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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 1/Question#47 (reveal difficulty score)
A 26-year-old woman (III-2) comes to the ...
50% in females but near 0 in males ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–
tags: genetics pedigree

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submitted by โˆ—drmantistoboggan4(18)
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It dasi ti aws lftaa to eamls ni t,uroe dan teh qsnteiuo deksa atobu evli bnro .sofrngpfi iSnec teh eamsl โ€™tnaer nbgie rbon ni teh frsit ,aclpe I dias 0%5 sealefm adn %0

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hungrybox  uckf i tog aedtbi +37
jcrll  l-ienobvr" fp"irgnosf โ† eadbti +29
sympathetikey  Sema :/ +
arkmoses  smh +
niboonsh  wyh is ti 05% smelfea ?tho +2
imgdoc  ftel liek na iodit eftra i idegfur uot why i tog ihst on.wrg +3
temmy  oh !ihts +
suckitnbme  iTsh ti'ns ectaxly thrgi sa lmsea can isltl eb onrb as ceeddivne yb dinsiladiuv III 119,6,. shiT bllyicsaa na nlk-diex revecsies eide.ssa A acrirre ehtrom anc ltsli saps ehr nlmoar X moscmroeho to a son (50% ae)chn.c ts'I sujt atht hte eroht 0%5 eaccnh fo pnssiga an tcdfaeef X ohmsocmero restlus ni etdah of teh eustf in roe.tu Thsu lal salem alatlcuy nbor wlli nto eb e.ffedatc +6
makinallkindzofgainz  bcmusikn@t,e orrc,teC but fi 'ouyer a ni-olvebr ,meal you %010 for esur do OTN vaeh teh saee,isd os het hnecca of a borlnie-v meal iebg"n aetdfefc" si 0. +8
spow  nbktesui@mc ist' otn endkliX- ,eseicesvr trohieews ervye negils nos odlwu be ctadfefe dan erehfrote veah died ni t.uoer sIt' nXld-kie omnnatid +5
qball  Jilib-ataed +
srmtn  tcreocr @opsw tfceadfe fl=emase X idnelk annmitDo +

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submitted by โˆ—nwinkelmann(366)
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eidPerge = LDX tno( all nsoieantgre etedfafc = ileXn-dk, ffctase emlsa dna smeaefl yiaillrms = n)mnat.iod

edetfcfA tehrsaf = 01%0 rnsaiossnimt to ruh,seadtg %0 oaistrssnmni to .sosn
tAfeef cd omthers = 0%5 to gdeashu,tr 50% nsistimnsoar ot ohssBotn. etsnarp ffactdee = 0%10 rminotasisns ot authsgrde d(ue to hfes'tra X om,cmsohe)ro 5%0 nnsismaiorts ot osns deu( ot rme'shto X o.hcm)B tosmoehro prtnesa etecfafd ahec nmgtittnisra bhot to uargehtd zmsgho(ouoy )tgahedur = 5%0 nda emor e.resev

If itoocidnn si yirnfomul afatl ot msael in rutoe, ethn eht %50 atdeeffc esdab no itnrmsnsiao as( bevao) lwil ide in o,rteu nda eth 5%0 tno tafecfed lilw ehva eilv thibrs. ishT ns,ema ikrs fo ealmef ebign dtffeace = 0%5 nda skir of i-olnvber salem bneig eftcfdea = %.0

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divakhan  I veeilbe sit tno ,XLD had ti been hrete oluwd lstil be %25 cnhaec fo laems to eb nlaorm cdnargoci ot eht nnuPett aeusq.r FA( 2002 Peag .95 +
divakhan  ^ 0%5 nacehc of igbne rl.amon. hichw si ONT in hte an,sewr it dsia %0 ehncac ni mse!la +
divakhan  suPl d'you see saesdie ni YEVER gnrioaente fi it wsa Dnminato. For it to be X,DL eth hfetra I1, odluw ehav intsrtedtam it to ish uar.gedth eIndast het rtspena era eraricr in eGn I. os tsi LRX ssideae (I,I 3 ibegn a zgomhyouso XLR lafmee) +
plzhelp123  hsTi si nlXdkei- maitnndo nk(ith tetR sm),yedrno if it ewer ine-xdlk sis,reevce a afelem dwoul eend to avhe 2 teeffadc x cesosmoorhm to be ayim,mpcstot hcwih wluod eman rhe rhftae udlwo HEAV ot eb aosmpcmtity as eh ash ylno eon X ommeoho,rsc chhiw si lbsopimsie as eh wluod aehv dpiseehr uton.rie- hTe ersaon teh naeswr is 0 in eamls si ucebeas het suqtnoei ssak cflailcsyipe aubto obrvn-iel .leams fI ti dah akdse waht is the riks fo het sftue beign ftcdaeef thne ti lwduo eb %05 ni smeal t(ub taht 0%5 dlwou nto viveurs to trihb) +2
unknown001  my dai,toemnmecnro aiovd rgtnyi ot ieugrf uot etehwr ist x dielnk dinmtona or vric,seese sa ongid so lwil tno lehp ni nttgegi ot teh tpoin of teh n.siouetq +1

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submitted by โˆ—ragacha(17)
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submitted by tsp(0)
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sI eht wonma ni the ritsf itoaegrnen )1(2 ton adefectf saubeec fo petmilocen e)n1a(2pn?ctere has ot ehav eth ttair orf eth idessae to veoepdl ni hte ruefut eianrgenot.

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b1ackcoffee  iedsaes pdeedvleo eud to nigreelm siiomsamc oittanu(m in of teh )yoecto +

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submitted by โˆ—adong(144)
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I nwke ti adh to eb keidnlX- absueec it dsai taht ti was ltfaa ot lsema hwo eavh ti ni ro,eut utb I ahd a dhar meti icenidgd weeentb nmtdiaon and er.eevcsis lttlaiemyU it ahs ot eb nlidk-Xe otnmnaid ucsbeea eht tcefadef thremo in eth dosnec orngteeani vega ibrht ot faufdnetce onss whhc(i 'acnt anehpp ni nikX-dle taTh ansme teh reohmt in sqeuiont is ryzohesgtoeu and hre dahurtgse lliw veah a 50% necach fo itgihnneri the asidsee eliwh erh noss ahev ot be ecuenftafd if ehyt ivle, sa pvrsuoie orptsse dnoime.ten I didt'n fugier hits uto nutli way etafr the eon aws a .odoyz lSilt otn rsue ttah t'si DLX aucbees how ecmo oondby in eth fsrti eng sah ?it uGseings it swa a useatnsonop uio?mantt

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submitted by โˆ—an_improved_me(91)
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ensHot iesuqon:t hyW dseo ti taremt waht aptretn fo heetcainnir it a?hs orF lal ew w,onk tis nrmiaflti'aoltacu/-ct eb edmtedeni.r

I eelf ekil teh aesetis yaw ot awners it :is iweognnklgcda ti is ilf"morynu atalf ot melas n"ote-iur = 0% acnech rof as;lme nad iegtl ustj nctuigno hte ctoarnif fo elemfas in noergaetni III hatt haev eht asesedi = 46/ ~.05%

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submitted by โˆ—divakhan(18)
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Tshi is otn LD,X ist RXL aeseisd FA( 2020 epga )95

Her,e hte rhtoem is hsmoyguozo orf het tuotianm fterhoeer ehs yiasdspl the sa.dseei

We ees ,htat

  1. It spisk sorenegiant
  2. Masel rae eorm seeveylr efdcefat ed(i in o)ture
  3. esmealF are feftdeca olny( enwh uszmohgooy)

eHer we ee,s thta mreoth cna spsa fevteiedc X srmohcemoo ot 05% mfleesa p;&am troeh 0%5 llwi eb rscraier yla(ehht X omseromohc mrof atre,hf ceiedevft omfr Fre t)ohmro ml,aes rohteM spsesa etidefvec X omomrcsoeh os etyh edi noyl( 1 X crhm)oeosmo

orF eht leasm woh rae igilvn III( 11,6 wnohs in )eiderg,ep yeth aveh eben kclyu ot vsuveir deu to ismia!ocms );

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b1ackcoffee  o'dtn ouy hiknt yuo are goign houghrt too nmya hsoop )o(sspnmstiau? emla rveuivs ued to etmor?tecm Biasis cahnec is asdseie atresdt eud ot gimrelne smaciioms dan ti SI DX.L btw eht aesedsi si nitotcannenii impngeit n(to cansereys ot wknr.uo yo) nocdes satl rpaa sno'ted emka e,ness arde giana wthi feshr dimn nda pceivetepr.s +1
malienca  i eewansrd hte onqtseiu keli dkiavhan dna ti eacm tuo rthg.i it ookls emro klei a LRX +

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