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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 4/Question#20

During a study of symptomatic proximal deep venous ...

Open-label clinical trial

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submitted by aesalmon(35),

Clinical trial - compares therapeutic benefits of 2+ treatments (warfarin vs. dalteparin) Open-label - both the health providers and the pt are aware of the drug being given

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submitted by niboonsh(76),

I am confusion. why wouldnt this be a cross over study?

shokay  there is no washout period and the order of drugs given isn't switched +1  

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submitted by hello(63),

Why isn't this a cohort study?

drdoom  This is a cohort study! (Since it involves splitting people into "groups"; group = cohort.) But the stem asks what "best describes" the design. So, yes, it's a cohort study but a more precise ("more specific") description is Open-label. In other words, "Open-label clinical trial" is a type of cohort study, and, in this case, "Open-label" is a more precise description of what is described in the stem. +1  
drdoom  For a more technical explanation of "Cohort studies", see the definition from the National Library of Medicine: https://meshb.nlm.nih.gov/record/ui?ui=D015331 +  
angelaq11  It is a cohort, just as @drdoom said, but it isn't an "Observational" one. +