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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 1/Question#50

A 45-year-old woman with coronary artery disease ...


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submitted by welpdedelp(63),

30* 0.15. Think about it, there is x flow with an oxygen concentration of y--so to find out the delivery you just multiply them together.

yotsubato  One of those questions too simple to believe its actually the right answer +5  
mimi21  Right, I was like this is too simple lol ! im not sure if this is also a good tip but I tend to look at the units they are asking for and double check my math to make sure I end up with them. +2  
osgood-schlatter  what equation is it exactly? +  

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submitted by guillo12(12),

Fick principle: CO= Rate of O2 consumption/arterivenous O2 concentration

CO means cardiac output or Flow of blood

charcot_bouchard  This wasnt Fick +  

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submitted by nor16(3),

all those non maths guys here, dont skip these questions, try to arrange the units, here you´d easily find out that you just have to multiply! Give it a try :-)

charcot_bouchard  This was like Filtered Load ques of Renal. Where u multiply icoming fluid (GFR) with the desired substances conc (Px) so FIltered load of A is GFR x Pa Same here. Myocardial O2 supply is Blood flow x Conc of O2 in that blood flow +  

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submitted by sam1(0),

What about the additional flow through the circumflex?