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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 3/Question#8 (46.6 difficulty score)
A 55-year-old woman is brought to the ...
Mammillary bodiesπŸ”

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submitted by hungrybox(1033),
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teepot123  fa 19 pg 559 +1  

submitted by hayayah(1076),
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-kWsikKefneocrafro mnesyo.dr tn'Do evha ot eb na cloaloich to etg si,ht utsj luslyau is tlredea to mooaicllhs / niaiehmt idneyf.icce

d_holles  Yeah the negative EtOH screen threw me off +3  
dr_jan_itor  Why cant it be early alzheimers and hippocampus? She could easily have been a former prominent physician and member of city council. Am i supposed to assume that simply because shes disheveled and poor hygeine that she must be an alcoholic homeless person? It also mentions no symptoms of nystagmus, ataxia, etc. +2  
kimcharito  it said broad based gait and nystagmus +9  
lilmonkey  She is/was an alcoholic and appears pretty much homeless, just not drunk at this moment. +  
fatboyslim  @ dr janitor. The question says "physical exam shows a broad-based gait and nystagmus." +  
suckitnbme  NBME questions also stereotype the shit out of their patients +5  

submitted by mrglass(38),
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teeDpis hte aitnetp not inegb ondtaetcxii, shti tnetpia si tnseegrnip wthi alsccis ifignsnd fo feofKsiekokca-nrrW snomed.ry evEn fi you eugfidr atht nhaemTii iycnecfedi tnw'as kyliel igevn het yhorist, if uoy wnko ttah SKW casesu lrymmamai dyob r,ahtyop and tihs mryste"y seidas"e is caugsni almiisr omspymst ot ,WSK oyu acn eussg thta siht mye"yrts ssdi"eae si sinucag immlayamr dybo trhoayp

submitted by ibestalkinyo(43),

Anyone find it strange that the NBME loves to write questions where physicians are alcoholics?

athenathefirst  Their job is to find our flaws haha +  
tadki38097  this patient isn't actually a physician, they are trying to show that the patient has confabulation (making up stuff but truly believing it) +  
sarahs  good point...negative alcohol screening threw me off +  

submitted by swagcabana(6),

Ppl remember that if you get shit face drunk, wait a day and then take a ETOH screen, its not going to be positive. Don't necessarily rule out alcoholism if an ETOH screen is negative