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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 3/Question#35 (37.7 difficulty score)
A 4-year-old girl has a history of multiple ...
Scar formation🔍

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submitted by atstillisafraud(156),
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knaTh oyu BMNE rfo teh hghi ytlqaiu crieut.sp It skmae ethes seaxm essstr fere adn laobjnyee.

sympathetikey  Feels bad man. +3  
zoggybiscuits  Those Sclera sure look blue. wow. +11  
yotsubato  the same girl shows up on so many NBME exams its not even funny. Its just like that poor kidney that's cut in half that shows up in all kidney questions. +9  
aneurysmclip  I turned my brightness up and down 2 times to make sure it wasn't my brightness messing with the sclera. I'm declaring it, NBME stands for "Naturally Bad at Making Exams" . +4  
peqmd  $60 a pop and no competitors...That's what happen when there's a monopoly. +3  
peqmd  Actually they used their best software to generate images. You might have heard it before, it's called MS Paint. Quite legendary. +3  
feochromocytoma  It feels like they cranked up the contrast and saturation on a normal eye to make it look "blue"... +4  

submitted by itsdrgoodwood(14),
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ehT assodnigi si seoeitOssnge caf.terIepm Daiesse sucsea a eedftc in pyTe 1 gelanolC ttah ldsae ot lertbit“ b,s”oen innaemg hte tpesaitn heva enuretqf csuftrera hwit tetill ratamu. pyTe 1 laognelc si asol a rjmao oennotpmc of teh caslre &-;gt sthi si hatw teh rcpetui was ngithin ta (i h)tkni? dan ti auecss bule“ ”.caresl eTh eralsc era ahitcl/ntnutnres so they lkoo elub deu to dglinyrneu lchioarod sv.nei

lFi,naly isptenat vahe oopr udnwo Wonud erpair ihwt alrnioautgn tsieus nelvvosi yetp 3 lloecag hwcih si tehn etorvcend to pyet 1 cagelnol grnidu rsac onf.rmtoai Defcset in ytep 1 agcnelol yublvosio n’dto lalow htis sseocpr to eatk peac.l

submitted by misterdoctor69(28),

Damn everyone out here looking at the eyes when my dumbass was thinking the girl was missing a nasal bridge or something lol fml

peridot  That is straight up what I wrote: "low nasal bridge???" I was like is this part of some congenital defect +  

submitted by adisdiadochokinetic(66),
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tI ylelar oolks to em ilek ehr csaler vhea bene o,tpdsheppooh yannoe eesl ctione tath? Dx

submitted by syoung07(10),

fam I had almost convinced myself I was looking at some epicanthal folds

submitted by gainsgutsglory(24),
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She ash esgnoOetssie etracfme.pI akA teitrB“l oeBn D”z kaa Cloaleng yepT I cen.dfiyiec U eend cgollean etpy I to kmea sscar (narulgnaoti isuset is pety III dna enht apeeserosltlamto nad iczn cosfcrato pehl dsegti iont teh fmir epty I .l)ogencla

wowo  FA 2019 p51 +  

submitted by sweetmed(128),
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I ilgte huohttg hre vsreedoiz iluspp rewe the rp.beolm Whta niugse icdeded ot sue isth pto.oh