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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 2/Question#38

A 78-year-old man is found unresponsive in his yard ...

"Thank you for telling me this. Your friend's previous statements to you can be helpful in making decisions for him."

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submitted by stinkysulfaeggs(11),

Key words: "at this time" and "can be helpful"

The answer to this question isn't: great - now we're going to take him off the vent because you told us that's what he wanted.

nbmehelp  ^^^ exactly +  

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submitted by nlkrueger(6),

.... would we really take the word of a friend who definitely can't be confirmed? I feel like this is misleading

lispectedwumbologist  All the other answer choices make you come across as an asshole. Easy way to ace ethics questions is to just not be an asshole +2  
seagull  I would be a bigger asshole when the family came I'n after I pulled the plug...opps...but the friend said +3  
dr.xx  The patient has no wife, children, or close relatives... +  
nwinkelmann  @lispectedwumbologist this is going to be my technique, because I've gotten a couple of these wrong, but I completely agree with everyone else's sentiments of suspicion of going off what a friend said without any confirmation about state of advance directives, etc. It's really dumb. +  

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submitted by tinydoc(53),


I've had a uworld q where the correct response was to remove the life support if the patient is determined not to be an organ donor.even if the family is actively against this decision. In my experience the answer that is most honest (and likely makes you sounds like a tactless asshole) is usually the correct one on NBMEs. I picked E and I don't see how this friends opinion on his advanced care directives are at all relevant if the patient by all acounts medically and legally is considered dead.

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submitted by usmleuser007(112),

So as a physician per this question you will go of some neighbor's words and not confirm if the patient has an advanced directive... seems like the doc and the neighbor are in some kind of a deal here ....