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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 1/Question#28 (46.3 difficulty score)
An otherwise healthy 82-year-old man is ...
Posterior cord syndromeπŸ”
tags: neuro 

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submitted by sajaqua1(518),
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yb_26  amazing, thank you! +  
aisel1787  great explanation +  
rockodude  sensation to pinprick is DCML tract. SCD affects spinocerebellar (not spinothalamic), corticospinal, and DCML. otherwise good explanation. +1  
azibird  Sensation to pinprick is not dorsal column-medial lemniscal tract, it's spinothalamic tract. So this patient has a lesion of the dorsal columns, spinothalamic tract hypersegmented neutrophils, and anemia. What the hell is going on? How is this just posterior cord syndrome? Spinothalamic is not posterior cord. +4  

submitted by seagull(1391),
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12B iecifenycd ledas to atilidnnyoem fo eth LDCM adn LSA pshwyata (i..e rpsoetori drco d)nymeors.

submitted by amarousis(22),
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tuB sontde' esuatbcu bmidceon eernieogtand dela to ieamnmitrp in C,LMD lnelracesribeop adn iotccipnoarls ?crtta I get teh iaatcx tiga - sDnoeile/ec.rlLparbCM uBt eht snnostaie ot p,nikcrip uwodtn'l tath be het shicnmltapaoi ta?trc Ttah si ton allsuyu afefectd in stbeucua mbidnceo eotiarnngee.d

krewfoo99  It would affect the dorsal column tract and the spinothalamic tract. It wont affect the spinocerebellar tract (Thus Rombergs sign in B12 deficiency will be positive) All three of the tracts are affected in Friedrichs Ataxia +  
krewfoo99  Sorry. Just checked on FA. It will also affect the spinocerebellar tract +  
spow  Sensation to pinprick is DCML +  
meli  UWORLD ID:65 "many patients develop neurologic manifestations due to: axonal degeneration of the peripheral nerves, leading to numbness, paresthesia, and depressed motor reflexes." So, I think the sensation to pinprick was describing the paresthesia! +  

submitted by titanesxvi(77),
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Heer is a ogdo erroecus


submitted by masonkingcobra(313),
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alsrlePyon ym esius itwh tsih tsqieuno is tath I thguho B21 euscas dyonnaltiemei ni bhot eht TLSC nad eht LDMC CS)D( tub thye aer iegsttn teh caeshimmn hree lleyar twih hte heolw lmhtnmaociey adic tib adn eth ameiipdr emliyn estsynhis

fI ouer'y iusrocu


submitted by krewfoo99(88),
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Cna mseooen lxnpeia thwa hte reucpit si uspdoesp ot ?shwo Is it epdusspo ot be nmegedtse e?hrpoisnult

titanesxvi  yes do to B12 deficiency +