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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 1/Question#5 (46.0 difficulty score)
The 35-year-old woman indicated by the arrow ...
X-linked recessive🔍
tags: genetics process_of_elimination 

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submitted by stars and more(16),
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submitted by monoclonal(21),
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heT iptno eehr s,i hety rae nikgas us to tielmnaie eth yoln easnrw that is otn bopsiles. I tgo ti aerd lewl fllaes

ergogenic22  nbme logic: "what if they all marry carrier wives" And doesn't everyone with autosomal dominant get it in the 2nd generation (unless incomplete penetrance) i feel dumb +18  
cavernosum  totally agree. what a st*pid qs! +  

submitted by obgynnycstep1(4),

The pedigree presents us with Male-to-Male transmission. There are two modes of inheritance where Male-to-Male transmission is impossible: 1) X-linked recessive 2) Mitochondrial inheritance

submitted by ayhamai(2),
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xlkeni-d is not sisobpel if the aowmn was nto a ceairrr omaotsual eeicresvs si not ploebsis if teh mwnao aws ton a ira,sreor c why ew oshceo dl-nexki

submitted by trazabone(15),
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My nrintudeadnsg si ttha if spernta rae edtaulrne yb ooldb to eosth acefet,fd ew asmeus htat yhet rae otn iseacrrr (in the scveisere sae).c re,foehreT if ew vahe a alme thfera eetfadfc iwht dnle-xki evreseisc edrrima to a ,nocnrri-era shree't no ayw ayn of ihs fopifrgns odlwu be d.cteffea

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linwanrun1357  If we assume that they are not carriers (in the recessive case) Then how came it can be AR?!! +2  
catscan1979  ^exactly what's said above here. I think x-linked recessive is the least likely, but not impossible. +3  

submitted by therealslimshady(27),

I thought there weren't supposed to be trick questions on these things.

submitted by j44n(65),

I got thrown off because there's an arrow point to the three unaffected daughters (with an affected father) so I thought XLR because they'd be carriers. And there was no generation skipping so that made me think AR