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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 3/Question#10 (19.9 difficulty score)
Serum cholesterol concentrations are measured ...

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submitted by m-ice(326),
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guillo12  Sorry, but there is not other way that I can understand this? +1  
fulminant_life  @guillo12 basically 67% fall within 1 sd. That means that 33% are +/- >1sd. So taking only those with above 296, you only look at those >1sd above the mean which is 16.5% . The other 16.5% are those >1sd below the mean. +12  
guillo12  Thank you!!! @fulminant_life +  

submitted by sunshinesweetheart(69),
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loko at FA 1029 p.g 162

in a uaiaGnss, 66% rae niitwh 1 SD and 95% wiitnh 2 DS

hits is ihgh ydlie af

submitted by bmd12(4),

1 SD= 68% of the population 2 SD= 95% of the population 1 SD= 99.7% of the population

They tell us the standard deviation is +/- 50 from the mean.

So women b/w ages 50-54 had a mean of 246. 1 SD= 196-296 meaning 68% of females in this range are between this range.

That means 32% are not within this range (100-68=32). They are either above OR below this range.

The question is asking how many will be above 296. So you divide 32 by 2 so that you get the percentage of only those falling above 296.