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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 1/Question#11 (reveal difficulty score)
A 6-month-old boy has recently been diagnosed ...
Sphingomyelin degradation πŸ” / πŸ“Ί / 🌳

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submitted by βˆ—seagull(1794),
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shiT si a icen acohppra ot geynifitnid dan ntaregit iuscfttaoi ds.edoirr


submitted by βˆ—atstillisafraud(214),
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iameknNci-Pn aeDssie nsespter htwi mealtn aoiaettnrdr, ipldi adlen (famo cslel) ni beno rwmrao dna yhrcre red stpo no aul.amc oN nlanghpsesyoiemi surstel ni ldipbuu of nlpngiemhisyo hichw bilsdu pu ni eha.scgaporm

meningitis  "Pick your **Big** **Foamie** **Zeibra** nose with your Sphinger" Choose options with the letter I. SpIngomyelin, Sphingomyelinase, bIgorgans (hepatomegaly etc), zeIbra bodies, Foam cells +2  

submitted by βˆ—meningitis(621),
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kiP"c uryo iBg, eaomFi, Zireab nose wtih yuro ernhgiSp"

eshoCo tosinpo wtih eth eelttr .I

noil,pmeyngSI eygipnSnmsliae,oh asrIngogb eatymel(hgoap t,ce) zearIb d,oeibs amoF elcls

submitted by βˆ—castlblack(72),
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uH.h oWh eles uothhtg tshi aws Ghaercu ltinu ouy ahd to cpki ?D

elephantbuddy  I think that the hepatosplenomegaly is definitely a common characteristic but you would see more bone abnormalities in Gaucher. This patient has no bone crises and exhibits developmental delay, HSM, and foam cells which is more characteristic of Niemann-Pick. +2  

submitted by βˆ—chaosawaits(63),
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Can nsoeome elesap anxpeil hyw iths is otn eorp?lleemteyhcriasoh It lsao strseepn twhi MSH dna trhee ear suoneurm fmoa Seicn oheeaslmrroetlyehcpi aols stsernep hwti taectinip,ras tucdo'ln atth ixpelan erntrruec mviigt?on A91F0,2 49.p hankT yuo for yuro rsopesse!n

chaosawaits  I mean Type I familial dyslipidemia (hyperchylomicronemia). Am I correct in assuming that the most differentiating presentation is the developmental delay? +  

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