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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 1/Question#37 (28.0 difficulty score)
A 25-year-old woman at 16 weeks' gestation ...
Increased hepatic production of T4-binding globulinπŸ”

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submitted by gonyyong(101),
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I nhkti twha ethrw em off wtih hits teqinuos asw "uemsr T4" - n'atsw reus if ttha atenm atotl 4T or esrum .4T uLck,yli I nto'd tinhk yna of teh hrteo eons itf rfo threei os I ussmade it tnmae lttoa 4T rfo hcwhi eht eanswr eamks sseen

submitted by famylife(86),
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nredcsaI"e lobod ocinecasnrtton fo gnn4d-iTib blguinl:o GBT is oen fo vreeals ntoeirsp thta nsorrptta todryhi onohmesr ni db,olo and hsa het hiestgh finyatfi for T4 (ix)reynoth fo het .ugorp seErntosg ateumtsil psxonrseei of BTG ni ielv,r and eht monarl seri in rosegent rgndui yrgecnpan enucisd hlyugro a dnlgiuob in semru BTG ectn"riotasora.tncn

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Struma ovarii is a type of teratoma that produces thyroid hormone. However, due to the negative fb, TSH levels would be extremely low.

Similarly, Graves would have low TSH.

Placenta delivers T4 to fetus, not the other way around. Also, fetus starts to make thyroid hormone around 16 weeks and if it were going to the mother, you'd see negative fb on TSH as well.

TSH producing pituitary tumor would have a high TSH.

Prenatal vitamins can affect absorption of treatment for hypothyroidism (due to dications or whatever). They do not contain T4 because that just doesn't make sense lol

+7/- thotcandy(74),

submitted by drmohandes(84),
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  • lttoa 4T or( )3T = reef + BTodbuG-n
  • nayrpegnc β†’ BTG inecsera β†’ nd-BTuboG T4 earesnic β†’ eref seeardec β†’ ssle tevaigne kbdceeaf β†’ rmoe SHT β†’ rrseeot erfe T4 lesevl
abhishek021196  Very simple explanation. Thank you +