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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 2/Question#40 (reveal difficulty score)
A previously healthy 7-year-old girl is ...
Serum potassium concentration ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—mcl(667),
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submitted by kobeandming23(8),
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AF 1,092 pg 587

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jurrutia  nI etrho srwod, DKA a si a eusac fo mleotiabc cd.iassio lklraHam of AM is lwo cr.abib +1  
skonys  oAsl NlIsNuI sfisht +K oINt .elslc nnsIuil is edsu sa a tnreaetmt orf eay.halpemirk iTsh posern has AKD hstu low siIulnn so shes ecepedtx ot ehav rkeahpylaiem eceubas niuslni 'inst gisntih +K iton esllc. rsTeeh osla eht ADK oiiascsd .oot +  

submitted by โˆ—osgoodschlatter10(41),
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castlblack  ntAehro cmemhsani = osasdiic suscae iarahpemlyek edu ot KH/++ arstpneit.or +H is gihh in olodb os sshitf nito celsl via sith t,notairrpe hcihw thsfis K+ tuo. ui-as-smotp oisecnt of ab/edisac prtaceh ni ootzaCns plgoyiyohs +  

submitted by โˆ—skip_lesions(17),
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yWh wdulo reeth be yaremaehlipk fi toatl byod upmotssai is eedrasced ni ADK?

drdoom  repsu high bodlo usecl;go rspue ghih cogseul ipgellas ntoi nriue; olts of nieegp = uleovm eldteedp (โ€œmtsocoi sirsโ€dui)e +  
alphatnf  seubeca iisnlun nlyarlom uttalimess N/Ka PA,Taes wihhc sqsutrseee K nisied lec.l aclk fo uniinls smaen tath eterh wlli be reom K eodusti of eht lcle saincug rahiep.elaykm rhov,eew uoy ear siltl oltta ybdo K eedldpet edu to tscioom du.erissi os the lmrhaeaeykip is imlany deu ot a ihfts of K rfom het tulranacerlli (ehewr eth vtsa taymjori of oryu K is iniesd yruo ydbo i)s ot teh luxatlereracl cs.epa +1  
alphatnf  eer*hw het tsva mroyijta of yrou K is isenid oury bydo +  

submitted by โˆ—llpierso(3),
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I nsaedutrnd ywh K+ si sc.rdineea uBt yhw 'tsni ihoerldc alos ?deecnaris Thsi is a tcamolbei oasics,di so ibcarb illw eb olw and +H lwil be igh.h oYu dnee na nio to ebancla hacgsre g;&t-- ercesdain il?dheocr

llpierso  edeN,vmnri gotthuh tboua sith om:er AKD ecsaus an oainn agp iisasodc ceeh(n amlron drolehic and laeedvet i)kn-.aetosno +2  

submitted by โˆ—empem28(1),
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loytlat uby teh rseawn fo +K gbnie esarcie,dn utb nca embsooyd niexapl hyw hre etxemre hdreanyotid sdeedce(ra snki ogtr,ur ecessx urine ttuupo) unt'dlwo adle to an aiernsce in srmeu ]+aN[?

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