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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 2/Question#7 (29.9 difficulty score)
A 75-year-old man with a 10-year history of ...
Hydrostatic pressure in Bowman space🔍
tags: renal 

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submitted by hvancampen(4),

According to lumen, "the Bowman’s capsule space exerts hydrostatic pressure of its own that pushes against the glomerulus. Increased Bowman’s capsule hydrostatic pressure will decrease GFR, while decreased Bowman’s capsule hydrostatic pressure will increase GFR.

An example of this is a ureter obstruction to the flow of urine that gradually causes a fluid buildup within the nephrons. An obstruction will increase the Bowman’s capsule hydrostatic pressure and will consequently decrease GFR."

submitted by guillo12(44),
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rihan  Between the glomerulus and Bowman's space there is a hydrostatic pressure gradient. This gradient is normally the result of a LARGE glomerular hydrostatic pressure and a LOW pressure in Bowman's space which normally favors filtration. Diagram here: In the case of post-renal obstruction, hydrostatic pressure behind the blockade will rise and urine will reflux into the capsular space and renal tubules (while glomerular hydrostatic pressure is unaffected) effectively decreasing the pressure gradient which reduces the filtration rate. +4  
jurrutia  Why would an increase in pressure in blood vessels cause hydronephrosis? The problem has to be in the nephron itself. +  

submitted by famylife(87),
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trichotillomaniac  the key here is the term hydronephrotic kidney. anytime there is that, there is a post renal obstruction of some sort. The fact that he has progressive renal failure just contributes to the idea that his kidneys have seen damage before and are not able to withstand the pressure from the back up as well. I got tripped up on this. The important thing to note is that Hydronephrosis and dilation = back up = increased in volume pressure (hydrostatic) +5