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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 2/Question#2 (42.0 difficulty score)
Cyclophosphamide and some other ...

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submitted by youssefa(111),
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arcanumm  Always think of NEUTROPENIA when chemotherapy is treating rapidly dividing cells (a small fever is an ER visit for these patients). +6  

submitted by seagull(1170),
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trehnAo awy ot carapohp ihst si nsgkia oslueryf chwih of etshe elcl yspet ear elkyil dgiogrunen eht mtos omcitit iitv.cyat The atrcelonuyg useorrrpcs rae liykle ivdiding omer thna neervs or syphtlyeocm (in neebsca of foitcnei.)n hsiT asw my rah.pocpa

submitted by ninja3232(7),

This question is asking how much reserve capacity there is of each compartment, of which the granulocytes have the least.

Note that myelosuppression can refer to any lineage (including lymphocytes).

ninja3232  This is similar to why sickle cell patients experience aplastic anemia during a parvovirus infection. +  
ninja3232  Sorry, this image is better. +  

submitted by nwinkelmann(265),
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tehonAr yaw ot kloo a:t isth soneqiut si easesylltin gnasik tahw si eht CCM sdei ftecef fo ccpauteomhriethe agtesn in engreal? ewrsAn = nobe rraomw psnsrpeoisu suht aetsffc ltoc.nuaesgyr

submitted by sympathetikey(1019),
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ninja3232  This is incorrect. Myelosuppression can also refer to the lymphocyte lineage. +5