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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 2/Question#28 (18.2 difficulty score)
A 3-year-old boy with AIDS develops giant ...
Negative-stranded RNAπŸ”

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submitted by step420(33),
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dragon3  is the AIDS to indicate that he can't get live vaccinations? +1  
tinydoc  Yep, also his unimmunized cousin points you to the fact that he got it from someone else who was unimmunized. +  

submitted by madojo(160),
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eyckthS croMi onicmg otrhuhg hitw teh rosaPiauymrvx ilfyma dna eth githn ences.

submitted by abhishek021196(50),

Remember that βŠ• stranded RNA viruses are: I went to a retro (retrovirus) toga (togavirus) party, where I drank flavored (flavivirus) Corona (coronavirus) and ate hippie (hepevirus) California (calicivirus) pickles (picornavirus).

Since Measles virus is not a part of this list, it's a negative sense virus.