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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 3/Question#15 (41.9 difficulty score)
An 18-year-old man comes to the physician 10 ...

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submitted by drmohandes(73),

Finger flexion done by:

  • FDP = flexor digitorum profundus (flexes DIP)
  • FDS = flexor digitorum superficialis (flexes PIP)



  • FDS 2/3/4/5 by median (C5-T1)
  • FDP 2/3 by median (C5-T1)
  • FDP 4/5 by ulnar (C8-T1)


Our patient can't flex DIP of ring finger → FDP4 → ulnar → C8-T1.

Only possible answer we can pick is C8.

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submitted by mcl(516),
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To expand on shi,t taconoinrct fo rlfexo mdiutirog onupsfdur emulcs restslu ni fenxiol ta teh IsPD nda PIsP. eTh nnotde haatscte at eth pti fo het n,egfri in trcsanot ot orflxe iumdirtgo ieflasspiriuc taeh(atcs at eth )PIsP. Rllcae nennioavtri of hte mraoerf ussclme si msolty fomr teh aidnem enve,r pcexet rfo .15 muecsls (ulran lfah of xlrfeo umriotgid rnsfuudpo and teh lfexro cpira larinsu, obth lsdpipue yb lrnua ihhwc mkesa ti ez to emmberer ay.y)

tuB alos fi you tgo hits ogrnw klei em go arde that klni eebuasc tis' a lerayl inec .erivwe

samsam3711  Also a side note, this is called Jersey finger and is relatively common injury among athletes +2  
brbwhat  FDP only causes problem with dip flexion. Fds causes injury with pip flexion. +  
brbwhat  Causes problem* with There is an nbme question in 24 related to this concept as to what causes what, +  

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submitted by haliburton(191),
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a enic viwere of eomtomy and droaemetm / lfeeexrs

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submitted by zup(11),
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xFeolr uogiirDtm oProcunsfAi t:ndu Feexsl siatld aangpsleh at itdlsa htaaeipeagnnllr intsjo fo amldei rofu ;siitgd stisssa twhi nfoielx fo :dni nveInraonhta lieadM t:par arnul vrene C8( adn T1;) aerltaL rpta: oriteran stosnesreiuo ahrncb of inedam reenv 8C( and )1 Tnr/i-m.prc.uuda/piesdf-tadna/utglrfo:/tsnhs-tliwhodeureolxtssugo/ma

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submitted by beto(9),

lex ring and little fingers at DIPJs-ulnar nerve flex index and middle fingers at DIPJs-median nerve

1)flex ring and little fingers at DIPJs-ulnar nerve

2)flex index and middle fingers at DIPJs-median nerve

+/- beto(9),