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submitted by marbledoc(0),
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hWy oulwd ouy ask teh natetip ot tnfidiye eth sorp nda cnso? I notdโ€™ tge the aochappr reeh!

submitted by โˆ—m-ice(369),
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The ntipaet hswso no isng fo iocacltr ivtit,acy btu has oesm teanirbms icnutofn ta,intc hwchi eilimsp she si ni a form fo esrttnipse veegiaevtt t.tase Seh sha a lviign liwl hatt isetegnasd iaceanmhlc otnavilniet dsohul eb isdidtceunon if atht iniutsato esi,ras os ew stmu lolowf it dan amek ont tmetpta to taiseucr.set

lfsuarez  Wyh wudlo hte ndcose tpra fo ttha eb crtceor newh ethre si ton omnneit of a ND?R +19  
ug123  DIN adn NDR era erntfdefi t?righ ihsT tintape hda a N.ID hWy ulwdo ew asemus ti to be RND to ? o +4  
sherry  NDI nda NDR era denide eintfdref. tuB ti is tno eht ceas Teh eatintp ensde ot eb xabttueed nmase seh idd not nisg a IDN or RND ni eth risft alpc.e I uamess ehr nglivi llwi is rmoe ekli aiertntme nppustgiro nttaterem ni a eaeevvittg astt.e So erthe si no eedn ot od nsusittcrioae nwa.yyas But I agere shti is not a dogo t.sneoqui +2  
shayan  ehT" enaptti ash nsideg the igivnl will and is tintscneso hiwt ehr i"etdsivrec btu eth mtse otedsn llte hsa hatw si ni ehr livgni wlli oaubt hte ibotax?netu we are neaubgtixt no eht teuqser of her dhsna?ub tsih is nsfnuicgo ! +7  
criovoly  I ivlbeee shit entuoqis aws ont lelw it's oen of h!otse +1  
suckitnbme  hyansa@ tnuagtiexb ta uqetres fo hte dhnsbua ucsebae e'sh owillnfgo atwsh' ni erh ivilgn lliw. Fwignollo thta ieln of uthgt,ho teh aeptnti borlabyp tweand rwdiwahlta fo cear fi ni a vieeetgvat seat.t +  
luciana  I otondrdesu aesm sa yshana@ ahtt hse watned to eekp tenbaui..dt. now negrdia it niaag I leef terax bumd wtih ym rpoo genrdai nniatptrretoie lsiskl +  
coldturkey  seful@arz iRfP(C eht eend sei)ras , orf hist atetnip babr( oeeovsrd dna pstaholi tgt,ien)s esh illw be uedtintba ot teg nad antnamii awairy esc.asc eHeorwv sh,e is satagin nya inehaclcam iinlateonvt as pre ehr lniigv wi.ll ncee,H ew ntnaoc opremrf CPR no reh. +2  
furqanka  I too eibleev DRN nda NDI rea insittdc ubt UW 2411 ssay - A NDR rdoer sinaitdce atth a paentit ouhdls not gnduroe R.CP thsi cusndeil bsl t(umho to mohut tnr,bihage hects cinoepmos)rs sa ellw as ncedavda cdaicra feli uotprsp tnbat(,nuioi hnaaclceim tatvio,leinn ilrf,lndiatboie adn dgsnitimeinar ameiditnosc uhsc sa seroorassvp ro )enepiih.nrpe tndidoaiAl sewhsi ushc sa het eersid ot otn eb def ycltiailfrai or any teroh tmitniailo of acer can eb edeipsf.ic +1  

submitted by kenyaboi(5),
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Tihs is a d#ke$f pu sti teh wsay tis t.neitrw eth ansbudh si gganerei itwh the ilgvni ilwl cistnsn"oet itwh its iit.ere"dcv os csbaiylal ew luwdo ehva ot ausmse erh lwli ssya N.RD slsdeene consnuifo

madamestep  axcylEt. A nigliv llwi can ays earhewtv eth cfku ouy nwta it .t..o +  

submitted by โˆ—poisonivy(39),
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nca we denioscr eth ovdoeser as a acuildis tapet?tm fi s.o.. wltoud'n she eb neiorddsec sa ohwuitt ngk-mneiacsoiid caitca?py

em_goldman  lpPeoe who ear iliasucd tllis vahe imsnkicondgei-a aitcac;yp 'its tno uleavntiqe ot ecdnavda eamntedi ro ertho ssoauttiin hreew dsincieo kigman is ideairm.p awsL yavr by ;eatts I know in ym seatt atth teh muximma miet orf lnodhgi omsoene ngiaats tihre iwll is 48 ruosh uenlss a utcor hsa eedmed etmh copnemttein adn dgeiastedn terahon nrspoe sa rihet eglal isenciod rkema, ludngiicn eoeppl owh are tiyvecal uslii.dca M y tuaenrnindgsd fo hte lwa as a npeslyora is atht her glniiv iwll saw igdsne angol tihw lpeoep bgnirea ntsiews ot het fcat hatt ehs saw hte noe who sigdne it, dna it aws atwh esh wet.adn iEcsht iades, ti wlodu eb olmsta boelsipims ot preov htat hes leyllga iediiattn a DRN ni a ttsea of ydtsiiuclia taht was nsnteei eohngu to tifeneerr wiht erh eiagcidsnoi-knm tcapayci in atht .mmento +1  
step1dreamteam  omlnda_mge rtehe is na SBSOMA esuoitnq htwi a asuicidl pt. Teh crcrtoe sanewr asw ahtt lisudica pt do ont ahve -vilg;gCti&MnD- llwi fo a isiludca pt ouldhs nto eb idesnr.doce +  

submitted by โˆ—joeschmo(0),
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If hte cvireitdse teast alhiacencm iltoenanvit eb tiecoidsndnu 'sit ipideml hatt she dlowu trhrae Why wdolu oaeynn tyr to seetcsautri hnew a icsnoide has neeb eadm to plul eth pgul?

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