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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 1/Question#16 (reveal difficulty score)
Physical analysis of the isolated genomic DNA ...
Methylase πŸ” / πŸ“Ί / 🌳
tags: biochem restriction_enzymes 

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submitted by βˆ—joker4eva76(30),
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Clodu sola ues eth tnsp'eita gae to eakm eth ndifetfr.iela egA is a kisr ofcrta lateedr to tabres cnreac mmnoco( ni ssp-uolentmoapa ,newmo ensslu ehe'str a orysith fo esbtra ccerna ni hte iay)fm.l

Ficrotsbiyc sngchae adn dsmoinafaroeb ear luauyls mmnooc ni roeapnlamespu wmeon.

oN igardcseh otden, os ts'i ont an drcnaulttia ap.oamilpl

submitted by βˆ—thomasalterman(173),
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eytleaMhs hasmtlyeet ,NDA ikgman teh ADN astsiertn to isonrttreci sacdseunlneeo


veryhungrycaterpillar  This is the best answer. +  

submitted by βˆ—imgdoc(161),
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tanasEiplonx orf tihs are oto aeicdcl.tpom kThin fo it eilk :tsih

'uYevo gto a cpeei fo tueatdm AND that is labe ot eb stiededg yb a niretristoc scan,onledeue htat mnesa the NAD swa aytarnlptnricslio aiablavle ot ebgni .thwi AAK it aws not adym,elhtte ecbause sa we ,nowk mtnieyalhot = hremirnotaohetc iwhhc si nnscpyiatrlolarti naevicti. atht emans eetmyhsla wsa atdemtu

nyOl ohetr alspileub earswn swa se,DNa nad if ti aws amdttue ti lwduo be aiteivcn, otn eiaeov.ctvr

djeffs1  I mean sure... but this is a prokaryote... +  

submitted by βˆ—stinkysulfaeggs(116),
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Me iaegnrd tihs esiqtuon se:tm ...od.. ouy mean hchwi fo eth nglflowoi MZNEY?SE

submitted by defalty98(5),
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hyW aer we tagpcmcilion i?gtshn aheCng ni eht saesb will rtdseyo teh ircilopdnma nceeuqes rrueeqdi rfo yna noercirttsi cnenduoaeels to kr.wo aehtyniMotl is eth oynl poinot tath mekas sese.n

arcanumm  This makes sense have reading what your comment. I overlooked this and just assumed the GATC was a mutation that allowed the restriction enzyme to work on the mutant only. +2  
arcanumm  it makes even more sense when looking at "numerous small fragments." Methylation is truly the obvious answer here in retrospect. +1  
bgiri  DNAse can also cause a change in base by breaking down dna at the GATC sequence? +  
almondbreeze  @bgiri Had the same reasoning - according to wiki, DNase catalyzes the hydrolytic cleavage of phosphodiester linkages in the DNA backbone, thus degrading DNA. +  

submitted by pk33(6),
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nI okpeysarto rolylamN ehsaeylmt sdda mtlhye opurg ot tearnic dnnsiee(ba)ae os scrttiirnoe enlneascdoeu anc tno recoigezn thsi esIti.f rteeh si a otnmatiu in eeyamsthl enmyze it nct'a dad ymlhet ougrp to ndeinae os trnosctirie udonnleeesca nac iocegenrz it nad nca leceav i.t

submitted by βˆ—carib_doc(0),
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My thhugto srpseoc orf tish o:en nI DAN maishtmc aprrie fro eaatbcir tehre si a neprat trdasn nad a elynw tessezynhid ras.tnd ehT apnrte tdanrs is edatlhetym orrpi to noptiielcra to wlaol it ot be efinartefddtei romf het nwe tnasrd in eht csae of mgahti.imscn ehT enw atnsdr si ifddeniiet by eht lkac fo hatntymileo nda neth degdader yb nlenueos.sdace oS I edus this coigl to inkth tladeer ayhmtsele esederc(da vi)catyti sllawo for roem AND ot eb gaeeddrd by aeeuoecslsnd.n Nto esur if tsi teh tbse golci tub ti got me heter oll

submitted by βˆ—an1(93),
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nstsateRi ot dnegiiost: seod tno raekb or egt ecaatdvdtei ucse(oedenlna esreact a nkci in eth atrsdn, hihwc nsmea ttah ti BSAREK teh ;ardnts evne fi ti si orf eccrootnir teD iiacoss)tevpoapunr si odne by hneyitlamot; os if myslthaee si cdfeivt,ee hte cseeenqu lwil vneer eb dmteu edd(tsie/g rbenok owd/n l)vdacee

an1  This could have also been written as deacetylation^^ +  

submitted by βˆ—consistentwrongdoer3(20),
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yWh esdo ltmhyioatne sueac lsso of aitcrssnee to TACG etiorrnscit eolnedasnue?c oesD hits vaeh to do wthi oleathimtyn of U ot T?

methylased  GATC related to methylase --> +10  
sympathetikey  Dam methylase, alright +2  

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