ,4 ,6 )21 So C si cesbBu nda is ibg aft eno os inairmlgIet tnhik D is ,8 dan E si 9 os blceheltascVruooi nda psyagrlhoelnGoas I ugses F si gs..v.u.a

submitted by mcl(580),
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uBons raaecvd adimarg, idk ywh siht saw on ..e..r.s.n..e?.tp.i.t

drdoom  bonus cadaver diagram via @mcl +  
yotsubato  nurses +4  
faus305  Cause it's cute unlike the monstrosities they always put on the NBMEs +  

submitted by syoung07(21),

"the black and white will help them"- nbme

submitted by j44n(40),

For as much money as the NBME scams off of us they really do give you the most HEINOUS figures... if you've done NBME 18 there's a cell diagram that looks like the test writers toddler drew.

submitted by drschmoctor(81),

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is remember that last time they used this picture D & E were CNs VII & VIII, so anything else on the right side or down from there could be the right CN X.