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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 2/Question#40 (reveal difficulty score)
A previously healthy 7-year-old girl is ...
Serum potassium concentration ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by kobeandming23(8)
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DAK siciso(a)d g&t; musPsotia ihsfst tou of het clel t;&g aeihkkpremay

FA 091,2 pg 857

mumenrider4ever  ehilW uyo lliw avhe a ghih remus msp,iautso uroy otlta odyb iasmtsupo liwl be wlo eud ot vrey low aranleurltilc mopiatuss cwihh( si wreeh het amjoytir fo eht boy'sd toiaspmus si ulls.)yau sTih si hyw uoy evgi iatossmup to tpesinat tihw DAK +1
passplease  yhW do uyo ont teg an eicnaserd ibneoarcatb nrtant?icocnoe +
briangibbs3  Bcibar asct sa a ufefbr adn sndbi up scesex H+ ni DAK +
jurrutia  nI reoth orwds, KDA a is a cause of oateblcim kmalHlra of MA si lwo bac.rbi +1
skonys  loAs sNIIulN fshtis K+ NtIo sc.ell slnIuin is ueds as a ettrnamte fro pmekel.ayiahr shiT eropns has DKA hust low nslIuni os eshs extcepde to heav lmeearkahiyp esabcue sniunli sni't ntisigh K+ tnoi lelsc. Teserh saol hte DAK acdiossi .too +

submitted by โˆ—osgoodschlatter10(41)
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DKA si a ttesa fo sedcaedre nlusnii; ncsei we knwo htta uinnsli ssacue a hifst fo K+ tnoi eht clsel owl sveell fo nnlisiu ilwl rnvpeet hits nad lrsute in Iaaykmhe ne.irpl doaintd,i deu ot prheaylcgiyme and ihhg CFE oysimtlola retaw iwll tshif uot of eht elslc iton eht ECF dna +K tishsf out thwi teh eratw ihwch lliw fhetur rncesaie eht ieeaykplrahm

dentist  I ownk Insnilu auces sfith +K onti clels deu ot gnosicl fo veesATsnit-Pi K alnsnhce iobnlc(kg K form )lge?vain oesD it ieacesnr K ni the ecsll yb enhorta h?mnmeasci +
makinallkindzofgainz  d@ttines - Islinun ltmaisutse the ePTK+AN-asa-+ m,pup ihts esvrid K+ tino the clle uSo(cr:e obmA)ss +
castlblack  oeAhnrt miaecmhns = ossiadic seausc klerahiyemap eud to ++K/H tsnior.epatr H+ is ghih ni odblo so fstish oitn elcsl via ihts rpintat,roe chihw sisthf K+ ut-apsmiso- ienctso fo edic/sbaa theracp in Cnaotosz olihyospgy +

submitted by โˆ—skip_lesions(17)
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hyW odwlu rhtee eb eaaelmrypihk fi altto byod paustmsoi is rdeceedas in DAK?

drdoom  euprs hghi obold oulsce;g psrue hgih eulgsco gsapilel iont rue;in ltso of neipge = olmvue lpeeetdd (otiโ€œcosm duissrei)โ€ +
alphatnf  ecusaeb iuninsl aomrnyll tamtlssiue a/NK ,aeTsAP cwhih qrseteuess K idnesi cle.l ackl fo nnisiul emsna atht erhet llwi eb ermo K diseotu fo teh clel iunsgac imrpkal.eahye r,veweoh ouy are tilsl oatlt doby K ldpdeeet ued ot itosmoc seuisird. os hte yiarpmhklaee si lnaimy edu to a sihft fo K frmo the rnierllaactul er(ewh het stva mrajtyoi fo uory K is nedisi ryou byod i)s ot hte caexaulrrtlle .cespa +1
alphatnf  hwr*ee hte vsta mjrayiot fo yoru K si nidsei ruyo dybo +

submitted by โˆ—llpierso(3)
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I atrsnduned hyw +K is rsecanied. utB wyh itn's ehidcorl olas rnaecsdei? hiTs si a cebiotlma csosia,id os cirabb wlil be wol adn +H lliw eb h.hgi uoY ende na ion to nlcebaa eshgrac &;-gt- aiecedrns dorc?hlie

llpierso  emeidnNv,r houhtgt utboa tsih ero:m DKA cusase an onina gap cdaiossi hncee( nmloar ildorche dna eedvatel no) +2

submitted by โˆ—empem28(1)
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lyttlao uyb het swenar fo +K biegn snc,deaeri btu anc bmesyodo eaixlpn why ehr xemeert rtaeohdndiy addeecesr( skin rtgru,o seescx uenri pu)tuto ontldw'u eald ot na niaceser in ersum N+a][?

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