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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 4/Question#28 (reveal difficulty score)
An 18-month-old girl is brought to the ...
Decreased sodium bicarbonate reabsorption in the proximal tubule ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—seagull(1929)
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ihTs si a eytp II Raenl aTurblu sdoAsi.ic My aMdciel lSchoo eeNvr ttauhg sith to me. Ddi ouy losa go ot oepyvtr edm looc?sh Im' drpeusrsi ehyt vnee vega us loetti

mousie  aahh mnie t'ndid iee.trh uBt heyt ayusull vaele tuo tsmo hhig ielyd fnoi ,so to eb txeecdep I seus.g +12
yotsubato  I dtidn veah lpoyoyigsh in ym eadclmi clohs.o ,eNno ,izp ,zeor .enno Nor did I have cobe.mhi ehTy adis oyu" aleendr lal tihs tshi ni ,ranrguded lyuol emrzmeio it naiga for estp 1 and gtefro it ot"ymrppl dan hnte ujst edmvo on. +9
jcmed  In eth rCbaebina astth 1 tghin we ewer i.evgn.. otsl nad ostl of liotte eppra +5

For those who are wondering why not decreased H+ secretion = H+ is just looping back and forth to make H2Co3, only HCO3- is absorbed

+2/- apurva(101)

submitted by โˆ—smc213(169)
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To be ectlmopeyl lrcae!

ihsT atintpe sha ssCinystio a rrea soaltomau eeisrvecs sosallyom tesoarg rrsdeodi dan smto coonmm uaecs of nainoFc nermdsyo ni edchnl.ri nytsCsiiso is imcysset dan selda ot iecytns cyastlr doeitpss ni elscl dan uisetss ttguhuoroh the bo.dy

uoAhhglt noWlsis seedias nac ldea ot F,S hte ysaltscr ni teh ersaocn dseo nto aleecorrt tihw silosWn e.daesis
er oM nfi:o m0gtliP/w4/tsch/..e/crpn/:1cwspMl.6nbaC4.1vmhtiw/n8io

highyieldboardswards  khanT uo!y ouY rea a endgel fro rgfungii hist otu! +
paulkarr  rpeeaAitcp yuo. +
drzed  Adn even fi it was nWsoil sedeas,i it uwold ahve teh taexc maes eencnsuocqe ngilead to aiFocnn mnsyr.deo +3
abhishek021196  Fncnoia yendorms ernaeibd pitolerGaoeznsr efedct nPT iC =ncenย dIseroย aeceitxr a onfmio ads,ic OgHuloe,cCs 3 โ€“ , nda OP 4 โ€“3 dna , lal naesdborarbc uetssseb by aCMy PeTht aled cbamieoolt t dirimaoas oscxpli( o, eire yHpa)ara,tphh yTssthdRnpeemoeoiatpoAi ,f(tgeeceds nWosil saieggldmyeinesyatesnor ,c oi, esdati)sea ogs,er ip,m iimhesulletac e,l,pmryos dineuget(osmahorg /nx i,icledtmsopiai)sf,anf iaolenps laryoP i,u laren ulrabut cadissoi eypt I,I owgthr uetcrr,eiteofll eyal nies,maalcb yshpopohechipmta icskrte = annFoi c drmyesno mtueli(lp dmcnoeib yduncinsoft fo meta phioxrl eotcldnouv ulteb.u) +2

submitted by โˆ—lamhtu(139)
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To eb vnee alec,err sthi donssu keli Fincnoa snroemy,d cihhw has edal ot Tepy II TRA

submitted by โˆ—sympathetikey(1597)
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yKse reew eht:



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ohsTe doushl eb bdaeeor-rbs yb the TC,P os if etre'hy n,ot yepT 2 A.RT

lamhtu  oT be neev rlee,acr shit dusson iekl ncn**Fiao rsndymeo, chwhi sha edal ot eTyp II AR*T* +12
yb_26  oT eb even rerecal: sWinlo eaiesds &=t;g acoFinn yormedns gt;=& pyte II ()irpmlaox ATR +
charcot_bouchard  oT eb enev alr,rcee uyo lal ehav neeb trytep eclar +
charcot_bouchard  To eb veen ele,rarc yuo lal hvea bnee ttpyer racle +
yng  I ndot' tihn hsti si snloWi prepco( ni descmeet lyaer fo acr) hiTs is yiicssotsn rcalyts( ni het rane)co ;-gt-& onFcain dyernoSm t;&g-- yepT II T)PC( AR.T +

submitted by โˆ—nor16(70)
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jstu nowk rwehe hte gib utsff / airmotntp fusft is eeorrsb,d it si teh PTC. No deen ot wkon RsAT e..hre.

submitted by โˆ—asharm10(37)
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tPhpeoahs si odwn hatt namse gimohstne si rnowg tiwh T,PC hetn onn ianon pag siacodis ahtt emsna nciatoabrbe is ont benig re,sabbod girslcuaou ainga PTC os jtsu sue yuro abnir nda chosoe secadere raoetibbnca sreptooriabn in PCT

submitted by โˆ—agraham416(5)
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I notd' hnkit uyo neve dah to konw htwa ssedeai hsti ,was beeucas I .intdd' I icetndo that hte kid was lgiosn a tlo of gsnthi in teh ,uenri so tes'ehr obplaryb hogeitsmn rnwog htiw teh n.edyki nOe fo hte mani tnofnusci of hte iynedk si to eehtri roesbarb crbbai dan nscie seh sha a mrelbpo gserrinbaob a tol of eroth tfs,uf I just dgrfuie kacl fo cbabri sopearitrnbo dame eht omst .seens

submitted by โˆ—titanesxvi(106)
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yhw not scaredee AC ytiivcta in teh irolapxm ?uuetbl stih saol uolcd leda to lbtoicame ds.asicoi

ergogenic22  aroibccn sayaendhr bihniosrti nac uceas pyTe 2 bATtR u ti si not het uasec eher yi)to(nscssi +
doublethinker  aehY, I adis CA too. rPebmlo is ttah AC ceneidfyic lwdou'nt lade ot clak fo peotrbrasino fo all eht sion dtesi.l +1

submitted by โˆ—charcot_bouchard(570)
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A csea of oinanFc s.nryodem If it aws iostedal Tpey 2 TAR inptoo B udowl be teh a.snerw

submitted by โˆ—yb_26(311)
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olWisn deisaes &;g=t Fniacon mndsryeo =&;tg tlboaicem asdoicsi et(py II ar(pixmlo) T)AR

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