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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 3/Question#16 (reveal difficulty score)
A 27-year-old woman comes to the physician ...
Antiphospholipid antibodies ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—usmleuser007(459),
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jstu a ..n.u.chh eleOpzmrao si lyaaws teh rgith wsrean

submitted by โˆ—hayayah(1200),
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monoloco  e,yha iโ€™ve reevn adhre of pthdsipasipioholn inegnrcias PT imet ... +26  
goldenwakosu  Nto srue fi taht ttelli ltdaie aws ot tohwr us I kihtn eth inopt fo the uqsntoie was ot DI hplpdiohaioitpns yrnmdoes adbse on het cncialli iecaritr pont(nesaosu iontrboa + tirosmhsbo) +5  
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yb_26  UldroW intdenoem ogonrlp" TaPT and( osmistmee TP)" in APS +5  
oslerweberrendu  2y_b6@ nCa u eleaps ltel teh DQI scauebe hte neo I hvae ense it ys,sa ohgAuth"l psniatet tfone ahev onedplgor tpt a(bcuese the spiatippnhlohido erreesntif hiwt ttp tes,t) tp si a.lI" noQ:Drm 9218 +1  
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submitted by amphotericin(11),
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ohw dulow yuo eulr otu C) ieriimyds?bgeonanf I trsif ugdsese PSA utb teiwdcsh it sbceuea fo the PT/PTT ngith

suckitnbme  Yuo dslhuo be blae ot erlu it out by hte almrno riTbonhm ormlAanb ioifgbernn lwduo eahv enieadrcs P/TPTT ubt alos ieadenrcs hnrTiobm imte ecbsaue hte teerin awtyaph is piordmemcos by het nalyiitbi of ngirnoefib ot be lcveeda ot ignuonictfn f.irnbi +9  

submitted by โˆ—kms123(2),
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wHo wdoul we uerl uot hniritoanbmt ?fiyneccied

sd22  PT, T,PR adn TT aromln ni atbinhmotirn ynei.fedicc AF 20โ€˜ p.g 428 +  
sd22  *TPT llo toacrceourt lacryle hsatnโ€™ eneb ugisyndt +  

submitted by โˆ—weirdmed51(30),
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mSmayur niserc(ae I,- OLAMRN -+N ) PAS : IT-P, P,I-TT TT-+N eiroansDgye:ibminf ,-ITP PTT,-I -IT+ T toPnier C cedf : TNP-, TNP,T- T-NT

submitted by โˆ—rainlad(32),
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owH do ouy lrue otu ineroPt C yncifiedce ni sith ea?sc 'ednost that asol icrneaes kirs fo timrossohb adn rge?ricaasmi

suckitnbme  narid@al tniePro C ciiyefdecn ston'ed ausec eveltdae PT and PaTT. I eeblevi eehryt' thbo mlarno adn aysass orf eht eedsais emaesur oterpin C a.ttiicvy +6  
drzed  Poernti C si an cgl-tniuaaat,no so fi oyu akcl catrof ,C hent ouy vhae MERO ltictgno rct.soaf hsTi enasm ahtt teh TP dan PTT odluw not be pndo.ogelr +6  

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