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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 3/Question#29 (25.7 difficulty score)
Drug X is given to a 25-year-old normal ...
Partial agonist at β-adrenergic receptors🔍

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submitted by tea-cats-biscuits(220),
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potentialdoctor1  Might be relevant to add that there are two beta-blockers that are actually partial beta-agonists (exert their blocking effects due to lesser effect when compared with endogenous catecholamines) ----> Pindolol and acebutolol +9  
thelupuswolf  Key to note as madojo said that a partial agonist will compete with the full agonist in the presence of the full agonist, preventing the full agonist's maximum effect +  

submitted by madojo(163),
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submitted by theunscrambler(0),

Partial agonist:,to%20produce%20its%20maximum%20effect.

In the case of exercise, there is increased sympathetic tone (acts as full agonist).