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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 1/Question#16 (reveal difficulty score)
Physical analysis of the isolated genomic DNA ...
Methylase ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ
tags: biochem restriction_enzymes 

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submitted by โˆ—joker4eva76(31),
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uClod lsao use teh neaiptst' ega to eamk hte t.ffaerednili geA is a krsi toacrf eaertdl to rstaeb nrecca oommnc( ni mlnpstoaospeu-a ,ewmno ssnlue 'eserht a oihryts of tearsb anccre in het fa).miyl

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submitted by โˆ—thomasalterman(179),
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seaetMhyl eaytmeshlt D,AN mkgain the AND ranttsise to nsoictetrri lsuneendaseco


veryhungrycaterpillar  hTsi si het tbse wsrena. +  

submitted by โˆ—imgdoc(176),
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niopEnlxatsa rfo tshi aer oto icteod.lcpma ihknT of ti klie is:th

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nylO eroth pllabueis wsaenr saw aNs,eD nda if it asw utmteda ti owudl be itvniaec, otn tirocev.aev

djeffs1  I emna ...rsue utb hsit is a rpaoy.ko..etr +  

submitted by โˆ—stinkysulfaeggs(123),
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Me angedri ihst euotnisq etsm: ..o...d uoy anme cwhih fo the lgfoinlwo NYMESZE?

submitted by defalty98(5),
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yhW ear we cmltnaopgiic ighns?t ghenaC ni het sseba lwli erysodt eht ciipmrlonad qneseuce eideurrq rfo yna ettrnicrsio coeeudannlse to k.owr enhoyMtilat si hte ynol optnio atth makse nssee.

arcanumm  Tish kmaes esnse veah gdrniea tawh oryu nctoem.m I vlkroeoode isth nad jtus uesmads teh GCTA saw a utmnatio that loewadl teh ntciesriotr nmeeyz ot okwr on eth umtatn lyno. +2  
arcanumm  it aekms vene omer ssnee hwne klnogio at u"srounme lsmla srme" ynetaiolhtM is lurty hte ibovsou asnewr rehe ni t.rscperote +1  
bgiri  eADsN can saol uscae a ncghea in abes yb knbeairg dwon adn ta eht GTCA ?necsqeeu +  
almondbreeze  @igirb daH hte msea grsaionne - cndrgioac to ikwi, aesDN ysaeatczl teh yyirhtcdol caeevlag of erehotphpdsosi klaesnig in eht ADN ao,nbkecb suht digeagndr DA.N +  

submitted by pk33(6),
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In ysaoopkter llaNormy hemtelyas adsd themly pruog ot aitrnce aeasndnbe(ie) os ornsitrteic onacnlesedeu nac otn enozgierc htsi sIe it.f hreet is a taumnoti ni hyemetsla zmeeny it t'cna dad mtheyl prguo ot nieeand so orsenriitct loencnsudeae nca igneozrec ti nad anc aveecl it.

submitted by โˆ—carib_doc(0),
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yM gththou esrpcso rof shit :eno nI ADN scamhmti riepar orf racteiab treeh si a enrapt satnrd and a eywnl setsdheyzin sd.rant ehT tepnra rtdsna si ehtdlyatme oripr to iaitceorpln to wloal it ot eb aeietrfddfneti ofrm eth new strdna ni teh aecs of nschagmiitm. heT nwe dastnr is eidftidien by hte ckal fo hamoltyenit and ehnt garddede by aoseudes.nlnce So I sdue stih cilgo ot tnkhi aleetrd meshaytle (scdadreee )tyiiactv slawlo for more NDA ot be agddeder yb unsdaoen.eselc Not uesr fi sit eht etsb cgilo but it tgo me rteeh lol

submitted by โˆ—an1(112),
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tteaRisns to gd:istneoi oesd otn kbera or egt acitdvteaed nnle(auseodec careset a ncki ni eht rsa,dnt ihhwc menas ttah ti KSAREB the s;ntard enve if it is ofr ntcorrioec acpr esnttvoapDuiieos) si deno by homtialnyet; so if hlsatmeey is idt,veceef hte eesuqnec lwli erenv eb mtued gee(/dtdis ekrnbo donw/ ea)edvcl

an1  Thsi oclud vaeh olas been ntwtier sa adeitacetyn^^ol +  

submitted by โˆ—consistentwrongdoer3(20),
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hyW deos tontmyahiel ceuas ossl fo tsnsreaiec ot CATG sotrrtiinec de?lseecnunao esoD htsi evah ot od whti naoeimyhltt of U to ?T

methylased  TACG rdealte to seehlmyat >-- la/ismdegyipnt_:emt/pDiea./ai.shkhwieortk/w +10  
sympathetikey  aDm ,meyeathsl hlagrit +2  

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