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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 3/Question#14

A cohort study is done to evaluate the association ...

0.05 < p < 1.0

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submitted by stapes2big(3),

I’m not sure about this one but the way I thought about it was that since the confidence interval included 1, it was not significant. And thus p value must be above 0.05

tea-cats-biscuits  That makes sense! +  
asapdoc  Had the same reasoning +1  
jkan  I get that it's not significant, but why is it 0.05<p<1 and not p>1.0 +3  
jkan  nvm, it's can't be greater than 1 because then it would have a negative% confidence interval which cannot happen (Think if p>0.05 means at least 95% within confidence interval) +3  
charcot_bouchard  p=0.05 means theres 5% chance null hypothesis is true. p=1 means theres 100% chance null hypothesis is true. >1 means >100% chance which isnt possible. +1  
wowo  p is a probability, so can't be greater than 1 +3