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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 2/Question#45 (reveal difficulty score)
A 61-year-old man is prescribed fluoxetine ...
Raphe nuclei ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ
tags: mnemonics 

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submitted by โˆ—xxabi(290),
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EN si otvnrcdee ot EIP via NMPT, whhci is ncedudi by iso.ocltr

submitted by โˆ—sugaplum(469),
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sihT is idouiulcrs tub I doluc enrev kepe eehst sgrittha eeostm my aylim :f
cye Ah gpdnraa eMerytn
p Deo icsoun TV with a deis *oH s(hw'o msane era sjut i)atinlis ScN
nc eUl nad tanu ephaR adn raas nsuo Ci yabbG awaysl mrcganesi Na-a-aNN
ie onpr edisnrm em fo hte oolcr ,ulbe so osluc lseeurcu

paulkarr  O.LL yAceh rnaaGp yrten.Me mI' aongn stael hits mfor y.uo +  
abhishek021196  chAey dapgrna tnMeyer = hAC / aslBa Nuesluc of eeDMp nyrote unsoCi VT = enmDpaoi / aeltrnV t,euntegmm e NlUnccS and unat aRphe adn aaSr = nrotSneio / apehR ealdcllmni,(ueu issopoCn)un Gabyb yaawsl ranismegc AAN-NAN- = GBAA / sucNleu Acecsumbn peiroN = Lucos selrc.ueu +2  
llamastep1  naAgzim +  
mnemonicsfordayz  yHAeC RDAPGAN TYENEMR LTBESRME ni eth Emnt;SeBA DOEP iucons VT kNCsSa itaODWNrss by het neckthi T;PA NNAA GBYBA KSRCO adn UAOILSNXY .coe..os; .EENN.E"ENN. EEENNNE.EN.N.EN.EN"EENN.. to CINYGR LEeydB-Ue abyb ;ILESE atnu OESR dna ncleu RAHPE DLLUY RKPA ni het ruWNpD.Oo ASCP = levranet if,on aoelwcers = entilvae.rr ndslIeuc esidases: OD,NW UO,IASLNYX NG,RCYI WNOD = xtnrdinsies;a/ypoee EBR,MLEST AP,T OKCS,R APKR = eoevtmmn ordrs;ied NRPADAG = zlhAmei' toN:e ISELE = LC = scouL lrsueceu +  
mnemonicsfordayz  hTe edxentde "NEEN" eiesrs si tjus orf urhom - nrsetoh fi you kiel );sol ,A UOYAISNXL sapeipl to tobh TNs ni ttah enc:neset BGAA and N.E +  
castlblack  I sue ohoAC emenosy +1  
faus305  I lasmot dn'idt vene lkoo at shit ieverw utb hetn I hohgttu e"maby smoeone ahs a ocol mo"cmn.ein adn uwodl ouy look ta his.t +1  
chaosawaits  yM snCiou ytVi!t +1  
madamestep  ertSis aNro in a lebu tAsroswla ee fi euy'vo snee the eldvi srwea Paard t'reseh a eohwl ufn enecs rhewe eMylr peterS rseyodts nAne awhHytaa rfo otn ancgir obaut oafshin ni rhe aceerunl rwae.tse oS thta senec diersmn me fo how dsserets NE)( neAn tmus eb ni her uncrelea a.ewster +  
sd22  lonthsye earft tish amex i wlil verne be elba to take ym socd esorul.siy lAl i ees nwo era het sbsdmau ecnommnis nnugnir grhohut rheti dshe.a +  

submitted by โˆ—dr.xx(175),
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RSSsI erupcdo a nseasiutd enacresi in llaerxtrauecl -TH5 ni teh aldors ehrap DR(), dna ihts edsal ot ntintioiuaboih of nortoreecigs rseunno.


davidw  Pg 384 in idtfrsai has a ogod bltae fo ehrwe eth ttseusmrniraoernt okwr +6  

submitted by โˆ—osgoodschlatter10(41),
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otoeniSnr si hseitdenyss at hte hpaRe e,cHne louFeeixnt iwchh is nda SRIS wlil veenrpt ononitreS sntsyshie iecsn ti aitaimnns a gihh lelve of trooesnin in teh epasyn.s

submitted by dennydrash(1),
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I aylwsa rmeberme lscuo crleuusae sa crasMu esAruilu i(f aeyonn sha sene eth ieomv Gaoradlt)i tsi btoua ntioac adn gneib pehdpo no pu Nro pei ulwod ecnodremm

submitted by โˆ—llpierso(3),
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I rrmebmee aRhep by hiitgnkn of iaRff eht na,icsumi sebt ownkn rfo shi 's09 scslacis, ehBpaananno nda bBay gueBl.a aiffR peRha""() smake yuo aphyp klei( S)I.RSs

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