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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 2/Question#29 (reveal difficulty score)
A 65-year-old woman with well-controlled type ...
Atherosclerosis ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—sympathetikey(1591),
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submitted by โˆ—ameanolacid(29),
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strAsrcoeloshie si teh TSMO mmcoon eucsa of alrne rartey culrimafrsuob aspaiydsl ngieb teh ODNECS msto mocnmo casue nvee( hghtuo ti is ngipemtt ot sohceo ihst onipto iescongrdin het ae'pttisn mg.ichep)rdao

xxabi  sI rehte a tioiuatsn rwhee oyu lwdou pikc rsoumcfbralui ldsaaysip orve rstsreocsoiaehl if givne hbto ptio?osn hnkasT orf uroy elp!h +6  
baconpies  isrsoshetoclrAe fcaetfs PIRMXLOA 1/3 of erlna seliymcruF ro arratbu alysasdip ffsatec TLDSIA /23 fo anlre tyrrae +65  
gonyyong  Why is eetrh โ†“ zsei in otbh ye?kdins Thsi wtreh em off +3  
kateinwonderland  gyyno@ogn : byMae sbucaee wnredroa lrena a. dt/ ctiolshreraeoss lde ot anerl eprfuohoisnyp nda resadeec ni ?zsie +1  
drdre  ilbaFosmruurc ayasslpid ruccso ni ongyu alfsmee rnicocagd to atStra gP 7,6 1.208 +12  
davidw  llNayorm yuo lliw ees Fmiusboclarru dspsaiayl in a noyug ealmfe -5813 tiwh hhig or setitarsn eeniyhnpro.ts She si rldoe sah a oirsyth tpye II MD ipspordese ouy ot caraulvs sedeisa adn olanrm ot doertema viaetenlo in PB +9  
suckitnbme  g@noygony sheer't brelatali elran yretra so.istsne ehT caeresde ni zise of bhto kdiyesn osudhl be rfom arhotpy ued to aklc fo ralne bodlo fw.ol +5  
tyrionwill  1 reya ,ago ehs idd nto npseter nya shayiclp ro baL nirboi.easmatl iThs enasm she mtus otn ferufs mlrobafsuiucr ssylida,pa whetsiroe seh mtus ehav eeepdsrnt lenra ribaotnlsaeim orf a nlog gnol itme, or even foeerb M2.D- +2  
rockodude  a liettl isersdpru ttah slsrroceoheatis neiladg ot alialrteb lrena eyartr ntseioss dan hnrskenu iskdeny lucdo ppehan atht ylckuqi after iyhetvgrne swa A akyo the ayre ripro +1  

submitted by โˆ—abhishek021196(112),
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iMna uasesc of anrel etyarr sistnse:o

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  2. amiuFscrlorbu asdyipaslโ€”idtsal 2/3 fo aelranryet r or legtmesna rcsan,hbe usllauy groynu o emdeg-laddi f.esamle

submitted by โˆ—fenestrated(32),
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My onnigresa asw 3/1508 PB lveryaeilt l..nmora in ciuoursbalmfr ssapyladi I leivbee it wludo eb grheih edu ot rcisenea ni erenH hx fo isbadete + olw beohlnmiog gd(amea to nearl uatlerubrpi ilrlspc)aaei laso sdhupe me wtdasro ehtaoirrss.cosle

sola epr 921F0A 8-9&-2pt;g "yllusua esne in eomwn fo cid-gibrhaenl ga"e tish tp asw 56

submitted by โˆ—ih8payingfordis(31),
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neO tgihn hatt tehrw me ffo atuob stih oeiqtuns is ahtt hitw edescrdae bdolo ofwl to edknysi i(e earln eryrat o,setsns)e oyu ouwdl cteexp ot dnfi CUr:NB irtao ;> 51 rcncdaigo to patomha 2&t;(0g in seom eco)u.srs nI siht ecsa eth aiotr is .2301/ hcihw si yishgltl les.s rVye gaitts!frnur

submitted by โˆ—almondbreeze(109),
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Up to 08 etcepnr fo coitar saueymrsn are ceusad by hri"endgna of eth tesreiar" l)soahrecoiesst(r. lerssoeAhriocst cna evdpleo ewhn hcelloostre dna atf build up ndisie het ietrsera. ... veeaEltd oobdl reerpsus rhhogut teh artoa anc then suaec het aitorc lawl to epdaxn nda bglu.e


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almondbreeze  I saw budm and wetn for +1  
llamastep1  gWnor equiotsn oll +4  

submitted by โˆ—cathartic_medstu(37),
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oPahamt hC 1, of .3

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usmlecrasherss  i kpedic orrmcfusibaul iaaysdslp adn vaeh zreo rte,gre i sjut idd ton yap tnitoetan oratwd eht orwd fo ..xprl.i.oma +3  

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