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submitted by marbledoc(0),
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hWy wloud yuo ksa het niaptte to yeitinfd eth srpo nda cnso? I tโ€™odn egt het pohcaarp e!hre

submitted by โˆ—m-ice(369),
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The iatnpte wohss no sgin of clircato acityv,it tub sha some trneabmis ouitnncf ntitc,a wchih ismpeil seh is ni a mfor of tseenpsrti tatgieeevv tt.sea hSe ahs a vnilig lwil ttha satdgesien aihalcncem lnvtoaienti lohdus be nsnioieddctu fi atth ioitnutsa ssa,ire os we tsum ofllwo it dan kaem tno mtttape to sres.tuaitec

lfsuarez  Why duowl teh ecodns rapt of htat be toerccr ehwn trhee is tno iotmenn of a N?RD +19  
ug123  IND dna NDR rae etindfefr i?gtrh ihsT nateipt dah a .DIN Why lowud ew uaessm ti ot be DRN oto ? +4  
sherry  NDI adn DNR era ndedie ien.dffetr tBu ti is not eth csea hTe ptienta dense to be xubtadete nsmae hse idd ont isng a DIN ro NDR in het rtfis epla.c I msesua her vgiiln illw si roem ekil eemnatitr rotpnupsig tertatemn ni a atvegietve .ettsa oS etehr si no eden to od eaiustnsircto yaysa.wn But I eerag shit is ont a doog tuoeis.nq +2  
shayan  T"eh iepntta hsa ensdig the nigivl llwi nad is itonescsnt iwth ehr iedcvtes"ri ubt het setm dnseot eltl ahs whta is ni hre iglvin wlil buota eth atxu?ientob ew rae utetagnibx no het sqeertu of rhe dasnb?hu siht si ofigsunnc ! +7  
criovoly  I ielbvee tish sqeitoun was ont llwe t'si one of e!osht +1  
suckitnbme  an@hays ixgnttbuea ta reutesq fo the abnsuhd ceauebs h'es iogfllown sta'hw in erh invgli lniwoolFg that enil of huoghtt, het nttieap porblyab etwdan ardlhwwtai fo cera if ni a iveettvega +  
luciana  I euonsotrdd maes as yhansa@ ttha esh wneatd ot kepe .aitb..eundt now eidnagr it inaag I eefl trxea ubdm wtih my rpoo dginare erotptainterin kislls +  
coldturkey  efa@ulsrz PRi(fC het eedn srseai) , ofr hsit teiptan (brba vooeedrs and oahtspli )gtns,eti ehs illw be dttianbue to get dan minatina awyira Hrveoew hse, is atasnig nay iamhaeclcn vteaolnniit as rpe reh ilingv iwl.l nce,He ew onctan fpremor PRC on he.r +2  
furqanka  I oto eeivleb NDR and IDN are titdsnic btu UW 4112 ssay - A RDN eodrr ienidatcs tath a aptenti ulhsod otn guoedrn CRP. tshi siuclend bsl oh(tum ot muoht habtrieg,n htecs eoscp)mrinos sa lewl as dcadanve idaarcc ifel stopupr ituboant(ni, aiamhcncel tlieiaont,nv ,ibtrliodinalfe nda aimetginsidnr atinidesocm uhsc sa aorrepssovs or ne) adtiAlonid sshewi such sa eht irdees ot otn eb fed yriaiaiflclt ro nya rehot oatiilmnti fo race cna be spdefiiec. +1  

submitted by kenyaboi(5),
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isTh is a f#$dek up qtoiunes. sti het wysa its titernw. eht dausbhn si aeregngi htwi hte iglvni lilw otnisetnsc" iwht sti .ecdiiet"rv os aiacsybll ew wludo haev to aussme erh liwl sasy .DRN nssledee inucosofn

madamestep  axcl.Eyt A livgni wlli cna ysa vearweht hte ufck you tawn ti to... +  

submitted by โˆ—poisonivy(39),
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can ew ocernisd het seoeodrv as a aiduislc pemtt?ta if os... wt'dloun ehs eb scnreioedd as ihtutow nikm-gacodiinse i?yccpata

em_goldman  pPeloe how are iuaiclsd lslti ehva nimgisc-andioek cyap;tiac its' tno lnueaqeivt ot cenaadvd emednita ro eroth sstntiauoi eewhr isecidon gnamki si mdripie.a sLaw rvya by ;tsaet I nokw in my atets hatt teh iuammmx miet for hdoginl emoseno inatasg ehrti will si 48 ruhso enlsus a utcro hsa deeemd hmet necnmipotte adn tidgdseena hraeont rnsepo as tiehr lagel cneoidsi aemr,k icninuldg peeopl how aer ycvleiat ii.asuldc yM derdsgnntniau of eth wla sa a pasreonly si hatt hre igivln liwl swa sngeid aglon with eoeplp nbrgeai tiesnsw to eth tfca atht seh was het neo owh gndise it, nda ti asw hawt hes tnd.eaw hctiEs di,sea ti lwodu eb mostal iimlposbse ot vroep htta ehs eyllagl edniatiti a DRN in a setat of iscaiulitdy ttah was etesinn geuohn ot errfeetin wiht erh iiennkdcog-sima yptiaacc ni tath t.eomnm +1  
step1dreamteam  ag_oenmmdl rehte si an MSOSAB nutqoies tiwh a audicisl .pt eTh crortce sarnwe swa tath dulsiica pt do ont aveh ;tvig&D-CMnli-g wlil fo a liasdiuc tp dulosh tno be docirsden.e +  

submitted by โˆ—joeschmo(0),
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fI hte tdcveiires ttaes ehnliaamcc nvteltaonii eb tseniidcndou it's pmideil tath she wuodl erhatr eid. yhW owldu oanney try to tsiescteura ewhn a cinsidoe has nebe amed ot lulp eht p?lug

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