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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 2/Question#41 (reveal difficulty score)
A 56-year-old man who is admitted to the ...
Determine whether the patient has decision-making capacity ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—seagull(1882),
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submitted by โˆ—m-ice(369),
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nomuyotA is hte smto mtaotrnip cihtse icrpplnei htat udrsesseep all sroeh.t wHve,oer it is aelpdip ynol in utsintaiso in hwhic a aiepttn tenemoastrds nigodsnkaii-emc ytc.pacia In hist nitiosat,u a itnapet whti aedvcnda iaseesd knileyul to be ecrud is gfrnseui tneetar,tm hwhci si his thirg uednr het crniipelp fo eer,oHvw ish teonscmm auobt utnnr"ergi ni 6 shontm tefra gunrci a"triisrth aer oqsn,ueleatbi dan aarwtnr tmrininedeg fi eh hsa csioedin gnakmi It si bplssioe htta eh edso, hcwih si wyh yan csoheci fo nrcfigo rfhurte reetattmn on mih ear .itrrconce

hungrybox  eeTsh esctih snietsquo essme so elsimp dan eyt hewsomo I walsay etg mteh rwgon. I essug edep owdn m'I utjs a agmubcs. +20  
mutteringly  eHy 'serhte ywaals dtelna colsoh +5  
hungrybox  tlieg dame me o,ll ahtnks rof ttah +1  
jurrutia  ,Aosl hte ettpian si n!ulladseoi He shitkn sh'e niggo to eurc r.sthairti You nod't ehva sencdiio ingmka caycatpi hwne eor'uy y.rzca +1  
madamestep  lcAu,atly uoy oytlebusla cna avhe csiekiimon-gnad yacpaitc ehnw u'eyor ar.zyc You tjus need ot veha a allcigo nesaro rfo ouyr enoidics orf tsih oen o.iisndce sAol ti deedsnp on eth oidecsi:n mseooen itwh DA himgt not aehv isedoinc inmkga iayacptc orf rethi olng tmer mtenetrat ro inushgo e,edns btu they mtgih hvae insdocie mngkai ypctacai enewetb tow udrg shceico egibn ddre.omcenem +  

submitted by โˆ—marypoppins(1),
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yhW anc't it eb iccheo ?E I suadmse teh anpteti dah a.obirpl

submitted by โˆ—beetbox(6),
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anC sooeemn penixal reom on ohw to ltceak thsee pseyt of souteiq?ns I ksuc ta hetes uniesosqt orf .ler..a To em, eh oundsed yepttr anse dna leasbreano d(seo otn ishw ot tswae eroht 'poelpes )ne.myo reSu eh mghti eb urdne ihslgt rsnieposde jidnugg how eh ash a lrtimane sinells dna sih mtesttaen on owh noobdy scrae rfo .mih But lneuss he is coeierhtnn ro daisgilnpy gailmac ,gnkiihtn sgsin of slos of mmeoyr e,.ct hwy hduslo he be utedleaav on ndika-igoeiscnm acc?yiapt

drdoom  in iadlmec ercaa,nlp uoy nca be os dedrsepes tath o'yreu cyltaual ogctnleiyiv e.amiprid ihst is wknno as ednedaepmtoui.s th,us you ende to fgieur u:ot โ€œis thsi ygu so eddseepsr we can mdee imh tocemnintep to aekm diissone?โ€c +  
rockodude  he yssa eh ash an etnnovnii ot rceu rriattshi ni 6 msntho 'hlle be ba.kc. not mnoalr ta aetsl ofr shti osqnetiu athts eht nile taht edam em ihtkn oeds tihs seronp evha aycicpat +  

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