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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 1/Question#20 (60.3 difficulty score)
A 49-year-old man comes to the physician ...
Avascular necrosis🔍

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submitted by dr.xx(150),
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submitted by paloma(8),
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cbreland  Similar thought process over here, didn't get a whole lot from the MRI other than lack of symmetry, but pt with alcohol problems was the key for me. Just played the odds +  

submitted by tiredofstudying(53),

FA 2020: 463

Causes of avascular necrosis: CASTS Bend LEGS. +Corticosteroids +Alcoholism +Sickle cell disease +Trauma +SLE

+“the Bends” (caisson/decompression disease) +LEgg-Calvé- Perthes disease (idiopathic) +Gaucher disease +Slipped capital femoral epiphysis

drdoom  for bulleted lists, be sure to follow the plus sign with a space! :) +2  

submitted by usmleuser007(396),
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submitted by almondbreeze(83),

FA 2019 pg 455 on avascular necrosis of bone: Infarction of bone and marrow, usually very painful. Most common site is femoral head (watershed zone) (due to insufficiency of medial circumflex femoral artery). Causes include Corticosteroids, Alcoholism, Sickle cell disease, Trauma, SLE, "the Bends" (caisson/decompression disease), LEgg-Calve- Perthes disease (idiopathic), Gaucher disease, Slipped capital femoral epiphysis- CASTS Bend LEGS.

submitted by warbyparker1(3),
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warbyparker1  Evolution time is key +  

submitted by seagull(1555),
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emaby oeenmos anc ixpelan hyw tish is raasvcula iorssecn dan nto p.issse tI eonsdt' teminon eevfr ro nsbcaee fo .eefrv eTh RIM hsa a laslm nmatuo fo sheyndipoty ubt ot etg ravulcasa srecnsoi essme do/d

someduck3  Pg 455 of F.A. mentions that alcoholism can be a cause of avascular necrosis. +5  
meningitis  I think the small dark area on the left head of femur and the darkened neck are the avascular sites. Neck: Head: (obvious lesion on the RT femur, but similar discrete lesion on the left as seen on the practice NBME) +3  
yotsubato  He wouldnt be playing golf if he had septic arthritis. Avascular necrosis is a more chronic condition that has a slow onset. +3  

submitted by meningitis(541),
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submitted by usmleuser007(396),
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