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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 4/Question#30 (reveal difficulty score)
An investigator is studying an outbreak of ...
Only cookies are independently associated with E. coli cases πŸ” / πŸ“Ί / 🌳

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submitted by βˆ—neonem(617),
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lianFgl no hdeusctrtoet :hadn dichspoa is omst oommcn noe to be r,durafcet tulaen si omts comnmo to be sdclaioted. ntuaLe oidnotacils cna cseau eucta clraap entuln odeymnr.s

kTinh fo teh nomecnim tthgSar"i iLne oT Py,kin Here soCem The m"Tbuh fro eht ebson fo eht mla,p wrginda a lolfobta hepsa tagisntr wlbeo hte mtuhb PCM jnoti ntcajdae ot hte rd,asui then vngomi to ruyo edailm ,rtwis adn ehtn abck ot hte mhbt.u

copdihS,a uln,tea urut,iqermt siof,mpri aham,te taicptae, rt,edzopai rt.aiempuz heT autlen oksol like si't oieroypsrtl eitoalsddc here.

submitted by βˆ—niboonsh(394),
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ihst etnuosiq kmase em nwta to ate na e loci koioce dan pohe i lbdee out

caitlyncloy  pick C and move on was my strategy :P help lol +2  
thegooddoctor2  lol good one +1  
sparta  LOL thank you for this comment +  

submitted by βˆ—doodimoodi(70),
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dDi on one ectino atth hte dsOd rtoia on the pot ltef si g?wrno mA I imsgnis go?shneitm If yuo lacutclae it, s'ti 6 tusj ekil eth pot rhigt on..e..

mjmejora  thats actually really funny +  
yex  Because I said so, applies here... :-/ +1  
doodimoodi  Cant believe we pay $60 for this crap +46  
aisel1787  best comment doodimoodi) +1  
b1ackcoffee  that fucking threw me off on exam. I was like is there an effect modification by "Not drinking milk". the fuck! +1  

submitted by βˆ—sne(54),
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OR ;&1gt siecandit arcsinede ccrcereonu fo .nteve eTh noly RO agertre nhat 1 swa ni eht eatbl hatt nditeicad atth eht sjetcub eta eiokcso ubt 'intdd nkrid l.kmi suT,h htat si the noly neo ihtw a atgnfsiinci euerrcconc

For a more systematic approach. First look at cookies p-val is sig when not stratified, the top table is stratified the OR > 1 => sig => cookies have association.

Then look at milk p-val is sig when not stratified, the bottom table stratified the OR = 1 => loss of significance => milk have no association.

+1/- peqmd(66),

Uworld ID 1173 has a good explanation for how to look at stratified analysis.

+/- peqmd(66),

submitted by βˆ—qiss(19),
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Fro eelppo hwo allgnreye had ulteobr degnari teh wot tahscr:

itFsr ahtr:c eW detsaaerp eht eetirn oinpaputlo onti wto rslealm outipnaopsl to ttes ofr eht okesoic nI tuPioplona A radk(n k)lim eehrt saw an odsd raoit fo 6 otyp( ni the tucala )acth.r nI pnltouaoiP B i(dd tno knird mikl) teehr asw na odsd oitra fo .6 iSnce the odsd tsroai are ton ,1 ew acn oclcnude ttah eht esokcoi ehav na ctefef arlsdsereg fo the pnaolituop e(i dnkra klmi elppoe esvsru it'ndd ndkir likm .p)eloep

cneodS rc:hta Nwe est fo ouispptolan ot test fro teh teecff of iklm. In oniatluoPp C tea( o)seckio etrhe wsa na osdd oarti of 1. In tpauonolPi D i(dd not eta s)kcooei heert was loas an dsod ratoi fo .1 Tihs asnem thta kmli ddi ton ahev an fecetf vere dna iddtn' inotrtubce ot the idse.sae

Oyn"l ksiecoo aer dnlpdeeyinnet toaeiscdsa tihw E. iclo essac" eanms ahtt ynlo teh cooeiks ueacs het siedsae ouitwth eth ftefecs of htnsmigeo .eesl

submitted by βˆ—pg32(202),
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The aftc tath eht odsd taroi in eth tpo tefl is rntcroiec esmka thsi qiouetsn ryve f.tilucdif It ksema ti rpaepa as if het socieko rae iatcveaus ubt teh limk hda osme ttceeorvpi otc.raf oS x.nuoobsio

drpatinoire  God I thought totally the same way as you did. I stared at this question for at least 5min and asked myself what's wrong with my statistics. +1  

submitted by βˆ—youssefa(149),
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llinaIiyt kmli kidingnr asw itaodacess iwth cEoi.l ertakbuo tiwh 93R=.O nad t.0P001l&; cS.(t).nnifia.ig efAtr nisafttroiatic toin ate isekooc and idd not eat ecskoio RO acmeeb 1 dtnsiea of 3.9 eianmgn the oicnsaaotis apaees.didrp er,orfhTee ginate kciosoe swa a eudronofcn nad rhete si no arel isaciaosnto wbteene ikignnrd mkli dna, sl'ikm (the n)fcorneoud ntioiunrtcob swa eslrinbsepo rof the RO of 9.3 ni hte sitrf e.cpla ishT wsa rdfrueteh daedteormtns thwi RO fo 6 in het kscoioe enalo upgr.o

submitted by βˆ—sattanki(80),
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This eon ehtre rewe rofu ddso istra,o one ripddveo dreun ehac ba.elt hTe lnoy eno atth adh na ddos airto eegrrta hnta 01. swa eth albte ni het pot hirtg (ddOs otiaR = 6, I i,ebleve) hwich wehn yuo elkdoo ta eth selba,l lde ot hte tghri

submitted by βˆ—famylife(102),
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An" sodd ariot of 1 niesdicat atht het iocdnotni or vteen eudnr dtusy is uqylela lylike ot uoccr in hobt An ddos orita eeatrgr ntah 1 eitidnacs that eth toinondci ro evten si orme yikell to ocucr in the strfi p"u.rgo (rpieta:/dwtigosidkkw//n.e_pia./otOihidrs)

submitted by xw1984(7),
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eTh OR ni the preup ftle 22 batle is oeticc,rnr which doslhu be 6 72(/6632* ,)=6 not 1. hTsi mesan teh RO of "eat koisc"eo odse ton nahgce fetra inatcititsfaor by krad"n il"km, os drank" "limk si tno a dunoef,ornc dan a"et iseokc"o si eyilpneetndnd ssoa /w HEEC .oarbtuek

On teh orhet ,ndha OR fro "kndar ml"ik cgehand a tlo frm(o .39 to 1,.0) wchhi cteasdini kar"dn l"kim mgiht eb a fodnorecnu d,an e,rortehef si otn lnenpitdyende sosa w/ EcHE

submitted by βˆ—an_improved_me(83),
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A iseuoqnt i erom egnyarlle ahve i...s

sI ti ispleobs htta hwen oyu aitstryf eth aat,d e..i( aigonrmpc eht ctfefe tath tenaig sockeoi ,has ni loeppe owh nirkd mkil or oeppel owh od otn diknr )ilmk hatt teh odsd rotai wlli hsow cnicignseafi fro one tub nto eth rheot?

Sdai nfitlr,dfeye ni teh elaxepm boav,e ucodl tingae secoiko ni ppoele how idkrn kilm leda ot a faitigcinns eranesci eht riks of niitnc,efo tbu nto in leepop hwo ohw d'nidt ikdrn mi?kl

v'eI dlekoo uaordn in hits cnmtoem ertdah, adn ehva eesn poeple tneinmo eth term "ftcefe f;tiomdinioca" is thta wath ym malxpee vaobe udlow swh?o

nI thore s,owrd if tineag sioocke + rinkndgi klim salde to a anistinifcg ik,sr utb ingaet ieooskc + otn irginknd kmli sah no saodaeitcs i,ksr duolw htta maen atht het kmil has na etfcef" "ndooaimctfii no teh kisr fo ginttge finctonie ni peepol woh aet i?cosoek

submitted by βˆ—unknown001(2),
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sith is a onusb tsneo.uqi

nwhe odds itrao is 1, innmgea on t,osaaicisno

dosd atrto;&gi ,1 iwchh ni hist sienotuq is 6, manse oiaitsocsna

rewhe si sddo irtoa ? a) ta eht eta tdcoki-dooein iknrd lkmi ncou.lm enech eth es,rnwa noyl keioco ndndnltieeepy as.s hiwt e ciol

submitted by βˆ—tyrionwill(21),
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we anc eakm ntghis spliem ikle iths aiwf: y we wtna ot know hethrew ,oXr1 2X seolcraret ,Y ew sjtu eyaptrlesa ttes X1 nda ,Y and X2 adn Y y.aodccrigln en Wh estt 1X with Y, ew eruqire on X2 op;xesure eWhn stet 2X ihwt ,Y we eurirqe no X1 ee;xuposr

eW tets oickeo thwi derar,ahi nwhe ilmk was tno ndruk pt(o rgt:ih) itvpoeis eW test limk ithw ,rhirdaea nhwe on keoioc was atene wr(leo g)t:ihr iagvneet

nlc:osoinuc onyl eocoik ertrcesloa ot het arerhdai

submitted by βˆ—lilmonkey(28),
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hTe kdowyre is EtN"(DITaLsPo)dN.caes"DYEiNE ciWhh ni ahmnu eagngual masne NO"T STSE"OCAAID.

I agree it's a poor choice of words but what they mean by "independently" associated is that which of the variable is the only one associated with dz without any confounding.

+1/- peqmd(66),

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