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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 4/Question#33 (reveal difficulty score)
A 12-year-old boy is brought to the physician ...
Inhalant abuse ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—m-ice(370),
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They ixylpeltic taste that het etitapn hsa bene ktagni ssecex fo ihs rvtyhooxneeli .ticneiadmo oyixvLeehnort is het eguosexno romf fo 4.T oer,erfhTe rfee T4 mtus be ede.vatle 4T si cnoetervd ot T3 ta stom rpepehilra tus,ises so T3 ilwl olsa be atvee.edl aeesBuc het obyd ahs orem orytidh eronmoh hnat n,deeed slse SHT wlil eb aedm, dan eth rohyidt lwli be elss vcia,et giankt up LESS

submitted by โˆ—sympathetikey(1597),
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Eenoervy ohw otg htsi tnuqsoie igtrh si a oc.p ู„เผผโ– เผฝโ– อŸโŒ

dr_ligma  nFk nsacr +2  
j44n  tewpgginahp_ +  

Whenever NBME asks about a kid with suspicious face rash and dizziness/grades falling... that kid's huffing glue

+1/- dr_ligma(46),

submitted by โˆ—dr_ligma(46),
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fI EBMN saks utbao a dik thwi sisuoiscpu sahr udner sih eosn + hdrad/edimhebutlge in csls,a hatt skd'i funihfg lueg

abhishek021196  asnhnaItl oatncoxtinii assecu ,nditbinihiosi ,hpaoerui elursdr peis,shebcerdu td ag,it eattrniioois,dn W.ssnrewhtros dwaidil sedal ot iyrb,tliiairt ioh,asrypd leesp iechs,ncadte.rhaebdau +3  

submitted by โˆ—lsmarshall(465),
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hItnnala ubsea lodcu eb oden wiht l,gue pnati hsnrte,ni ful,e itrnsuo e,ixod or lakly lslayUu ni holihs-ohcg geda .isdk snnatIlha aer er'sodw'n os whrveeta tiaoniotcxni etefcsf rheet rae losduh be erdnetsasp dna lylfu slovere tiwihn 30 mn.i to a coeupl ourhs. tnsatieP yma lkoo nukdr hnew ictniodetax hiwt s,aanlntih tub usaluly liqkuyc lseevro. A hasciecittcrar "elgu finf'srse arhs" onduar hte onse dna htmou is tsiomeems seen afrte doegrlnop es.u

madamestep  lAos I kithn MNEB wnsta su ot onkw ahtt ihts is in a kid usecaeb of eht acssce s.siue ts'I hdar fro a kdi to egt c,coiane a,olholc r..onih.e tub i'st yaes ot gte oelia.gns +  

submitted by โˆ—mousie(271),
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A Tene whit icoentjni of ohbt aotncjncuiv = wdee ul dco salo eb uagsnib oehrt dusrg sI 12 seyra ldo nad oufr omntsh tsuj oot dlo nda oot olgn of a imet rof it to be igpetio?m I rednrwoa it wnod to heets otw nda duseesg ..tu.b I nsa'wt user I cloud enmilteia it.

medskool123  I epckdi toepmgii secabue fo teh godl ip.i.nlpstg. I ussge I ootk ttah sa yheon rcseutd osei.sln kFc* NBEM. +8  
yotsubato  fnHuifg dlgo apsry aip.nt A al het morhec ffusreh in dMa Mxa +7  
subclaviansteele  OLL I ihntk atht himgt eb twah hety reew iongg for reh.e lodG ayrsp .iptan +3  
et-tu-bromocriptine  nyoAne wokn whta mya be insaugc hsi ehwgti sslo dna gnnwnulslseii to ae?t I thhotgu oto ucmh onit it and upt umyrre"c ignop,nsi"o escni I tgthuho hte ayvhe 'samelt maoidalnb smstompy mya heva acsued him to tno wnta ot ta.e ยฏยฏ(_ใƒ„)/_ +3  
covid2019  mI' not seru btoua eht lghohpsoyyatipo hetr...e tuB I od nkwo ahtt hlisatann rae upploar ni aelpsc hwere sre'het xmertee I ntesp moes etim ,rbaoad nda eno of the ipastent was gnuis hnlansait to keta eth geed ffo eth ,egrnhu os atht she uclod npsed reh yonme no dfoo ofr her ikds a.nedits heS saol kwoerd no teh ettsser os I sugse it osal mead ti seeira ot, uoy .kn.wo. +2  

submitted by โˆ—syoung07(58),
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Teh dgol itlnppgsi codul plysmi eb cusolam deu ot ijnuyr mofr eth atniahnl thta ahs cbasbde ove.r rFo rethevaw nsareo NBME vsloe kdis f,fgnuhi siht is a slascci

madamestep  'mI osal hntkgiin a kid wnuoldt hvea gptimieo rof 4 htnoms and ti efdeitiyln t'wlnuod esuac shi drages ot lal.f uBt ryo'eu revy tirg.h EMNB oslve eesht ufehsrf hhaha +  

submitted by โˆ—aurelz(1),
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oApict emittrasdi: yTpe 1 ivtiprsnhieetsyy .nrx Pitirruc otuepirn oylomnmc on ksin efru.lxse paApser on feac ni nyfacin nad nthe ni ltetbicnuaa sfosa in dhelnrci dna lau.dts otdiscAsea ithw eohtr iopcta daeessi s,(aatmh illecgra rtnishi,i ofdo gi;eesl)ral .uga suerm EgI. (2F02A0 p. 774)

Iigoetpm: acBtirela nxif on ksn.i reVy iplfsiaercu kisn x.nif yllasUu fmro S ruueas or S .gspneyoe HLGIHY .GOOUCTNIAS yeoHn ocledor F02(0A2 p. 94)7

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