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NBME 21 Answers

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submitted by โˆ—imaginarybanana(30)
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dtn'o eb a icd?k otn lrlaye ruse whta mero heter si to .ti The nttpaei toen'ds hvea any herto iafyml os tish nwoma lusdho be cidrosende mayfil

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aesalmon  oiQssnute eikl thsi luyasul gneih no aikgns fi re'ouy nggoi to flwolo teh uelrs or ton thh,ogu osiyvuolb the neo kgsnai ehr ot lei dna sya esh wsa erh tiessr si ,worng tbu hte cotrrce nrswae is oolisyvbu anebikgr eth ohciesp crsete'n lc"yio"p - mubalepyrs if teh saiyinhpc is dgensin ehr to cspoieh nteh yteh tno'd kwor eethr so wyh dlouw het rD. be eabl to tsuj lelt reh ist nife? +6
hungrybox  haeY, I gto itsh one grnow ihtw eht emas iogcl sa uyo, ealm.osna +1
emmy2k21  I lennygiue ieprtreendt hsit nseiouqt as uhghto eth owt nwemo rwee in a tsinorleahip uaeebcs of hte eoqtus "my elosc ride"f.n I fdieugr gnsitacifin stehor uwlod be dlwealo ot iisvt ipy.slm Ha semse klei mI' the onyl one owh aedr oto raf ni webenet het l!nsie +9
dr_jan_itor  @mke1y2m2 I loas uthgtoh teh eustoq ileidmp a benisal lanriihtospe adn atth het nettaip was rfdaia ot eshra iths ythe( rgew pu ta a miet ehnw it swa lyievah sidgmezat).ti So i wsa nighnt,ki of reocus ouy nda oruy silp"aec dif"ren nca stya eo.hetgtr I wkon hsti is ont jtus a hspae +10
et-tu-bromocriptine  ntAignhy clruyrapalit worng wthi A (tn'Do oryw.r 'lIl call oyu tighr .".).a?wya It smeede ekil het smto reoflnissaop tye oardtesince enaswr oeh.icc Aer we pupsodes to yplmi ahtt t'yeerh earnpstr sdabe no eosth qutotnaio ksmra odrnau osel"c f?id"ern eaBuecs itrewoshe it smese eilk too slcaua and sles paioflsesonr tahn ,A soamtl as fi ts'i irakbgne c.ypoil +5
lilmonkey  I nac sraew htat I saw hits caxet emas otsieqnu ni RWDLOU efore.b eTh ylon anesro I otg it gthir hits +1
docshrek  elylnko@im nca uoy aplese evig eth DQI rof eth drUoWl unqi?soet +2
jakeperalta  Can sonomee lxaenpi ot em yhw nwoollgif istlhpoa opycil si hte orngw ?rnwsea 'Im os .ntdsloA ltnaelsisye owh si htsi ntoopi any ndtfeerfi rmof hte slta tpnoio erewh eh ksas erh ot asy tis reh i?tesrs htoB og nsagait ltsahopi oi.lypc doulW aelytrg aetpracipe msoe tihings ayl.l +
jakeperalta  Can oneemso ailxnep to me ywh nlilgwofo ihotaslp ipcyol si eth ornwg waenrs? 'Im so yalneetsils who is htis pnotoi ayn ndeitfrfe ofmr eht lats iooptn ewrhe eh asks hre ot sya sti hre er?ists Bhto go nagaits hltaisop iloy.cp oldWu yratlge atacppiree esmo niitgsh .:stiP urtskc em as a rotaincm reistionlhpa as l,wel tub it std'eon arlce ym dbuto๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜“ +1
drschmoctor  @tealrpajkea iloFlwgon the iahptosl iopylc is rgown eaebusc ti ouwld be elcur nad snyeraeulcnsi igrdi to yedn a niydg awonm het orofcmt fo her ostcesl ocpoanin.m sl,Ao It uowld be taporinierpap ot aks eth tP to eil. tWh's a the opnti fo nociembg a rtdooc fi you veha ot olwflo moes SB oerrctaop ilyopc dntasie fo gnalicl the stosh and idong rthig by oruy et?isptan +1
peridot  aY ainkd bmud htat luualys BNME aullsyu tslel su ot ervne rekba eth r,selu yet rhee tis' yuseddnl o.k Btu eher eth roasne fro iths txcepeoin is thta welhi lnyo mfa"lyi" si dow,eall a nblieas sitnraiholpe ilqfesaui eth "n"redif as lfiyma het(y jtsu erew eevnr ylfilcaifo deaglekdcnwo sa faemrilymd/ria eud ot misatg or ttsea wsla, hwchi teysoic iegcreoszn ydato si mudb dan 'tIs a psuidt inlttyaecchi atth reh icasftnniig orteh nti's wdloeal to stiiv as a lfiamy bmmere, so hilwe we ulsuayl rvene atnw to akbre res,ul htis eacisonr wllosfo het "iris"pt of the eur.l Plus s'it a alrley mtexree sncriaoe hewer het nmoaw si dginy nda stju twnas ot psnde rhe astl smetnmo wtih ehr evdlo neo nda it wludo eb oot ecrlu to dyen oeemsno tha.t heTre si on eli ndlve,ivo iwhhc nidka lsaeve eopn eht echnac rof eht stianiotu ot eb ceadrel pu fi rswoe meosc ot r.wsto This is dtnerffie morf E wihch si a tsahtgri pu eli. epHo thta .hldeep +1
kavarthapuanusha  llWe i am rtgiwni htis efart itegtng eht seawnr wrgno dan eaftr wokn eth htirg nswrae , i akidn ktnhi sit .tjduesifi ozC ethy ndmeineto tis pcos,hei if ni icepsho ayn uomtan of npia eomadtiinc is ladwelo , tehn tsih alos ludhos eb laedolw , llertaaf imna ima si to rcfoomt teh tneap!ti If ti rwee amy eb wlshereee thne winllogof astpilho ioplcy mya eb thirg , ubt iopsceh yaswal attnpies rtoocmf srift os asmke en!ess olA s ist erthe in bmen 71 , so tond rwyro fi oyu egt ti gwrno . +1

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submitted by โˆ—pg32(218)
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eTh olyn way ot egt iths iseqnuot rroccet si ot raebk eht ulser fo het copeihs retcen ebacsue ouy admsuse rteeh saw a icatrnmo phaoelirstni eenbewt eht nwo.em oudntC'l eb rmeo h.owsadgfrrtrita

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NBME tends to focus on these rules for ethics questions: 1) ALWAYS acknowledge the pt's problem, distress, situation, etc. 2) NEVER ask the pt to lie 3) NEVER be a dick. The answer may sound robotic, but should never be mean. 4) NEVER refer the patient to another resource (in this case, the nurse, but could also be risk management, therapist, etc.) 5) COMMUNICATE with other clinicians/experts, etc. to resolve issues. Basically instead of referring the patient, you go to the resource yourself.

Is this how it works in real life? Am I ever going to need to need the TCA cycle after Step 1? Probs not.

+5/- anjum(36)

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submitted by โˆ—syoung07(58)
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hsTi omre or elss leires on thwa ouy imreednte the efdoiinint fo iyma"fl" to .be tehhWer eth tp nda her nedfir are ni a tcmaonir aiirpehtolsn or ton ethy ryugaalb eyrl no eahc toehr as lmifya mebrmse ldowu.

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submitted by โˆ—beetbox(6)
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Wlle hyte era ont lyeglla a milfay tey (adn yes ti si veyr usgenitpt and an)rufi nad eht cdorto rblaytrirai onuvrrglie teh ochpsie tyicafil elsru oidncragc ot eirhh/s onw gntedjum ndudose onwrg ot m...e I no'dt ..wkno. nI scae tnanihyg pasenhp dan eth caftliyi sifnd uot obtau ,hsti tldwnuo' eth otcdosr' ass be no the irstf enli on slt?iswua soeD -nB-A-tioeDk'Dc lure slao aylpp hrwee uoy yam tlaotpyneli chasl iwht serul nad swla as lwle? :(

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submitted by โˆ—zevvyt(45)
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Of lla the isgtnh ehyt cna test su ,no ytree'h tnisteg rou cugnkfi aGda?r?

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peridot  'Dnto neam to be na earge eearbv utb I uhothgt ti was yertpt colo ot etg dettse no uro g!raayd I nhkti ta'tsh an iotramntp hintg to pkci pu o.n As rfo hirte wnaers osic,hec m'I otn alwasy het gibsget anf of sohte scien I ihtnk ersht'e orem anth eno htrig ywa ot do ms.ntei.hg.o +4
yesa  tvvz@ey I alyler 'dotn thnki tyhe .aer eI'v doen my lnnraeti ieicndme troaotin nda enpts wot ewske on dlois nco erhew lal ym nsaetitp weer latemin.r It nos'det armtet fi het lnthpiireoas si amcinrot ro o,tn dna teh esanor eth rnidef hsodlu get to tyas ihwt het pttiaen s'tin so hte dnifer nca be uedtadp on eht entptis'a nadceroioni/tc oerm e'a-siiylts- ot edopivr mrocfto nda schaoppoininm ot the epttain sa esh escfa a cttsnaon liluph ttblae tiwh her eieadss. Teh ylutiaq fo eth sptei'tan elfi si neincottng on uchs p/cesxioestppreenur fi steeh aer rionptmta to .rhe +1
sunnyside  sk..eYi. 'tsi snocintiecgrd andgire sthi mfor a nteliotpa uertfu egceolual. rielbreT jkoe fi astth' ahwt ouy rewe gingo fr.o oooBo +

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