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NBME 22 Answers

Must-See Comments from nbme22

sacredazn on Unrearranged immunoglobulin gene
seagull on Decreased binding of RNA polymerase
seagull on Anticholinergic
liverdietrying on Release of stored thyroid hormone from a ...
keycompany on Negative nitrogen balance
kernicterusthefrog on Displacement
mcl on Area labeled โ€˜Dโ€™
joha961 on Displacement
imgdoc on Area labeled โ€˜Cโ€™ (Abducens nucleus, right)
alwaysanonymous on 25 mL/cm H2O
seagull on Glutamine
drdoom on 1 in 600
usmleuser007 on Chi-square test
seagull on Granuloma

submitted by โˆ—mcl(666),
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submitted by โˆ—keycompany(351),
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gokings2021  SARA si nto ydlicrte denkil cristneoe of HAD as cdlaeim aevo.b narIdcees erepssru ta pastobrrcoeer nad rcedinaes rletnac vmuloe dsseen yb the samhltyaophu lliw ceardees ierstcoen of AHD. +9  
miniarnie89  toearhn wya ot kitnh tuoba it is tlrnaec vs eapprlhier oobld. hrrppliaee si won ibeng ccivntodt,reaoss os ratlnec htgins (,hreat ,ulsng SEDNK..I.Y) lwil eb cgeernvii eomr lbood. emor dbolo in eskniyd = lses DAH +1  
jurrutia  hTe cntireoxe of efer awret also sah na vapetida fentbei in oypithrhmea sel(s mssa for oryu dyob ot peek a.rm)w +  

submitted by โˆ—yotsubato(1183),
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madamestep  So reuo'y agiysn fi I antw to oolk knnisy I dlhous keat a oldc ohsewr ot resduie esmyl?f +1  

submitted by โˆ—osgoodschlatter10(41),
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Caeltnr oolBd oumlev sreerf ot teh ldoob ni eht ecntlra or rydiaucmanorpol nepmamcrot.t Dirung cdlo ramretepetu eehrt is erlpairphe cotsvrtonasciion to eevptrn htae intipsioasd fomr the iteexmtseir hcwih seanm hreet is lses odlbo ni teh esreiphriep dna mero in teh encrlta omcrtetpman โ€“tg;& reaCtnl oBlod omeulv enr ieratceeaGrss ovelmu in eht taehr iwll esauc cseghrtint of eth ralita lalw nad tmlustaei PNA reelsea ๏ƒ  saieredcn HiNh APg elnartC dbloo volmue ๏ƒ  hihg ulveom tesat ๏ƒ  gseaulweotndr DHA reensoict ๏ƒ  en/lamceddrraoes DAH

submitted by โˆ—osgoodschlatter10(41),
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ltanreC ooBdl veluom ersref ot eht obold ni the ealrctn or yarnpcldamirouo atcnemo.ptrm Dgurin ldco rupeaeetrtm eethr si rirphepale ioorcstncntoisav to ereptnv ehat iiinsdopsta from hte eixettirmes whhic emnas theer is elss odlob in hte hreieppeisr nda omre in het tcaelnr amotmcnertp tโ€“;g& tCrneal ooBld mevoul nGeeacerse itrras mevolu ni eht rtaeh ilwl asceu tgnthseicr of teh tlaair alwl and uitetlsma PAN esleare ๏ƒ  sernciaed NgP hiAH reClatn doblo uolvem ๏ƒ  ghhi meoluv aetts ๏ƒ  tlndureoagesw DAH ieneostcr ๏ƒ  madorcdealernse/ HAD

submitted by antigunner(1),
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This oiuqnste is ricsbedgin thaw is lyitllaer ldcale adHe" uOt taWer i.nsrm"oemI hTe euerpssr that the tewra trexse on the oybd si eeratrg atnh eth esesrupr thta iar rsetxe no het bo.dy shiT itadohsycrt eursprse sspehu teh trawe in eht lisbm up nito het lncaetr cyatvi e(th bir ecag cerspott ormf tsih cdhsiyttaor ssper.)rue ueBcsea rhsete' roem ldoob ni hte recatnl t,vaciy hte ather iseneeexpcr an ernasiec ni meo.vul This is ywh ouy fteno ende to eep emro eontf wenh anindsgt ni teh pl.oo

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submitted by โˆ—bubbles(78),
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Wo'udtnl socnrottiinc fo apelehirrp svseles soal eggrrit cinascnphl scvtiiosat,coonnr wihhc lmeaitsus arnle ihsicame and csusea deesiarcn SRAA t?itvacyi

drdoom  onicntCriots fo iehlrapper tunaecs(u)o rriaolisleels/rpaactei ni pesenors to ocdl urgdsunionrs si na atetmpt to uerced htea osls & tainmani nltiearn ydob et;pm ti is otn at lla edolcpu hiwt nlcnaicpsh n.ncsrotacooitivs nI afct, the erpeliahpr csttarnicnosvooi si ignryt to eโ€œeorrtโ€u- dlboo ot eorm ncvsintraeiralel/ nstaro;mmepct eunslsamouti spcnhcanli nnoosrcivtitcaso woudl idepme tath vyre epos!rcs +58  
bubbles  ,Ah ky!oa I otg dle off ckart scebeau I dah a hbcun fo prues ahrd iecpcart qtsuienos aingsk utabo nohletarepa rnmdosye adn how hte inotoirccstn fo cpchlninas vseslse tihgm rrtigeg laern sim hc Dei.oa yuo wkon if ehert woudl eerv eb a emit ewnh nislpcnach vtcniiooatocnssr coucr tsoudie of pltaohnaere nm?syredo +  
drdoom  bub@bles i dlouw nkthi loyn ni sscae of cspotaarhict hoksc when( eth byod is ingod htegeirvyn ti acn to inainamt etnlrac enons;it rsserupe to vtila rasgon klei )sikear;theny,d in hteso ,sesca i ludco see the boyd sicicrignfa vraecisl lofw as an piootn" fo slat t"eorrs +  

submitted by โˆ—usmleuser007(458),
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hiTs noeqsuti has gihnton to do thwi urrmtteepea the( teegvtni o'sedtn adssred teh earutmpreet of eth watre - so dtno' eu)assm

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)1 Begin in u-rpetocesa or in a msminwgi opol pu to the knce :llwi

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.c Deerdscea HDA ;&map s-oetR-meilnyndsa = yobd si in astet of mevulo aeroovld & ndese to eerduc sysetcmi elmovu

usmleuser007  oi:crrnecto eay it dose dredssa teh artwe petm ubt eht iamn teak ywaa si aeecrdsni lerodpa +  
d10s  APN si sreeelad mrfo rlitaa echttsr not ivne.ltrce +  

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