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submitted by โˆ—step420(32)
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Ritonavir inhibits CYP450! So you can use it to boost the concentration of the other Protease inhibitors by preventing their metabolism by CYP450!

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mousie  who knew +7
sympathetikey  Right on (thanks sketchy) +10
mguan1993  MAGIC RACKS is a good mnemonic ive heard for 450 inhibitors (macrolides, amiodarone, grapefruit, cimetidine, RITONAVIR, alcohol (chronic), cipro, ketoconazole, sulfa +6
criovoly  "CRACK AMIGOS" Cimetidine Ritonavir Amiodarone Ciprofloxacion Ketoconazole Acute alcoholism Macrolides Isoniasid Grapefruit juice Omeprazole Sulfonamides +7
drzed  Macrolides EXCEPT azithromycin -- they like to trick you with that one. +3
steatorrhea  chronic alcohol induces 450, acute alcohol inhibits 450 +3
an1  This was added in FA inhibitors list last year I think. SICKFACES.COM when i AM Really drinking Grapefruit juice +

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submitted by kungfupanda(5)
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Check Pg 203 in FA . its clearly given. but i choose the wrong answer!

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