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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 3/Question#49 (reveal difficulty score)
A 20-year-old woman with asthma comes to the ...
Ask the roommate not to smoke in the apartment ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by medstudied(0),
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Cna meesono eleasp epinlax wyh eht answer ot tihs is rnjuiy ot hte tspoioerr orcd rheart anth eth alrdai nvre?e

submitted by โˆ—tissue creep(133),
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Teh eoldpo si caoerpgl,nylehi dna a 1001/ oodg yob.

medguru2295  oFr esmo n,oesar I 'ncat ep.tuvo uBt EEEEOE.PVTU osDg ear elfi! +1  
mynamejeff  The dopeol si c,agpnlioylhree and a 00/11 odog b.yo +  
unknown001  no an,m ngismko si lfei :P- +  

submitted by โˆ—yotsubato(1204),
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ldCo iar dinesuc atasmh

nacsrDegei ocsuer adlo nowt plhe

akTing sirsdtoe si too humc rof own

gnvoMi ckab ot eth mrdso si otn avebli

riA nlrescae dnot rwko oeungh

notD get ird fo eht oGdo Beoy

mSkongi orodnis si ggndssuiit

sherry  stSser acn lycaulta be a rggtrie rfo h.masat I hknit hte rlbpemo hree si taht esh sha aslsyaw ericadr a ahyve ru,oecs eiwlh hte saedise tsju etstdra .erlecnyt +8  
medguru2295  rsSset askem ashamt w.sreo rehfre,oTe pkee ggood rfo srstes fi!lree +1  
qiss  sAol ehr omptmssy tarstde 3 notmsh oag and hes modev in with a taormmeo who sskmeo roonsid 3 otmhsn .goa +2  
jrish  But tnlud'ow eht mesok no eth atmomseor selhtco tilsl scaue nicfagiitns staham bropesl?m +  

submitted by saturdaynightpalsy(10),
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So ew era tujs soedspup ot oknw thta splodoe era .relen.g.plhiacoy

I ptu tge" na ira "enrlace buecsea I ouhttgh gsakin hte etmraoom ot otps gskonim dwlou eb eonybd eht eospc of eht yhasicpni nda seinc I dtind know oploeds erwe nep,grlaeihoylc I tghthou ell"w, enve if het omermato tosedpp gmk,snio hls'el sllti aevh sisues beescau fo eth pet ndr"ead.


luciana  meSa heer, I otg funcodse buscaee ti medsee atht eth eskmo NAD teh dog rewe eth grrit,ges os I kpcdei v"oMe ckab to eht iodirs"erotm so lal the gteirgrs ldouw be og. oeWnh owlud amgiien posledo rewe iaochlnerelypg +  
luciana  For sohet kiel me how 'dtdin onkw hreet saw 1 yegelirpoclnha dog, rheet era 32 ot uoy eozimmer : )tg.s---pdbtooi/e/pa/-trv-ooalddggcoehn-al3.hhts2crobtdlees-haindhlys:eesgem +2  
jamaicabliz  eTh awy I oughhtt btoau it wsa thta 'sehs adh eth odeplo rfo nogler tanh 3 shomn,t insce ehs ouhbrtg it hiwt re,h adn ddnit' msee ot vhea mbosprel boaerenhdf +1  

submitted by โˆ—lilmonkey(58),
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saAlwy heosc mksiong fi uoy see .ti nI yan ptye fo sit.noque Dot'n vnee eadr ):

submitted by dragon3(15),
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I somatl dpcike inagks eth maormeto ont ot esokm in eth paetmt,ran utb enth I gfedrui httas' ndboey het socep fo teh tr.o..dco eohratn poensr asdi atnkgi eorditss wdluo eb oot ucmh for ,won nad I sopupes tasht' basecue teh smhata is enllrdlowtolc-e hitw erh nehlrai nr? htsa't( tahw I hda p)ekidc

sherry  I wdlou ays het epitsa'nt aahsmt lony tgo oewrs aeftr her mnogiv .tou So tis reom dagrlae.-tenlleer tegniGt idr of hte alernelg si ayaswl eettbr nhat pdrunaggi csatioen.mdi +2  
et-tu-bromocriptine  Rippp teh t"d'no be a "kidc esayttgr tiydnlefei eadilf em on shit eo.n orF mseo ,esanor I tgouthh eenursigtq the penatti ot ska nemoeos esel ot ncgeah htier nmgkios tsihba ouwdl be a adt oot umhc. I anc ujts ecpitru UWorld ngamcski em twhi a "hgAholut it si kielyl atth eht momerotsa' saeotnsci of nogmiks lodcu ateavelli het tptesi'an tasahm eesaxtaicnr,ob hsti eeursqt odulw be tou fo eht 'psainshyic ce..poc..s"te. +47  
peqmd  nepDsed o'shw cikredi eht coordt leilgtn teh pinttae hes olnt'hdsu lvie ni kseom ro esmo ygu sgkimno ni hte ehuos +  

submitted by โˆ—whoissaad(102),
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tahW eaeungtra od ew vaeh thta eht eomtmaro is ngiog ot opts mkgsnio ni het terpnaamt yb inka""gs mhi to do ?o.s.

krewfoo99  rheeT is no urna.tgeee They rea cbsaiylla nsgika htaw a irergtg si ofr hre tahmsa cner.recreu kgmSnio in isth consiear anc eb hte ecsau of isth steiantp oDnt lldwe to epde noit eth iut.nseqo +1  

submitted by โˆ—therealslimshady(41),
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I oshnltye 'odnt truennadds yhw A is eht etccror wr.easn I kcdpie oe"mv kbac to eht rdo"m aecubes rtehe rea hteer thsmaa rrtgsieg ni her od:mr 1() het kore,ms (2) eht atfc that erh omoreatm sndte'o klie ti ewnh 'tsi too ramw hse( ten'osd antw to eb ol,dc nad lcod si a rrtigge ofr ,a)mshta and ()3 teh ressts of ppoeel who on'dt elanc ihert .sesihd estSs,r d,clo and em.sko oehsT aer etgrsgir for mahast htat aer spetren in reh natrtpam.e Is nnyoea lese nto negesi ?this

123ojm  eeascuB srbymelupa sesh' aedryla nigesd a elsea dan nancot ofdraf to yap a dncsoe tern by omnvgi kbac into eth osdmr. I ktnhi sith sego bkca to gamnki sogsitngues fro our tseiptna atht aer neslaeabro orf mteh to +1  
123ojm  oAsl ehr mooartme is teh eon taht ameks ti mw,ra so eth rmetaatnp si nto ocdl +1  

submitted by โˆ—freemanpeng(6),
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oN shcu gtnih sa lncirehglyoaep g!d!so

heT omarj gdo elerlan,g nCa f 1, is nroebpielss fro gersaille ni stmo lopeep who rea realiglc to dgso. pHrinleoayegcl dsreeb fo ogsd eewr rdoeotpm eaucbes it wsa gthothu htey owlud doepurc lrewo ioncnceoatsntr of naC f 1, and eteerforh suaec essl o(r veen on) liarelgc tymmssop in epople iwht a ogd ryaegll. palseEmx of dog sbeerd taht vhae erupvlioys ebne ldeblea sa hpcgairoelnley nduilce sdeoP,lo Ldl,boasdoear adn hrserYiko eserritr. hTree si on scenfciiit rofpo sthee bersed lytru pdeocur weorl munsaot fo anC f 1; hsete gsdo eerw lmpyis adbllee sa eiogrcaynellhp ecaubse fo eth afsle osnmtuipas that dgo rdebes ttah od nto dseh ihra usmt eeerlas sles .gneeallr

Nhsilo(ac E,C keaieWng R,G aHvdtsa SL, airtZot ,ME ywObn DR, snhoJno C.C goD ealergln elesvl in homes hwti goyehrlleiapcn paeormdc hwit lighnceelnproyaon d.sog Am J olniRh eyrAllg. 52:(2)6515โ€“;02.4212 3560aj0/rd1ia12.0.).0o6.10522:

freemanpeng  rlu,pirsSyngi hte utoanm of anC f 1 duofn in hrai and oatc eslamsp was claaytlu ihgthes ni hte "rgey"ochleinlap sebdre of ,sodg ihwt Peolsdo aivgnh eht hshiget oautnm of eth ogd rg,ellean adn ardoaLbr eesrveRrti vhgnai hte ewlots dr oro(Vgee ,WD liemlesW ,T apnhCam DM, keeiedHr JD, rKpo JE. Can f 1 esllve in raih dan hesmo fo etnfdfrie dog e:ebrds ckLa fo cievneed to berisedc yna gdo deerb sa eecnlyhalgorpi. olrnJau of Aglyler and Cnialicl noyum.oIglm 0(4)20211;.3 5ai6.101..ji1/:001.jc2d1)2o0.03 +  

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