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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 2/Question#5 (reveal difficulty score)
A 55-year-old man is diagnosed with coronary ...
Decreased adherence ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by egghead(1),
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submitted by โˆ—lamhtu(139),
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ateltePl arheednce nda teplltea atgragonegi aer redtfifen htsngi and htsi rnefdrceei MASRETT A LO.T cFku y,ou NB.ME eeThs inrfeesdefc sylpsouepd tmreat on smoe osuntqies dna tno on .hrsteo ehWre si hte cnnsceo?tiys o?lHel

hungrybox  ee.grdA hiTs si so inckufg .updsit +  
hungrybox  isr"Aipn inbisith atlpelet ataigrnggoe adn usrpecdo a mldi legibned ecdfte by iiiihbgtnn y,yoclnesoacgxe a teealltp nmzeye htta is qruedier rfo TXA2 sitesn."shy leyritlal gtrtsaih rmof Big sioRbbn +1  
susyars  mI nonag tvoepu this cb i olev to eb ihtgr +7  
regularstudent  s'tI lawyas a ilb,orreh lbrroehi inflgee ot kcpi eht ngorw ewnars that ouy wnok htye khnti si i.rhtg agmzinA obj MN..EB. +5  
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j44n  im aols agdl 'eerw geigtnt edpxseo ot stih hreso ihts own dan onw hnew I'm in a testing rnetce autbo ot upt my istf ughohrt a ner.sce +2  
jurrutia  ib/iiaPiiG rceeoprt si ton bdetiniih by insirap. nispAri rtnvpees het tpunelgauori fo iiai/iPGbi hhcwi is nto eth aems sa iihninibgt het corpeetr .lftesi +2  
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jbrito718  sThi si atwha I clla a YFOKUBC siquteno +  

submitted by โˆ—susyars(40),
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corgilobacter  D.r ioT alGnoj Jr. nI eht seuho .vereeyno CALSP +  
susyars  iTo ajGnlo lwuod eb os pduor fo me +  
j44n  I ergea 2ATX ltu-upeaesgr teh b3GA2P errctepo ttha miatsdee aogigng.aetr +  

submitted by โˆ—thisshouldbefree(50),
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AX2T ntedso mees to iteamde ndiiuonct fo a/GbP3.2 913pg4f0/a - PAD dbining ot 2YRP12 usedinc 3/Gabp2 eseirnsoxp ta cfa.ures ADP is sreedlea ormf O.tslpn e tums nkiht tuaob het ondw tmasre nocnsitfu. If 2XTA sehlp agiaogngter vai nceridaegs bdloo fwo.l fi ew freeehtor ntdo edeacres obdlo olwf we catn get hte stpl to ratel eerdha ol.pyrerp

submitted by xw1984(8),
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submitted by step1forthewin(2),
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Cna nmesooe aepsel crlafyi eht wrsean. Is sddeceaer ahenedrec eams sa eeceadsdr rt?agnogeiag u;dlnotW inithbiino of eth /bIIIaII recporte nrpteve ngegr?agiaot

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fallenistand  In shti asce, hibiiniotn fo 1O-XC by piisnra lliw alos dereuc eht mnaout fo rcueopssrr orf uaarvslc tpylsiacrcon ysnsehsi,t r,vepoidd orf l,xpmeae frmo dragnhie aple tslet5wb/s/pgl1.hbmnpw.itc2i9mdu.o:en.w6n3v/h3/t +1  
niboonsh  ihitnnioib fo II/IbIaI cpeorrte si teh oam of a tpelomelcy aaetspre cslsa fo rgsdu - rptiGeoyolcn bIaIIII/ ibcaxba,i(m tiefb,eidpa iaoirt)fnb +1  
t123  Bda usitoneq - X2AT uaglpreutes IbII/pGaII no stepel.tal So irainsp tiibinsh rieth .oesnixpser +1  

submitted by โˆ—madamestep(17),
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oS atroboenmxh 2A hsa otw :roles Ptmreoo geargtgaino or(fm rnluaeg eal)eesr nad esauc ovscsniartiootc.n

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submitted by โˆ—tiredofstudying(71),
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iInhiinbot fo /paIIIbIGI cperrtoes wduol be the ammhnices fo htieer A(F 0220 11:)4

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