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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 4/Question#31 (reveal difficulty score)
A 32-year-old man who lives at sea level ...
Normoblasts 🔍 / 📺 / 🌳

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submitted by step420(34),
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I eavh a qsunt:oie Sncie OC = VS * HR, dan in yanrp,ngec enwmo vahe an srnceidea aslab ,HR hwy a'tcn eht esnwar be euP?ls

submitted by thomasalterman(173),
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A onaostmlrb si na rmamueti BC,R os 'ist vetedlea in attsse fo ienreascd eoisoaptmehs.i

sympathetikey  Don't mind me. Just sippin my dumb ass soda over here. +72  
someduck3  The term "Normoblast" isn't even in first aid. +39  
link981  NBME testing your knowledge of synonyms. Have to know 15 descriptive words of the same thing I guess. +24  
tinydoc  I wish they would stop making it so every other question I know the answer and I can't find it among the answer choices because they decided to use some medical thesaurus on us. +22  
qball  Metamyelocytes = Precursor to neutrophils Siderophages = hemosiderin-containing macrophage aka heart failure cells +12  
llamastep1  Theres a UWorld question about Parvovirus B19 that mentions "giant pronormoblasts" that helped me make the connection +9  
fexx  I got it right but would it hurt them to put RBCs? Medicine is hard as it is. No need to make the exams more complicated. I doubt my pt is ever going to as me if his/ her normoblasts are going to increase if they go hiking in the mountains +7  
mdmikek89  Even in you didn't know what Normoblast means, it cant be any of the other answers. TEST TAKIN' SKILLZ BROS +  
nerdstewiegriffin  I can guarantee you this Q was written by some sadistic PhD examiner +17  

submitted by whoissaad(98),
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eraeSvl anesm ear dseu rfo cnuetleda ahlRssrBr—etCbyot, blrotosanm, and esmowag—tbtllhia eon mionr vitniaroa ni odrw eess.n hTe enam lrnabostom slaway fseerr to ,ralnom hahyetl slecl atht are hte tmeidaiem crporseusr of r,omnla ,hlhteay utmear atceen)alu( .sCBR eTh naem tgelbsmoaal lasway erfesr to blynloaarm pveloeedd prorseu.rcs neOtf eth emna lrrbeothysta si sued myyonynssulo hwit obstnoarm.l

moFr lal the gsniht ethy ulodc sett su n..o. :)

submitted by daplatesofmetal(3),

What is TARNATION is going on here!?

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