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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 3/Question#49 (27.2 difficulty score)
Genetic analyses of cells obtained on ...

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submitted by seagull(1555),
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Epneiprhnie is hte noly G cuepldo orcretep arcaotivt the .lsit The tres ear hreiet lieuralrelctn- or a yosrneit isanke l.inuins)(

hello  intracellular* correcting in case it trips someone up +8  

submitted by krewfoo99(93),
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ninrpeehiEp csta mloyts on eaBt recsot.pre teaB cstererpo ear G c.puleod

baja_blast  Alpha receptors are also G-coupled and are another potential site of action for Epinephrine (at high doses according to SketchyPharm Sympathomimetics) +  

submitted by b1ackcoffee(45),

I don't know this is weird grammar or I overthought!

They asked 'whose expression is regulated by which of the following hormones?"

I knew defect is in GPCR - adrenergic receptors, whose transcription is regulated by corticosteriods. So chose hydrocortisone.

What was the defect in thought process?

b1ackcoffee  Oh, I get it now. defect in signal transduction by GPCR, not in GPCR itslef +2  

submitted by diabetes(28),
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ohw is aearlnd uaelmdl ash AHC nnciiitoc rtrocepe wcihh rea gi-dagdealnt Na/k ehnasecln ? ccirns aium ACH perotrces era nd-lpGecurt-opioe eecopsrr.t

gdupgrant  epinephrine acts on alpha or beta adrenergic receptors which are all G protien receptors. muscarinic receptors are also G coupled but Acetyl choline wasnt an answer choice. In the adrenal medulla the chromaffin cells are kinda like modified post ganglionic neurons and have nicotinic receptors. +