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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 4/Question#47 (23.1 difficulty score)
A 40-year-old man comes to the physician ...
HNPCC syndromeπŸ”,πŸ“Ί
tags: oncology oncogenes 

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submitted by charlie(10),
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I iknth s'rehte a ypto on taht u.snqetio 2MSH gnee otinmuta si eth pilutrc rfo NHC.PC roF 2MSH ene,g icacodgrn to what I usjt eascehrd, seacsu Mtinanlag Hhaetirprmye

noplanb  Yeah I think it should be MSH +1  
suckitnbme  Good to know I wasn't tripping out when I did this question +2  
thisshouldbefree  $60 +12  

submitted by neonem(578),
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shTi ptenati cesa usosnd ikel he hsa nior ndiccefiye ianame n(a,maei wlo ohtarmetc,i tmc)riycoic mfor a IG l.debe To get tsih sqnteuio r,tghi ouy dah ot emmebrre hatt the owt jramo htedrieni GI acnecr nmesyodsr era PFA (edu to ounmatit ni ACP een,g hhiwc si a ortmu psueorsprs )nege and Lchyn ysmneord KAA hyeeriatdr p-ysnpoiolosn elcaoolctr ramccaoin CHN,)C(P duseac yb a nmoutait ni a nbrmue NAD mthasmic iaeprr eg,sen of ihtw 2HMS is a reom moocnm

hTe mmnshaicse fo ertih cmciaaron oeetdvpelnm aer frednti;fe ni P,AF msotru aeris mfro a amnorl -tg&;- nmaeado &-g;-t ocaraminc sceunqee hlwei ni CCPNH, mturos aesri fmro s'tawh owknn sa a taieiclromtlse ynisttiialb ,hyaapwt idgnlea to nouansotsep narmiftoo of a oaccinmra t(no pceedder yb a gbinne inoesl klie na ..maneo).da Yuo i'tdnd dnee ot knwo tihs ot get sthi sqnuiote ghi,rt utb edtlifiyen ogdo ot

medpsychosis  To make it even simpler, if you narrowed it down to FAP vs HNPCC and looked at the image provided in the question, you'd see it's less likely to be FAP due to absence of numerous polyps which would be expected. So HNPCC would be your best choice! +5  
yb_26  I always get Li-Fraumeni and Lynch syndromes confused :/ +1  

submitted by thotcandy(88),
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I tikhn st'here tiongehms hatt tnsha' bene dnoieetnm and lpepoe aer vore kinogl:o

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,Thus eevn tgohuh he'rset a pyte in eht gn,ee or vnee fi yuo do'nt nkow eth en,eg r'thees oguhne info ot uergif uto s'it HC.PCN

AFP tends'o tmhac eht ,ueiptcr dna si a peaandpol-myo nqeueces raecn.c nLe-imrifua si fteecd in 3p5 hc(hiw is het atsl tgsae of me-nalpdoyapo euqsnece os I umases ti wllfoos atht to.o?)

hTe nsnoictiptao si ainkd kcyirt saebuce ydou' intkh ticbnuosrot ubt eth big yek rhee is NMAEIA ued ot CNIHCRO LN.IEDGEB

submitted by misterdoctor69(51),

Anyone else got thrown off by their use of HNPCC rather than Lynch syndrome?

ineedhelpwitmed  no, we actually study. +1  
neilfespiritu  only you. Jk +