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submitted by โˆ—m-ice(370)
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The tetanip soshw on gins of crlociat ,itvcyait btu sah osme batrmenis ucoitnnf ttni,ca ichhw pmisile hes is in a mfro of eitrptessn iaeevtvgte e.atts eSh ahs a lvgiin lwli taht atsngiedes enclahimac eolantintvi lohusd be ntdiundocsie fi ahtt titnoaius aei,rss os we muts flloow it adn kaem ton tttempa to tiarses.etcu

lfsuarez  yhW uwlod eth ndesco ptar fo atth eb ctrocre newh ehter is ton tnmineo of a NDR? +19
ug123  NDI nda RND era efdetifrn grth?i shiT ptetani had a NID. Wyh oudlw ew seasum ti to be RDN o?o t +4
sherry  NDI and DNR aer inedde .idfrtfnee But it is ton het esac h.ere heT atnipte nedse to eb xtetdeuab saemn hes ddi tno gsin a IND ro RDN ni teh tsfri ec.pal I saemus hre niglvi llwi si rmoe eilk eettranim oputpsgnri taemntrte in a iettgaveve .etast oS rheet si no dnee to do ttciuarsioens wasnya.y tuB I areeg ihst is tno a odog qnu.ietso +2
shayan  eh"T tintpae ahs dgnesi eth gnvlii liwl dan si tncsistoen htiw hre t"crieesivd but hte emst dteons llet sah wath is ni erh nvglii liwl aobut eht ntoba?xiteu we aer gxtnaeutib on het queetsr fo erh bn?auhsd sith si fnocusing ! +7
criovoly  I eeeiblv this uetinsoq aws tno wlel o..c.unttredcs its' neo of t!ohse +1
suckitnbme  ha@snay beuttganxi at steequr of the subhnad abeseuc e'sh ogonilflw s'hwat in ehr ivgnil lwl.i gloionFwl ttah leni fo ,hogthut eth itenapt orpylbab dnwate hrilawtadw of cear if ni a eegteiavtv ta.tse +
luciana  I dtonrusdeo emas sa ahasny@ htat hse nwaetd ot ekpe na.utd.etib. own rginaed it aigan I elef xtera mdub iwth ym poor idrnega ptotnirantiere llssik +
coldturkey  fzu@rslae (RfCPi hte ndee sr)asei , ofr shti tepinta brba( edsoevor dna aspolhit i,gntets) seh lilw eb dtuanitbe to get dna aannmtii iwaray csa.sce rwoeveH hes, si iantags yna naiecmclah noaetiltniv as per her gvnili w.ill eneHc, ew ntcnoa errmpfo PCR on rhe. +2
furqanka  I oot leevibe RND adn DIN era nitcdits but WU 1214 says - A DNR rrdoe iiceadtsn that a tptneai sdlhuo not engoudr RC.P hsti idcneusl bls muho(t to uomht ritnaghe,b htsce cirpmeo)snos as elwl sa avdnaced raacdic efil rsuotpp ,nubotatin(i chlaimecan eotavlnni,it alrildibeo,intf nad gmntdiinseari tidncmiosea hscu sa aorsssrepvo or npepihni)er.e ditndolaiA sihswe ushc sa teh rsieed to nto be fed altailcriyfi ro ayn rheot oiaiintltm of arce can be .ceiedsifp +1

submitted by kenyaboi(5)
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shiT si a kef$#d up q.oneiuts ist the yasw sti tewrtni. eth naudbhs is aeerggin hwti eth gilnvi iwll "ontnssietc hwti sti e.rcvitie"d os clyibalas we lduow vhea to meauss her illw sasy N.RD sneeldes cnusfnoio

madamestep  a.ctyExl A liignv lilw nca ysa thaevwre eth cfku you twan ti o.t.. +

submitted by โˆ—poisonivy(39)
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cna we rcseondi hte dooeevrs as a dliacuis tt?teapm if .s..o tdlowun' ehs eb riendocsde sa ouiwtht oiigidcenkmas-n tp?iccyaa

em_goldman  ePlepo how rea calusiid listl vahe acgdemiio-nksni paytci;ac it's nto uatqenliev ot vcadeand aemeitdn or hetro usinotitas ewher nisdoice mikang si r.piamdei saLw vayr by ea;tts I oknw ni ym attse that hte immmxau item for dhlnigo omoseen igasnat htrie lilw si 48 hsuor snlsue a oruct ahs eeemdd etmh enontempcti adn itnasedged roatneh eporsn as herti gllae eosincdi akm,re dnncluiig lpeepo woh rea atcilyev slad.cuii yM ntgiedsradnnu fo het wla as a osyanpler is htat erh glvini will was isngde lgano whit pepeol ergbina etswnsi to hte atfc ttah esh aws teh neo who ndiegs ti, dan it was twah ehs tawedn. tsicEh id,esa ti wdolu eb oamtsl meoiplissb ot reopv ttha hes ylalgle titeiiand a DNR in a etsat of aisiicyuldt taht was ntneise nouegh to eierentrf wiht hre iaonsc-iimndgke tcpcyaia ni ttha o.entmm +1
step1dreamteam  agmoel_ndm ehtre si na SMBOSA stqeiuno hiwt a dsaiciul tp. Teh cortcre sraenw wsa hatt aidlcisu pt od tno ehva lD;i-M&ti-vggnC llwi of a caludsii tp hslduo not eb ei.snedcdro +

submitted by โˆ—fatboyslim(116)
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siTh itsuenoq pipetrd me up. I sceho 'A' bcseuea hte nstuqieo dasi hre gnvili lliw en(nctssoti twhi teh dns'ausbh eissw)h esod nto natw nhamciecla i,tatoelnvin but it ddi TNO asy tnahigny atobu u.DRBtN.. moce ot tiknh fo ti, wath is eth opitn of giond CRP if hse caotnn iatnimna teopsnsuano iehnrgabt iscne hse mssee to be ni a eaeetvtgvi ?taste athT asnem if uyo do PRC adn taylalcu tawn to seav rhe efl,i ouy stmu ttinua,eb hwhci seog isntgaa reh eenH,c uxbatete and od ton

submitted by โˆ—joeschmo(0)
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If teh ceistievrd atset camlianehc inliovaentt eb dcuodntienis tsi' dilpeim ttha esh wlodu haretr ide. Why owudl yoanne try to rustceeiats hnew a sodcenii ahs neeb mdae ot ulpl teh ug?lp

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