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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 2/Question#32 (50.4 difficulty score)
A 54-year-old man who works in a delicatessen ...
Schwann cells🔍

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submitted by armymed88(47),
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yb_26  Thats myosatellite cells. Satellite cells are also glial cells that form around damaged nerve cells and lie close to neuron bodies in the CNS +15  
drzed  Myosatellite cells are also called satellite cells so it is not clear which definition they were using. +1  

submitted by bhangradoc(21),
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ncahSwn lscel: hyte ear soeudpps ot dreeadg diulreas lmieny eahsht rnigud hte euannolr entngaioe.erd hWtuoti tath gaoneidteen,r I egssu uoy ’atnc nereavrinte- .eorrlpyp Not ltlaoyt ure.s

submitted by lodododo(1),
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ehsTre’ a lUWrdo otniqsue on s.hit Once hte yhaetlh nxao tstacrer nda hte adtlsi un)re(idj anxo gederseea,tn ehse’rt a nbhuc fo ymeiln bedirs in eht ywa atth saemnir rthee ofr a lgno Thsi olcsbk enitrgnreoae of the x.noa

alacran763  Reinnervation *is* assisted by schwann cells, but the process is very delicate. After Wallerian degeneration, the schwann cells basically have to line up perfectly along where the nerve is supposed to grow, but it does not happen perfectly and the schwann cell disorganization often prevents proper reinnervation. +14  
dantescuttlefish  I thought the Uworld question said that in the CNS myelin debris is there for months even years....the PNS it gets cleared much quicker. +2  
medguru2295  That's exactly what the Uworld question said. I missed it with that exact logic. I think it must be that it was only 6 months ago so even In the PNS, there was not enough time to regenerate. +  

submitted by usmleuser007(366),
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usmleuser007  (wiki) +  

submitted by usmleuser007(366),
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brotherimodu  That describes Schwann cells' involvement with neuroregeneration, but I don't see how it answers the question "Which cell is blocking reinnervation" +  

submitted by happysingh(40),
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