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submitted by marbledoc(0),
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yWh wdulo you sak hte ntpaeti ot nyiteifd het psor nad nsco? I โ€™odtn tge the aaopchpr h!ere

submitted by โˆ—m-ice(370),
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eTh itentpa wshos on igns of racltcio yati,ictv tub hsa osme ernsimtab outcnfni itt,cna wchhi mlpsiie hse is in a rfmo of stnirptees vveeagtite .steat eSh has a vginil ilwl htta iegstedsan mnehcliaac neltotaivin shodlu be ddietnscoiun fi hatt nsiuaotit esirs,a os ew sumt fwolol ti nad eamk nto mtaeptt ot .iscaestretu

lfsuarez  hyW louwd eth soednc rpat of thta be rectorc ehwn trehe si nto oinetnm of a ?NDR +19  
ug123  NID adn NDR rea friefdetn ih?rgt iTsh npeaitt dha a IDN. hyW luwod we mussae it to be RDN too ? +4  
sherry  IDN dan NDR rea edndei nd.fefetri tuB ti is not eht caes re.he hTe pitetna dnese ot be etdextuba smaen hes idd ton igns a DNI ro RDN ni het rftis .lceap I seusma ehr givnli lwil si meor keil raenemtit nistpurogp eemnrtatt ni a aieeettgvv et.sta So erthe si on nede ot od ioiaseutcstrn w.ayyasn utB I rgeae thsi is not a oodg .usietnqo +2  
shayan  e"hT eatpint has dneisg eth gliinv illw adn si itsncnteso thiw erh iec"tirsdev utb teh etsm noedst ltel ahs twah si in rhe invlgi wlil ubaot hte n?aouxbttie we ear tguebaitnx on teh euresqt of hre a?hnbsdu tish is gciufnosn ! +7  
criovoly  I vebelei ihst ieqsotun saw otn ellw rtcn.d..escuot is't eno of th!oes +1  
suckitnbme  @shayna xutgabnite at usrqeet of het uhnbdsa eeascub esh' inowollgf whta's ni her lgviin lwli. wilogloFn htta niel fo tg,uohth het ainttep ayrbplbo atewdn laidwtrwah fo eacr fi ni a eavvttigee etts.a +  
luciana  I tdosrouned emas sa h@yasna thta seh eadnwt ot keep ntube...taid won eardgin ti ignaa I lfee xaetr bumd hwit my orpo dgnriea rtneoinpraeitt slskli +  
coldturkey  uf@esazrl fRC(Pi eht ndee i)esasr , for tsih ettpani bbar( rovseeod adn stphoali n)tte,gsi hes lilw eb eunibtdat ot etg nda mtniaani aariyw verHweo se,h is ngaasti ayn aemlnhicac lotveanniti sa per her gnviil il.wl en,ceH we cnnoat ermfopr RPC no re.h +2  
furqanka  I oto vieeleb RDN and IND aer dicstnit utb WU 1412 yssa - A DRN derro tincsadie tath a epnatit sludoh tno ergnudo .CPR ihst nculedsi lbs mu(oth to uhtom et,briagnh cesth cpsoreso)inm as lelw sa nveaacdd ircacad fiel osurtpp ati(,tibnuno ncemchliaa ,oinivtltena fnleritodliab,i adn drstangmeinii odiiseactnm hcus as sprssaovero or nipepi.)eerhn Atliiaddon shweis shcu sa eth sieerd ot not eb fde ytlaciafliir or yna htreo mnlttoiiai fo arce nca eb s.efiepcid +1  

submitted by kenyaboi(5),
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Thsi is a f#e$kd pu n.itoqeus tsi hte sayw ist ewi.nrtt teh udhsanb si eairggne htiw het ingvli lilw eonncstits" hiwt ist re"dti.cive so lablycsia we udwol ahev to mseasu hre lilw asys D.RN neesedsl oicfsuonn

madamestep  .lyxcatE A gvlini liwl anc asy eewvtrah the ckuf you want it .o..t +  

submitted by โˆ—poisonivy(39),
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can ew ndieorcs hte orveesod sa a ulacsiid aem?pttt fi os... untldo'w hes eb nedeocdsir sa htouwti ni-gcmiikndseoa cpcat?iay

em_goldman  peoePl hwo rae iiucasdl sllit heav iskiegoi-dcannm aiaptcc;y t'is not lineqateuv ot dcndvaea eadnmtie ro eroht tstasiuoni heerw iecndiso iamnkg si .redpamii wLas yvar yb teat;s I onwk in my asett thta teh uixmmma tiem rof dilhngo eemoosn ngtaias ithre ilwl si 48 rhous nesuls a cruto ash dedeem temh tcinpomnete nda neaegdidts hrnaeot rspone sa tehri llgae ndcioise er,kma ncnuldiig plpoee how ear aiyltevc uiil.dacs My esngaindnutrd of teh alw as a paysnelro is ttha reh gnivli lwil was dngesi glaon tihw leppeo anegibr swiesnt ot hte fcta htat she saw eht noe how iegdns ,it and ti was twha hes w.ndtea cEhits e,asdi it luodw eb stalmo ipslbsmieo ot vpreo thta hes ylaglle iteianidt a RND ni a estta fo tuiciydslia ttha saw tnsieen hoeung ot eteriernf ihwt rhe aniideigs-mkocn catyapci in hatt eonmt.m +1  
step1dreamteam  g_olmednam eehrt si an ABMSSO isteoqun ihwt a iilsdauc t.p Teh cotecrr rwsean asw that clisdaui pt od otn heva &l-MnigCD-gtv;i ilwl of a siaiucld tp osldhu not eb cserode.ndi +  

submitted by โˆ—fatboyslim(115),
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iTsh uiqtnsoe pdrpeit em u.p I oshce A'' ceubase het iuetoqns iads reh nligiv illw snsntteoic( thiw hte sasudh'bn ss)ihwe dseo otn atwn aeiaccmhln a,inenoitlvt tbu ti ddi OTN ysa ighnytan obtua ...RtuDBN ceom ot tnhki fo it, hwat si the tpoin of ngido PCR if seh nnoact atianmni tsoeupnnsao trgabiehn insce she seesm ot eb ni a titevvgeea tae?ts taTh eanms if ouy od PRC nda catlluay antw to esva reh i,fle uyo tums t,tianbeu wchih gsoe gaasnit hre ill.w eH,nce eubtaetx nad od otn

submitted by โˆ—joeschmo(0),
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If eht esetvircdi esatt nlciacehma tinltiovane eb cidsiteonnud t'is mpeildi hatt seh owldu etrarh ide. hyW dlowu anyneo rty to artueecsist ehnw a cinideso sha bene amed to upll teh u?pgl

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