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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 2/Question#9 (reveal difficulty score)
In which of the following stages of the cell ...
G2 πŸ” / πŸ“Ί / 🌳
tags: cell_bio 

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submitted by βˆ—sympathetikey(1535),
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submitted by βˆ—snoodle(32),
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j44n  This is the shit that keeps me up at night +6  
jbrito718  I just realized its asking about MITOTIC cyclins +  

submitted by βˆ—madojo(192),
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therAon way to knith oaubt itsh is whtas teh lsesoc gesta ot sotsmii uecsbae ghrti eeofbr M sis(o)mti oyu eden ot vhae titciom icslncy znsised,eyht nad that wodul eb G2

1G -t&g;- S ;-t&-g G2 ;g&-t- M

submitted by βˆ—sweetmed(154),
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incyCl ED,,A adn orf 1G to S ninitorsat mead[ in G1]. nClcyi B si for G2 ot M mnsti[itaoerdan ni G]2.

submitted by βˆ—nerdstewiegriffin(42),
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1G oikchpcten: ciyCln D/4DCK cmplexo wiht 53p adn rb G2 :khopicctne niClcy B adn DCK 1

ayW to erm:rebme 1G is adceasitso tiwh grhhei ersnumb D adn 4 G2 is atesoicsad iwth B dan 1


nda osal @FKC me adn C@FK M!!EB!N

snripper  But the question doesn't mention anything about which cyclin. How does this help? +3  
thyenman  @snripper I think the word choice of "mitotic cyclins" is suppose to show they wanted cyclin B which is produced in G2. This resource specifically refers to cyclin B with mitosis. CDKs and different cyclins are expressed at different stages of the cell cycle: cyclin D (G1), cyclin E (G1/S), cyclin A (S), cyclin B (mitosis). - +4  

mousie +4  
fahmed14  Cyclins help regulate cell cycle phases. They help with checkpoints before progression to the next phase of a cell cycle. Therefore the checkpoint before mitosis would be in G2 and probably where mitotic specific cyclins are synthesized +12  
artist90 . 4 types of Cyclins and when they rise and fall. +2  

submitted by βˆ—angelbarrera(1),

Main groups There are two main groups of cyclins:

β€’ G1/S cyclins – essential for the control of the cell cycle at the G1/S transition;
β€’ Cyclin A / CDK2 – active in S phase.
β€’ Cyclin D / CDK4, Cyclin D / CDK6, and Cyclin E / CDK2 – regulates transition from G1 to S phase.
β€’ G2/M cyclins – essential for the control of the cell cycle at the G2/M transition (mitosis). G2/M cyclins accumulate steadily during G2 and are abruptly destroyed as cells exit from mitosis (at the end of the M-phase).
β€’ Cyclin B / CDK1 – regulates progression from G2 to M phase.

cellgamesgojan  hi there. please try to format your comments. this will improve readability and helpfulness. thanks! +  

submitted by βˆ—blue4415(3),
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