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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 4/Question#30 (reveal difficulty score)
An investigator is studying an outbreak of ...
Only cookies are independently associated with E. coli cases ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—neonem(628),
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Fanillg on deetosthrcut n:dha csidpoah is most ocmomn one ot eb raf,rdtuec utnela si otms moomcn ot eb .iaodecltds ueLtna onisdctoali anc uacse utcea rpacla neutln e.nmsoryd

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submitted by โˆ—niboonsh(408),
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sith qtiuoesn aemks em natw to aet na e oicl iokeco dna peoh i eedbl tou

caitlyncloy  cipk C nad mvoe no swa my yrgtetsa :P plhe lol +2  
thegooddoctor2  oll odgo eno +1  
sparta  LOL kntha oyu orf itsh mnomtec +  

submitted by โˆ—doodimoodi(74),
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dDi on neo etinco thta eth dOds iaotr on hte otp lfet is nw?org Am I sgminis iomsg?ethn If uyo atcclaelu ti, 'tsi 6 sjtu klei eht tpo grtih

mjmejora  shatt ylcluaat ryelal fnuyn +  
yex  asucBee I siad s,o appiels h.e.r.e :/- +1  
doodimoodi  antC evieelb ew pya 0$6 for tihs crap +50  
aisel1787  tsbe mmeoctn )didoomooid +1  
b1ackcoffee  ahtt cgfniku tehrw me ffo no .amex I swa leik is rheet an cftfee aodnmioctifi yb "Not kdingirn m" eth kuc!f +2  

submitted by โˆ—sne(59),
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RO &1tg; niteaicds dcsearein eucrceronc of ve.ent ehT lyon OR etegrar tanh 1 wsa ni the lteba that iteaidndc tath hte ebjcust eta kosceoi ubt did'tn dknir lmk.i usTh, that si eht nlyo neo ihwt a citnngfaiis nrecoucerc

For a more systematic approach. First look at cookies p-val is sig when not stratified, the top table is stratified the OR > 1 => sig => cookies have association.

Then look at milk p-val is sig when not stratified, the bottom table stratified the OR = 1 => loss of significance => milk have no association.

+1/- peqmd(74),

Uworld ID 1173 has a good explanation for how to look at stratified analysis.

+/- peqmd(74),

submitted by โˆ—qiss(20),
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orF oleepp ohw yagernlel had lrbuteo rindeag eht wto hcar:ts

iFstr tah:rc eW ratpaeeds eth enteir ianlpuopot oitn two alelrsm noapsltiopu to estt ofr eth ceiosko cfa.fet In Pouilaptno A nka(rd im)lk erthe swa na ddos rioat fo 6 opt(y ni eht tcalau .rht)ac nI otanPioupl B dd(i otn kirnd k)mil trhee saw an odsd rtoai of 6. Snice eth dosd oitras ear not 1, ew anc odcunecl hatt eth ioekcos ehav an ctefef serrlegsad of het otlppoaniu (ie rakdn mkil peolep eurssv dtdni' inrkd ilmk el)pe.op

onecdS trh:ac Nwe est of alpitopnuso ot estt rfo het ftcefe fo In tiPonaupol C te(a oi)ckeos erhte aws na osdd itroa of 1. nI nouPlpoati D ddi( ton ate iocoeks) teher asw aosl na ddos ortai fo .1 hTsi easmn taht kmli ddi ton veah na efefct veer dan 'iddtn tnboierctu to hte sdi.eesa

"lnOy ocesiok rae yneentdpildne esitsaaocd wiht .E coil csas"e mesna tath lyno eht kooiesc caeus het ssdeiae ouihwtt teh ecstffe fo gmsetinho eel.s

submitted by โˆ—pg32(218),
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heT ftac hatt the sdod rotia ni hte opt ltef is conreictr kmase itsh sqetniuo rvye fcdl.iiftu tI meksa ti epraap as fi het ooeisck era causaitev tbu teh milk dah omes tieprotecv coaftr. So uon.osioxb

drpatinoire  odG I hguhtto tallyto hte aesm ywa sa you .ddi I sdraet at sthi iqnuoets fro ta alest i5nm adn kased smyfle asw'th owngr twih ym s.aiittstcs +1  

submitted by โˆ—youssefa(161),
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ilynItlai mkli dnigrnki wsa teodsciasa thwi c.oEli otaebukr wiht 93=OR. nda t;1l.&000P a.ii().ng.ciftSn fAret tfsrattnciaioi into tea okiosec dna ddi nto tea kesiooc RO aecbme 1 dtniase of .93 amgenin the siacsanotoi ars.adepedip foeTherr,e igaetn skeocoi aws a nrfonucdeo dan trhee si on elra caooiaisstn bteenew dninirkg imkl dan Etcas..o..dine,il. 'iklsm the( fc)ornouend nboiuttrcnoi was einbrpleoss orf het OR fo 9.3 ni hte irtsf pelac. Tshi asw dreuerfth ateerodtmdns ihwt OR of 6 in hte sciooek lonea prgo.u

submitted by โˆ—sattanki(82),
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shTi noe ereth eerw oufr dods tsra,io eno pioevddr endur heca .leatb The ylon one thta adh an sddo itaor tgraere htan 0.1 asw the lbtea ni eht top itrhg (sdOd toaiR = 6, I le,ei)vbe ichwh nwhe oyu eokldo ta het llsabe, lde to hte tihrg reaw.ns

submitted by โˆ—famylife(109),
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"An odsd otiar of 1 cdieatins tath teh ocnoiidnt or tvene rndue sudyt is ayllqeu illkye to uoccr in tbho urp.ogs An dods raito egaretr hant 1 sdeaiictn ttha eht cniiotnod or nteev is eomr kyliel ot cocru ni hte ritfs " (ig.h.akpedOiiaow/ss/dodwtiikrte_i/p:nrt/)

submitted by xw1984(8),
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heT RO in teh purpe tfle 22 tabel si cotec,nirr hichw oshuld eb 6 72(3662/* ),6= nto 1. hsTi snmea the RO of et"a osi"ckoe osed otn ehancg atfer tfirnisotcitaa by rak"nd il"m,k os krdan" milk" si tno a dfc,nrnuooe dan e"at kcesoi"o si ednyedeitpnln ossa /w EEHC aurbk.teo

On the eotrh dhna, OR orf "nradk milk" dgchnea a tol o(mfr .93 ot )0.,1 hwchi iancistde "dkran klim" tihgm be a eufnorcnod ,nda ,reeefrhto si not ipnlytnendede saos w/ EcHE rteba.kou

submitted by โˆ—an_improved_me(88),
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A snoitueq i mreo enyrellag ahev i...s

sI ti lsbisope ahtt ewhn oyu tsifatyr het ,aatd i.e.( gpioncarm eht efctfe thta agtnie oskioce ,ash ni elpepo how kirnd klmi or pepelo ohw do tno kdnri ml)ik htat eht dsdo ortai liwl sowh accsineigfin fro oen btu tno eht er?hto

diSa tdnrfeyfl,ei ni teh lpeemxa aeovb, lcudo igtena koeosci ni lopeep who nikrd iklm dael to a cannfstgiii reeascin eht sirk of on,eitinfc utb ont in eolepp hwo how dindt' rkind lmki?

ev'I kdoleo ordanu in isth oemctmn ,aehrdt nad aehv eesn epople oemtnni eth ermt ffctee" i;iocfmotd"ian is taht wtah my melapxe aevob ouldw wsoh?

In ehrot ord,sw fi enatgi oesiokc + ngirikdn ilmk asled to a iftgcnansii ,iskr btu neitag ioeckos + ont igrndnik imkl ahs no dacaseoits ,srik luwod taht enma atth eht ilmk ash an cfefte" aonmiocfdit"i on teh krsi fo tngteig cinifoent in epolep hwo eta ose?okci

submitted by โˆ—unknown001(8),
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hsti is a bousn .noesqitu

hwne odsd atori is 1, nmngiae on oas,nictsiao

odsd iat;rg&ot ,1 hihcw in htis ntiqeosu si ,6 ensam stciosoniaa

erehw si dsdo ratio ? a) ta eht eta odin-ckooeidt knrdi lmki ncolu.m enehc hte wnsare, noly coioek dieenedtpnnyl .ssa iwht e ocli

submitted by โˆ—tyrionwill(21),
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we cna meka tinshg smlipe ilke shit a :yfiw we natw to onwk twreheh ,1Xor X2 loaesrectr Y, ew jstu aeteapylrs etst 1X dna Y, nda X2 dna Y .locnyagricd eh nW tste X1 ihwt ,Y we euierrq on 2X esorpexu; n ehW etst 2X wthi ,Y we qrieeru on 1X rxeesup;o

eW etts iooeck ihtw iraa,hred when lmki aws nto kdunr (opt h)tri:g ipeovtsi We test ilkm iwht dreaari,h nweh on cokeio swa teean o(lewr higr:)t gnetevai

souicolncn: loyn eickoo creotsrela to the rhiradae

submitted by โˆ—lilmonkey(58),
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The drkweoy si NoaticITEsNa)EDYL"(dEPeNDs". iWhch in nmuah lgaaeung eamsn N"TO I"DESO.AACTS

I agree it's a poor choice of words but what they mean by "independently" associated is that which of the variable is the only one associated with dz without any confounding.

+1/- peqmd(74),

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