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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 3/Question#50

A group of physicians submits a report to a medical ...

Case series

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submitted by m-ice(135),

Case series is a study in which the researchers present the history and treatment of a small group of similar patients, without describing any sorting into groups or randomization.

drmomo  only 3 patients +  
usmile1  uggghhh not in FA ... +  

when describing ONE case (one patient or one side effect of one drug ) its CASE SERIES study

+/- usmlecrasherss(0),

Why not clinical trial? They could report a rare adverse effect in phase 4 clinical trial right?

sunshinesweetheart  there's no control group. it's just a case study. x3 +  
sunshinesweetheart  plus clinical trials at that stage would have had tons and tons of participants (and, most importantly to rule out all the answers, control group) +